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Best Indoor Charbroilers in 2021

Best indoor charbroiler

Preparing food indoors on charcoal was challenging before the invention of the best indoor charbroiler. With an indoor charbroiler, you can serve your guests with the best smoky food without the hassle of a conventional BBQ oven or grill. The basic purpose of all these broilers is to prepare delicious, juicy, and perfectly grilled dishes.

To make it easy for you to choose a charbroiler to purchase, we have a list of some of the best indoor charbroilers. These will make things a lot easy for you. Plus, it will provide a variety of cooking options that couldn’t have been possible without these amazing broilers.

The Top 5 Best Indoor Charbroilers in 2021

CharbroilersConstructionPerformanceSizeBurners Price
24'' Gas Lava Rock CharbroilerStainless steel70,000 BTU26.8 × 29.9 ×18.2 in2 Check Price
Star-Max CharbroilerStainless steel70,000 BTU25.63 x 24 x 14.25 in2 Check Price
Wells B-506 CharbroilerStainless steel10,800 Watts36.5 x 29.62 x 6.25 in- Check Price
Countertop CharbroilerStainless steel5,400 Watts30 x 24 x 13.75 in- Check Price
24" NG Radiant CharbroilerStainless steel80,000 BTU29 x 24 x 15.5 in2 Check Price
  • This charbroiler includes the countertop design, a removable and adjustable waste tray, and efficient cooking. All these features make it stand out from others. The countertop design of this charbroiler presents a cooking area that is 24 inches wide.
  • Plus, it consists of 4 heavy-duty grates that are adjustable. These grates provide the meat or any of your food for that matter, be it burgers or steaks, alluring grill marks. These grates are easy to remove. They also angle both oil and grease in such a way that they move towards the tray. That allows it to be cleaned easily.
  • A removable waste tray makes it easy to collect all the grease and oil when it falls from the grates. It makes the cleaning process very easy. The burners produce 35,000 BTU of heat each. Together the two burners produce a heat of 70,000 BTU.
  • With the provision of individual control, it makes it easy to adjust the temperature of the charbroiler. Plus, it has an ON/OFF control, which increases precision.

Indoor Charbroiler #2:

  • Star-Max is a great charbroiler as it is 24 inches wide and is an electric charbroiler. It is constructed from polished stainless steel. It comes with a stainless steel splash guard, which protects you from the splashing and spilling of grease and oil, thus making the cleaning of the charbroiler simple and easy.
  • Furthermore, it comes with side panels that are aluminized with steel and have double walls. The front control panel is also made of stainless steel. The fact that most of the structure of this charbroiler is made of stainless steel made it durable and easy to clean.
  • It has a bullnose front and control knobs. These knobs are made of heavy-duty metal, which makes them last longer than normal. The transfer of heat is done in two ways, both of which are effective.
  • The first one is direct radiation from the elements, and the second one is conducting heat through grates to distribute heat evenly. It comes with removable cast-iron grates and a water pan. Plus, all four legs can be adjusted for height.

Indoor Charbroiler #3:

  • Wells B-506 is an electric charbroiler. It means that all you have to do is plug it in the switch, and you are good to go. There won’t be any gas regulation issues or problems of running out of gas. It has a width of 36 inches; this much space is enough to cook various food items.
  • It has grates made of cast iron. These grates provide your food with grill marks, whether it is burgers or steaks. They give your food extra taste and flare. The entire charbroiler be it the front side or backside or the inside, are all made of stainless steel.
  • This construction of stainless steel ensures that you all be cooking and grilling in this charbroiler for a long time to come. Plus, the items made of stainless steel are also easy to clean, and this charbroiler is no exception.
  • It also comes with a grease pan. This pan catches all the grease and oil that drips from the grates. This way, it does not spread in the entire charbroiler and remains contained.
  • Garland’s charbroiler makes sure that you are not inhaling any dangerous substances into yourself through the burning. As it works with electricity, it is completely safe.
  • The use of stainless steel makes it effortless to clean and durable. There is nothing stuck onto the surface that will take long hours to clean. It comes with a limited warranty of one year for its parts.
  • This high-quality indoor charbroiler has a cooking power of 5.4KW to prepare your favorite dishes and meals easily. It has a cooking area of 30″W x 17-1/4″ D, which is more than enough to cook your favorite dishes in a short time.
  • You won’t be facing the problems of dripping or splashing during cooking or grilling because of the recessed construction. Plus, there is a grease drawer that is concealed at the back of the lower hinged panel. This grease drawer catches all the grease from the food, and there will be no grease spread across the entire appliance. That is why it is easy to clean.
  • That’s not all… It is easy to remove the grate for cleaning because of the grate lift handle. That simplifies many things. Keep in mind that the product requires a voltage of 208 volts and a connection of three phases.
  • If you want a charbroiler that provides superior value, premium quality, and amazing service, then Gusto’s product is the charbroiler for you. It has all the qualities you require in a charbroiler.
  • This indoor charbroiler is designed to provide the best performance by producing 40,000 BTU per burner. These burners are no ordinary burners. They are H-style burners made of cast iron. They provide a cooking surface of 12 inches each, and evenly distribute heat. These burners provide great broiling performance, better distribution of heat, and more control.
  • Furthermore, the heavy-duty cast-iron grates can be placed in two positions, either flat or slanted. These grates are reversible. You can use the thin side for searing and the thick side for more delicate items.
  • It also has a stainless steel splash guard, which is 2-3/4″ high, thus protecting against grease and any oil spills that might occur. It also has a cool to touch front panel, grease trough, drip pan, and adjusting valves.


The best indoor charbroiler among all others is Gusto. This charbroiler provides the highest BTU per burner, which is 40,000. It consists of a stainless steel splash guard, which is not present in all. It ensures that there are no oil or grease spills.

Last but not least… It consists of H-style cast iron burners. All others have simple cast iron burners, but this one has different. Plus, its grates can be put into different positions, be it flat or slanted.

And what will be the best indoor charbroiler in 2022? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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