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Best Restaurant Charbroiler Grills in 2021

Best restaurant charbroiler grill

We all agree that home cooked meals are the best we can ever find. Aside from the seasonings to flavor the food, it is also seasoned with love. It gives us the energy to go on our day to day activities. We never ran out of it! However, there are times when cravings come but the necessary ingredients are not available in our kitchen. The immediate solution is resort to fast food or go to your favorite restaurant. There are plenty of competitive restaurants with their best seller dishes. Their success comes with using their unique technique in cooking. This technique is paired with qualitative equipment.

Traditional restaurants are into these fancy fine dining theme. Seldom puts up something that is just from the backyard like a barbeque restaurant. Preparing barbecue requires an open space so as not to fill the place with smoke. That’s for traditional smoker units. Good thing we have modern units perfect for restaurant set ups. It won’t fill the entire space of your restaurant with smoke and the quality of the food including the taste will not be affected.

The Top 5 Best Restaurant Charbroiler Grills in 2021

Globe GCB48G-RK Char Rock Charbroiler48 x 30.32 x 15.75 in282 lbs.Stainless steel160,000 BTU Check Price
Chef's Exclusive CE778 Commercial Countertop Char Broiler40.9 x 31.9 x 20.7 in238 lbs.Stainless steel105,000 BTU Check Price
Commercial Countertop Radiant CharBroiler24 x 27.6 x 15.2 in113.5 lbs.Stainless steel140,000 BTU Check Price
Winco GCB-36R, 36-Inch Spectrum Gas Char Broiler30.5 x 36 x 15.6 in248 lbs.Stainless steel120,000 BTU Check Price
Vulcan VCRB36 - Restaurant Series Gas Radiant Charbroiler36 x 27 x 13 in370 lbs.Stainless steel87,000 BTU Check Price
  • This charbroiler has cast iron grates that are reversible and heavy duty. It is made of stainless steel which increases the lifespan of the product. It has wide grease trough and stainless-steel drip pan. It is used with natural gas but convertible to liquid propane gas too.
  • The appliance provides you wide workstation that allows you to cook food of a large quantity. It is pretty ideal for busy restaurants. This unit comes with char rocks that gives food rich and powerful flavor. The charbroiler grill is equipped with stainless steel and heavy-duty legs to ensure even footing when in use, so you don’t have to worry about safety hazards.
  • The frame and support structure are made of stainless steel which can handle intensive catering tasks and the steel burners are spread across the cooking surface which maximize heat distribution. It is easy to clean and maintain to last for a long time to come.
  • This gas charbroiler is easy to use, durable and reliable. Its high output manually controlled burners offer precise and easy temperature control. It is made of stainless steel with detachable full-length bottom-mounted waste tray that makes it easy to clean and maintain.
  • The heavy-duty cast iron grates are reversible, detachable and can be tilted for different heating levels. You can use it as a radiant charbroiler or switch to char rock with the included lava rocks and cast iron holding grates kit.
  • It is perfect for restaurants, diners, delis, bars, cafes, food trucks, coffee shops, concession stands and so much more and it also meets all North American gas cooking appliance design, construction and performance regulations and safety standards.
  • This appliance is a countertop design that is equipped with wide cooking area and has adjustable grates. Its cast iron top grates will give your burgers and steaks a tease grill marks, and delicate taste and they are angled to help the oil drip in the grease tray to prevent clogging and to clean the product easily.
  • Existing tables and chef bases are already perfect to place the unit on which ensures your space is maximized to its full potential use. The 4 high-power burners and radiant plates help deflect the heat towards the cooking surface to ensure qualitative and consistent cooking. This charbroiler is ideal for cooking burgers, steaks and other high demand food to meet your high needs. It is ready for natural gas connection but can be converted to connect with liquid propane. Furnished with large control knobs on the front of the unit which allows you to constructively choose when each burner is in use. The knobs also provide added precision. You can cook various food at the same time on the wide cooking surface.
  • The heat deflector tray system, welded splash guards and waste tray help you keep the unit clean which will also keep your kitchen tidy. The heat deflector tray system creates a “cool zone” since it reflects heat in upward position. The grease drawer makes cleaning easy. The welded splash guards are made of stainless steel that prevents spilling grease form hitting the walls and other units and the waste tray collects the excess oil.
  • This model is equipped with conversion kit that allows the use of propane or natural gas. It features three independently controlled burners. Adjustable pilot light and feet for convenient and easy use. The charbroiler is made of stainless steel, and comes with additional accessories, like a drip tray, side and back splashes or the removable iron cast grill rack.
  • It is complied with safety and sanitation measures. The plates can be adjusted on an angle or flat for proper drainage and the grooves help direct the excess oils into the grease tray to prevent oil build up, so it will be easy to clean and maintain.
  • This restaurant charbroiler is equipped with standing pilot system. The cast iron grates are reversible for level or inclined broiling positions. It comes with infinite heat controls and under-burner heat deflector panels and full-width grease drawer.
  • This model is a radiant charbroiler but also convertible with natural gas or propane. It is made of heavy-duty materials, with stainless steel body construction to be durable and sturdy. Its 6 radiant burners will create a total of 87.000 BTU.


These units are perfect for startups experimenting with the menus they will serve. You can do a lot with the spacious grill giving even heat. This will not compromise the quality of your food, what’s more it will make customers order more. Every taste is a delight feeling making you feel at home and cozy. There is no need to wait for the weekends to be able to taste that oozing barbecue flavor. These units won’t let you down in front of your customers. You can also learn techniques from the veterans to help improve your business. This will equip you to offer something more to your customers.

And what will be the best restaurant charbroiler grill in 2022? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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