What is the Best Smokeless Electric Grill on 2017-2018’s Market?

Best smokeless electric grill

Grilling indoors can be a lot of fun, and is often a necessity. If you can’t use a propane or traditional coal grill this summer, due to regulations or your own time restrictions, you may want to try an indoor barbecue option to cook your meals instead. When you’ve got limited space and can’t cook outdoors, you have to forego charcoal, gas or propane grills.

Apartment dwellers can take heart that most smokeless barbecue grills are electric, safe to use both outdoors and indoors. This gives you the added benefit of year-round cooking and a lot of room for creativity when it comes to your grilled recipes for meat, pork, and fish.

Why a Smokeless Indoor Grill?

There are a lot of electric grills on the market. Most of them are smokeless grills meant to specialize in a particular type of food. What usually comes to mind when somebody mentions indoor grills is a small contact grill similar to the ones that the George Foreman brand makes. The Foreman brands offer a lot of options, but since the 1990’s, there have been a lot of new models with many brands to choose from. Some stand-alone grills that you cook bring indoors look like the real thing, but rely on electricity.

Other indoor, smokeless electric grills function as rotisserie smokers, kabob grillers, contact grills and griddles, as well as other appliances. The type of smokeless grill you choose to use may be a cultural preference or a simple food preference.

Smokeless Indoors Electric Grill Choices In 2017-2018

There are many smokeless grills on the market, which gives you, as a consumer, a lot of choice. There may be more than one grill you want to cook with! In most cases, these indoor grills are relatively small and easier to store than a charcoal or gas grill. So if you’re truly a grilling enthusiast, you may decide you want to experiment. Whichever grill you don’t like, you can always sell on Craig’s List or give to a family member.

Smokeless Electric Grill #1:

  • This smokeless indoor grill can work as a griddle or a grill, depending on what type of food you plan on cooking. It’s built to cook evenly and consistently at temperatures up to 445 degrees, which isn’t quite enough for searing but certainly enough for those meals you want well done. This grill uses infrared heating technology to keep the temperatures steady, and is a solid, reliable addition to any kitchen. It heats up within just a few minutes of turning on, and is ready to cook right out of the box. You can easily remove the grill after every use for cleaning with a soft sponge, soap and water. You really don’t need any cooking oil for this grill at all.
  • Do you love to host parties or cook for a crowd? That’s exactly what this grill is all about – the ability to cook a lot of food quickly and make it taste great with a minimal effort. What you’ll love about this grill is that it comes with a stand that you can use indoors or out, but you can just as easily use it on a table or countertop with some room. It’s not as “smoke free” as some of the other models here, especially if you’re working with a lot of greasy food – make sure to keep the kitchen fan on if you’re cooking a lot of food indoors.
  • This indoor charcoal electric grill is virtually smoke-free, although, as recommended with many grills, you may want to make sure you have the ventilation going in your kitchen in case a drip or two burns. This grill contains a double grill pan system that makes it helps keep the mess to the minimum and at the same time makes cleanup a breeze. Use it indoors or outdoors. You can also use it in its carrying case on road trips.

Smokeless Electric Grill #4:

  • This smokeless Foreman grill also works with charcoal, giving you an authentic grilling solution even when you can’t have any smoke in the air. This is a model that meat lovers really appreciate as an indoor grill. In fact, it’s ideal solution for those barbecue fans that live in a small apartment community or elsewhere where true charcoal grills are forbidden. This smokeless grill gives a lot of versatility in a relatively small package, and you can even use it to cook at a low temperature for many hours – creating your own barbecue dishes!
  • This smokeless electric grill is pretty fun simply because it offers a searing technology that many grills lack – meaning it can get to very high temperatures, all the way up about 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Searing can cause a bit of smoke, so keep the fans on while you’re cooking. Otherwise, this grill can cook about 4-5 servings of meat such as hamburgers quite efficiently, and offers an accurate temperature gauge so you can grill indoors to perfection.
  • Another smokeless electric grill that is great for grilling indoors or out, the Excelvan grill has an excellent reputation for quality among its users. While slower to heat up than some of the others (15 minutes) once this baby’s going you can get a lot grilled in a matter of minutes, which makes it fabulous. The cooking area is 10 by 15 inches to be exact. It has a drip tray and an accurate temperature gauge meant to help you cook all of your food to its potential. The removable grill plates are easy to clean with warm soap and water and a rag/sponge.

Summing it Up:

There are many smokeless grilling solutions to choose from on the market today. If you’re ready to explore, there are also many other electric grilling articles on this website. Electric grills are a very popular item online. Don’t give up if you can’t find the perfect product – with so many great brands out there, you should be able to do the research to find the perfect one for your individual needs. Start here: Summary List Of Electric Grills.

And what will be the best smokeless electric grill in 2018? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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