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The 5 Best Charcoal Broil Grill Reviews in 2022

Best charcoal broil grill

Charcoal broiler grills, or char-broil grills, are the oldest types of grills. They use charcoal as their primary heat source. And while you can’t control the temperature, many have new features that allow you to do so.

So, what makes the best charcoal broiler grills? Well, a lot goes into that. The right temperature range, the correct design, and only the best features. Most charcoal grills today feature dampers and vents for precise temperature control. But which charcoal broiler grill does it best? And how do you know which one to choose? We answer all this and more in our ultimate charcoal broiler grill guide.

So, let’s get started!

The Top 5 Best Charcoal Broil Grills in 2022

ProductsGrate MaterialCooking Space Plus Warming Rack (sq. in.)Gross WeightDimensionPrice
Char-Griller OutlawCast iron725 + 338112 lbs.49 x 29 x 50 inches Check Price
Dyna-GloCast iron486 + 20079 lbs.55 x 28 x 51 inches Check Price
Char-Broil American GourmetCast iron568 + 27272.6 lbs.42 x 29.5 x 49.5 inches Check Price
Royal GourmetCast iron393 + 20559 lbs.50 x 22 x 48.8 inches Check Price
Landmann VistaCast iron374 + 20144 lbs.52.1 x 25.5 x 47.5 inches Check Price

Charcoal Broil Grill #1:

  • When it comes to contemporary grill design, the Outlaw is unbeatable. The first thing you’ll notice about this charcoal grill is its rustic design. And as you pull back the lid and start up the grill, you’ll start to uncover even more features.
  • This is a charcoal grill with cast iron grates, which are ideal for distributing heat and surviving high temperatures. The grate provides 725 square inches of cooking space, with the warming rack adding about 338 square inches.
  • A separate fire grate is also incorporated into the model. You can place your coals directly on this fire grate for a more direct source of heat. And the best part is, the grate is adjustable in height. So, you can bring the heat source closer or further away from the food. For adding charcoals while cooking, the Outlaw offers a hinged grate that can be “folded” for loading in more coals.
  • Apart from that, the Outlaw also has an ash dump tray as well as bottom storage. The front and sides both have wooden platforms for cutting vegetables and preparing the meat. This is the best charcoal broil grill for both its reliability and its design.

Charcoal Broil Grill #2:

  • For a more modern design, consider the Dyna-Glo Charcoal Grill. Right off the bat, you’ll be captivated by the look. It’s matte black with steel accents, has a smokestack at the top, and two black side tables.
  • But that’s not all!
  • When you open the grill, you will find three high-quality porcelain-enameled grates for cooking and searing. Each grate provides a combined cooking space of 686 square inches, which is enough to hold 24 burger patties.
  • Much like other models in this range, it also features a charcoal tray with adjustable height. However, the Dyna-Glo adds its touch by including a crank that can lower or raise the heated tray. It allows you to vary heat, thereby providing more control over the temperature. And you can keep track of that through the inbuilt lid thermometer. At the very top, a chimney-like smokestack lets you vent or retain smoke. This comes in handy when controlling the strength of the smoke flavor, as well as the texture.
  • Char-Broil’s American Gourmet stands out as a classic American charcoal grill with cast iron grates and a wide cooking area. This grill offers 840 square inches of total cooking space, with 272 square inches of that coming from the warming rack. The primary grate has 568 square inches of space, which is enough for 20 burgers in one go. In addition to that, you also get a wooden side-table along with a front table. These are great for preparing meat and flavoring.
  • Both the bowl and the lid are designed to retain as much heat as possible, while the cast iron grates distribute it evenly. To increase your control over the temperature, the charcoal tray is adjustable. This means you can bring the fire source closer to or move it away from your food.
  • Want more control? Don’t worry, the American Gourmet’s got you covered. The lid features a single damper, which is a vent for oxygen and smoke. If you want even more control, then fiddle with the smokestack at the top for venting or retaining smoke.
  • This is the best charcoal broil grill for its customizability. It gives you all the control. And it’s a steal at the price you get it at.

Charcoal Broil Grill #4:

  • A cross between modern features and contemporary design, this is the best charcoal broil grill for your backyard. The Royal Gourmet jet black, with a heat tray window, two side tables, and a gorgeous little chimney.
  • The interior houses two porcelain-enameled grill grates that can be pulled back to add in more coal. Each grate offers maximum heat dissipation. And they can withstand high temperatures for searing and charring. The bowl and lid are made of cast iron, which can get hot, but the shiny steel handle will keep you safe.
  • An access hatch at the front with a gorgeous handle provides access to the heated tray. The heating tray is adjustable in height, and a pull-lever at the side lets you choose from 6 different heights. It looks quite similar to a car’s gear shift, which only adds to the mechanical design.
  • Aside from the two side-tables for prepping and marinating, the unit also has a built-in bottle opener. You also get a damper vent at the side for controlling the oxygen intake, as well as a chimney at the top for controlling smoke. Given the design and functionality of this model, it’s certainly a good choice for small family gatherings.
  • But that’s not all. Two caster wheels at one side make storing and moving this grill easier.

Charcoal Broil Grill #5:

  • The Landmann Vista Barbecue Grill follows the same design that the other grills follow. It’s black, has two side tables, a chimney, a heat tray access hatch, and a crank. However, it’s a much more reliable and durable product that will last you for decades.
  • To start with, it has a unique design that borders on antique and modern. It certainly looks minimal but has some physical features that make it look contemporary.
  • The lid, bowl, and legs are made of cast iron, with a built-in lid thermometer. The grates are also made from a similar material, but they’re porcelain enameled. The front has a charcoal pan access door that leads to a charcoal pan. The height of this pan is adjustable through the integrated crank at the side. And don’t worry about burning yourself on the shiny steel handles – they’re covered with a hard plastic cover.
  • There’s one damper at the side as well as a chimney damper at the top. The damper lets you control airflow across the charcoals. And the chimney damper lets you vent smoke and rising hot air.

FAQs and Tips:

What can you use a charcoal broil grill for?

Charcoal-powered grills are unique in the temperature threshold they’re able to achieve. They generally get hotter and smokier than gas or pellet grills, and certainly more than electric grills. Use them for charring, broiling, searing, and cooking well-done steaks.

Do charcoal broil grills have any health side-effects?

Yes. Since they get so hot, the proteins in meats tend to break up, creating HCAs. In addition to that, melted fat that drips down and evaporates forms PAHs. Both of these substances are toxic and can cause cancer. There’s also a lot of smoke, which can be bad for your respiratory system.

What should you look for in the best charcoal broil grill?

Firstly, decide on how big a grill you want. 500 to 700 square inches of primary space is sufficient for moderate-to-large families. Most times there is also secondary grilling area, which is the warming rack space.

Next, look for features such as adjustable heat pans, dampers, chimneys, and thermometers. These allow for better monitoring and precision temperature control.

Finally, consider the design. Many look-like traditional grills, some are kettle grills, and some look more modern.


Charcoal broilers are perhaps the oldest types of grills, but they’re no doubt the most reliable. They have a reliable fuel source that delivers compelling amounts of heat and smoke. And they’re the cheapest too.

While there are some highly capable grills out there, we found that the Char-Griller Outlaw Smoker is the best charcoal broil grill. It has everything you need: a damper, adjustable heat pan, and a hinged grate. Plus, it looks fantastic with its rustic design and wooden side tables.

But at the end of the day, the decision is entirely up to you. So, crank up the flame and get those patties flippin’!

And what will be the best charcoal broil grill in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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