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Best Charcoal Kettle BBQ Grills

Best charcoal kettle bbq

Charcoal is normally used as the main fuel for cooking, as it enhances the natural flavors in your food. These charcoal grills are used in an open area so that the toxic chemicals won’t harm you.

The kettle grill is considered the classic American grill. This grill has a round shape with a removable lid. You can place this lid to evenly cook your food in the grill.

Below are the 5 Best Charcoal Kettle BBQ Grills on the market.

The Top 5 Best Charcoal Kettle BBQ Grills in 2022

Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal GrillPorcelain, Aluminium39.5 x 22.5 x 27 inches
380 sq. inches
N/A Check Price
Beau Jardin Premium 18 Inch Charcoal GrillPorcelain, Aluminium52.07 x 24 x 25.4 inches
255 sq. inches
N/A Check Price
Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Kettleman Charcoal GrillPorcelain, Alloy steel29.9 x 27.4 x 14.8 inches
360 sq. inches
N/A Check Price
Cuisinart CCG-290 Kettle Charcoal GrillSteel, Enamel23.5 x 23.1 x 36.5 inches
150 sq. inches
N/A Check Price
EasyGoProducts Big Bad Charcoal BBQ GrillChrome-plated steel, Gloss porcelain49 x 24 x43 inches
380 sq. inches
30 days full refund Check Price

Charcoal Kettle BBQ Grill #1:

  • This charcoal kettle grill from Weber is for large-scale parties with its 22-inches grilling area. It is made of high-quality rust-resistant aluminum that will last long. With durable wheels underneath, which makes it easy to move.
  • The grate used for this grill is of plated steel. This is hinged to the grill for easy maintenance. You can even lift the grate amid the grilling and add fuel to it. Handles of the grill have hooks on their sides, where you can place your grilling tools such as spatulas and tongs. This way your tools will be accessible to you.
  • The grill comes with dampers to control the oxygen flow and temperature in the grill. When you’re done with cooking, you can close the dampers to cut off the oxygen supply and extinguish the coal. The product has a one-touch cleaning system which ensures easy cleaning. With just a swipe, ash and debris will be taken into the high-capacity ash catcher for hassle-free grilling.

Charcoal Kettle BBQ Grill #2:

  • Beau Jardin’s premium 18-inch charcoal grill is a high-quality grill that comes with plated steel cooking grates. This grill has a cooking area of 255 square inches which is ample for a family cooking. With insulated handles and durable wheels for outdoor camping makes this grill a go-anywhere kettle grill.
  • The grill bowl is made of 1 mm thick round porcelain, and it has a lid that retains heat flow for even grilling. To give you access to temperature control, there are aluminum-made air vent dampers on top of the lid. These dampers are adjustable and can completely close oxygen flow in the grill to extinguish the fire.
  • This grill has a stable base of four legs, with two wheeled legs. And like the top damper, there is another air vent on the bottom that can also be used to release leftover charcoal-ash. This ash is then collected in an ash-catcher for easy cleaning. It is an easy-to-assemble grill, which comes with step-by-step instructions on how to use it for day to day grilling.
  • Char-Broil’s portable grill can fit almost everywhere due to its small size. With a 22.5-inch wide grilling area, this grill can be placed on the balcony too. It comes with wheels for easy transport.
  • The dampers on the lid of this grill play an important role in controlling the grill’s temperature. These dampers are the main supply of oxygen for the grill. If you want to increase the temperature, you can open the dampers so the charcoal can burn. But if you want to reduce the temperature, you can partially close it. Porcelain coating on the grates gives them extra durability and rust-resistance.
  • This way, you can add or remove extra charcoal without losing heat. On this grill’s bottom is the removable ashtray. This tray can catch ash inside so it won’t create a mess for you.

Charcoal Kettle BBQ Grill #4:

  • Four sturdy legs and a heavy-duty handle that is heat resistant is the core specialty of this grill. The durable round enamel coated firebox can bear all the heat of charcoal fuel. There is a bottom shelf that is supported by its four legs. This bottom shelf acts as storage while grilling.
  • This grill has an efficient unique design. To provide more air to charcoal, there is a lower grate that elevates it from the floor. This way, charcoal gets more air than usual and can meet higher temperatures effortlessly. The highly durable chrome-plated cooking grates have hinged sides that can be opened on both sides to add or arrange coal easily.
  • There is an ash collector on the bottom of the grill which collects ash inside. A handle is attached to it, that can lift it to dispose of the ash.

Charcoal Kettle BBQ Grill #5:

  • The Big Bad Charcoal BBQ Grill from EasyGoProducts is a big grill as the name suggests. It has a charcoal tray at a perfect distance from the grill for perfect cooking. Over this charcoal grill is the large cooking grate. Any type and size of meat can be placed on this large cooking surface. Underneath this cooking system is the ash collector. And a bottom shelf where you can place utensils for easy access. This whole system is supported by four sturdy legs.
  • Its firebox is high-temperature gloss enamel coated, so you can be assured it can withstand high temperatures of charcoal. Inside the firebox are three layers of the grill. One is used to hold charcoal and on the other 21-inch grill, you can place meat to cook. While on the topmost layer, you can place slow cooking items, such as buns, vegetables. These grates are chrome plated to ensure durability and easy cleaning.
  • This grill has two large sideboards on which you can place seasoning, salt, etc. at a handy place. This way, you will be ready to add anything to your food without spending half time looking for it. Supported by two strong wheels, you can place this grill anywhere in your lawn to have that perfect grilling experience.

Can I use BBQ grills indoors?

Using these grills indoors is not recommended. These charcoal grills release toxic gases that contain harmful chemicals and cause damage when inhaled. You can use them inside a covered porch, but never indoors.

Can you use any charcoal for BBQ?

The type of charcoal used for grilling depends upon your needs. If you want quick cooking, you can use lumpwood charcoal, as it burns fast and hot. But if you want to cook slow and steady, you should go for charcoal briquettes. Charcoal briquettes will last much longer than lumpwood charcoal.


In this list of grills, each of these has its features that make them the ultimate BBQ grill. To choose the best charcoal kettle BBQ grill, we must take into consideration the main features. Big Bad Charcoal BBQ Grill from EasyGoProducts fits all qualities. Its large cooking surface gives it an edge on all the other grills. On the main grill, you can easily cook large quantities of meat simultaneously. An another reason why is this grill on top is the slow cooking of vegetables. It has two sideboards where you can place items close to you. This grill comes with a 30-day full refund as well.

And what will be the best charcoal kettle BBQ grill in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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