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The Best Star-Max Electric Charbroilers in 2021

Spending the afternoon with your favorite people and the smell of smoking hot barbeque is the perfect time to unwind and brush off the stress away. Your backyard is the best place for this set up. Sunset view and laughter bring warmth in the heart and peace in our soul. Smoked barbeque makes the perfect food for such gatherings. We all do love barbeque! Traditional smokers require charcoal or wood to grill meat and vegetables. An open space is required for using this type of smoker because it emits smoke. Using charcoal or wood in a smoker also produces high heat thus the need of open space. The type of wood or charcoal you use in smoking has an effect to the taste of the food. A different burst of flavor and experience.

But not all of us have the luxury of that backyard scenery. What some have is a space enough for the basic necessities. It doesn’t mean our love for barbeque will stop there. Enclosed apartments will not allow a traditional smoker. You can keep and use one though if you can face all complaints from your neighbors! Kidding aside, a breakthrough with smokers with the help of innovation came out. It is perfect for families with small spaces who love barbeque but will not allow them to use traditional smokers. It has more functions you can choose from compared to a traditional smoker. Electrical smokers vary from one to type to another. Each set has different functions. One type may have a specific function that another electric smoker doesn’t have. The use of technology searching for the perfect grill will be easy for you, however, you might get overwhelmed with plenty of choices you will see. Thus, we collected here for you our choice of the best smokers you can ever find.

The Top 2 Star-Max Electric Charbroilers in 2021

Electric CharbroilersDimensionsWeightConstructionPowerPrice
Star Star-Max Charbroiler 24" - 5124CD25.63 x 24 x 14.25 in132.2 poundsStainless steel6600 watts Check Price
Star-Max Counter Electric 36" Char-Broiler25.63 x 36 x 14.25 in186 poundsStainless steel9900 watts Check Price

What is The Difference Between a Smoker and Charbroiler?

A smoker and charbroiler both can cook our favorite type of dish, the barbeque. This is what they have in common, but what are the difference of a smoker and a charbroiler?


  • Use heated charcoals
  • Mainly placed and used outdoors
  • Comes with a closeable lid
  • Cook meats and such
  • Closing the lid helps season the food
  • Hard to control heat except for electrical smoker
  • Only needs outdoor natural ventilation exhausting smoke naturally
  • Heat inconsistency
  • Produce hazardous smoke
  • Requires more time cooking food


  • Does not come with a lid
  • Use electricity, gas or infrared heat
  • Mainly used indoors
  • Cook meats and such
  • Does not keep the food’s seasoning aroma
  • Explicit temperature control
  • Needs strong ventilation for exhausting smoke
  • Connected to gas line directly or fuel tanks for fuel
  • Heat consistency
  • Approved health and safety inspection
  • Cooks food quickly

A charbroiler basically consists of a rib-like metal wireframe. The metal rib wireframe is made with equal gaps. A most distinctive feature of a charbroiler is the diverse burners in the combustion compartment. It lies below the wire frame. The large and flat burners can be used as countertops alone. We may use either natural gas or propane for fuel to make it work. A direct connection to the gas line or propane tank is customary for this appliance.

Star-Max Electric Charbroiler #1:

  • This electric charbroiler made of polished stainless steel is 14.25 (H) x 24 (W) x 25.63 inches (Depth). It comes with one wrap around splash guard and has aluminized double wall steel side panels. Its control panel is also stainless steel and has bull nose front and control knobs that are rest assured to be heavy duty.
  • It can transfer heat in two ways: The first is directly from the radiation elements or even heat distribution by conduction heat. You can swing up and lock four incoloy sheath type heating elements for easy and safe cleaning, plus the cast iron grates are heavy-duty and removable for easy cleaning. It has a water pan with a capacity of about 6 qt and it is removable which prevents flair ups. The charbroiler comes with adjustable legs and rear panel hole for easy installation of electrical conduit. You don’t have to worry about heating the appliance in advance because it needs about 8 to 10 minutes preheat time.
  • It comes with a warranty of two years for parts and labor and it is also UL listed.

Star-Max Electric Charbroiler #2:

  • This appliance is an electric charbroiler which provides immense temperature control. It is made of polished stainless steel and offers two ways of heat transfer: directly from the radiation elements or using even heat distribution by conduction heat.
  • The cast iron grates are heavy-duty and removable for easy cleaning and you can also swing up the heating elements for safe and easy cleaning. It is a cool to the touch stainless steel charbroiler with bull-nose front that has incoloy sheath heating. The appliance comes with additional stainless-steel removable water pan and has 4” long adjustable legs.
  • It also comes with one-year warranty for the parts and Labor and it is made in the USA and UL listed.

Which is Which?

Star Max Charbroiler 24” – 5124CD and Star Max Counter Electric 36 Charbroiler are your best options for an indoor barbeque experience. Some features are similar, yet each still has their distinct features and functions. Your choice is up to your preference and on the type of charbroiler. Another thing to consider is what will perfectly fit in your kitchen. This is to avoid complaints and unwanted events that may harm you, your family and your friends. You can easily make your own barbeque right inside your kitchen whenever you crave for it! You won’t have to make an extra mile to go looking for it. You can invite your friends over and enjoy that oozing home cooked barbeque and you can use your preferred spices and seasonings.


It is always a fun thing to experiment with recipes using your very own charbroiler. You get to discover various techniques and styles of cooking. The amount of spices and condiments you use will suit perfectly to your preferred taste. If it will not take too much of your time, you can also customize a meal for each member of your family. It will be such a special meal for them and despite having a customized meal for each, you get to enjoy it by sharing the meal when you eat together.

And what will be the best star max electric charbroielr in 2022? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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