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Best Cuisinart Charcoal Grills in 2022

Best Cuisinart charcoal grill

Over the years, Cuisinart’s name has become synonymous with food processors. However, the more than a half century old company makes over 34 types of home-based products. One of which is, of course, a variety of grills and griddles. Since it launched, Cuisinart has expanded its vast collection of grills. Without compromising on innovation with each product released, of course.

But the question is, which one of these is the best for you?

We have picked the top 5 of Cuisinart’s finest grills and reviewed each of them. We have been extremely precise with our line-up to aid you on your journey of picking a grill.

So, scroll below and find out which Cuisinart charcoal grill is the best of the best. And, why it is the perfect choice for you.

The Top 5 Best Cuisinart Charcoal Grills in 2022

ProductMaterialSize/Length (inches)WarrantyPrice
Cuisinart CCG190RB Portable Charcoal Grill 14”Steel14.6 x 5.5 x 14.690 days Check Price
Cuisinart CCG-100 Portable GrateLifterSteel17.7 x 18.5 x 15.43 years Check Price
Cuisinart Kettle Charcoal Grill, 18”Steel23.5 x 23.1 x 36.53 years Check Price
Cuisinart COS-116 Vertical Smoker 16” CharcoalPorcelain-enameled steel21 x 21 x 323 years Check Price
Cuisinart COS-118 Vertical 18” Charcoal SmokerPorcelain-enameled steel22 x 24 x 433 years Check Price
  • CCG190RB is ahead of the portables because of its weight which is 4.2 pounds only, with other exceptions. Its lightweight makes the grill trouble-free to carry and move around.
  • This is true especially in cases when you need to take your grill to places. The ease of assembly is exceptionally beneficial for similar cases. It hardly a couple minutes to unpack and assemble. The lid latches provide further assistance as they shut the grill when needed. This eliminates the need for side handles, decreasing the net area taken by the overall grill.
  • Do not assume this product to be flimsy. Its fire bowl, ash catcher, and lid are all coated with enamel. This increases its durability while giving an appealing finish. The quad-legged base helps with stability. The ash catcher is attached to each leg and complements it well in terms of functionality.
  • As far as cooking is concerned, this portable charcoal grill does not disappoint. The 150 square inch cooking area can comfortably grill for four to six people. Generally, chrome-plated grates are known to be tough to clean. However, it is a pretty efficient wipe for Cuisinart’s products.
  • The ash-catcher underneath the grill is another part which is easy to clean. Just wait for the grill to cool down and tip the catcher to let all the ash comfortably slide off. The double vents help with managing charcoal, as well as the temperature inside the grill. The product also has a 90-day warranty.

Cuisinart Charcoal Grill #2:

  • The competition for the best Cuisinart charcoal grill continues with this next grill. Cuisinart’s GrateLifter Portable CCG-100. Light in its accord, it weighs less than 30 pounds. The grill is advertised to be ‘ultra-portable,’ which we found to be true. The GrateLifter takes up the second-least storage space from our five-grill lineup.
  • In no way does that make the CCG-100 small. This grill comes with a massive 240 square inch cooking area, enough to cook for five, i.e. for the whole family. It has an equally spacious bin-like ash collection compartment.
  • The overhead vents help keep the airflow stable and precise. The temperature is managed at the same time this way. A temperature gauge is installed on the lid to avoid over or under-cooking your meat.
  • The GrateLifter has a distinctive grill-lifting system. It allows the user to access the charcoal compartment, without interfering with the meat grilling on the grates. Simply engage the lift, and the grill will move up and out of the way as you open the lid. Providing you with easy access to add, ignite, or stoke, the charcoal present in its bed. A robust dual legged base prevents any possibility of the grill tipping over. The coating of porcelain enamel gives further beauty to this already attractive portable grill. The CCG-100 also comes with a full 3-year warranty.

Cuisinart Charcoal Grill #3:

  • Some grillers prefer to effortlessly carry a grill around. It is never fun to have to lug around a grill full of food in any situation. This grill is an excellent choice for those looking for ease in mobility. It comes with four long legs. This provides a more stable base than grills with three legs.
  • Two of these legs have wheels attached to their base, making it a wheeled cart-grill. A comfortably placed handle on the fire bowl makes it easy to push the grill to move around. The expert Cuisinart construction makes the kettle grill feel sturdy and firm.
  • The cooking area for the CCG-290 is 150 square inches, but the 18-inch diameter makes it feel more spacious. A hinge placed on ¼ of the (chrome-plated) grate allows you to swing it open. This way, you can directly access the charcoal bed to reignite, add, or stoke the coal over a long grill.
  • You can continue grilling meat on the other half of the grate. The ash catcher under the charcoal bed has large capacity. It also comes with an adjustable damper. An additional damper is also placed on the lid to control airflow. An accurate temperature gauge measures the temperature inside the grill, too. Just make sure to wipe the thermometer probe regularly for precise measurement.
  • Cuisinart’s COS-116 16-inch Vertical Smoker is the next contestant in our line-up. Operating a smoker is as easy as running a grill, except water addition. Make sure the water you use does not contain harmful chemicals. The water bowl itself is porcelain enamel coated. This ensures the grill’s body remains undamaged for long.
  • The smoker can be used as a grill while having the capability to smoke any food. The total cooking area is an exceptional 402 square inches. This is divided between two 16-inch solid steel grilling grates.
  • A double air vent system allows easy temperature adjustability for the perfect smoke. One is placed on the top of the cylinder and the other is at the bottom. However, you will not need to continuously adjust these vents. The vertical barrel is explicitly designed to avoid the need for constant temperature adjustment.
  • It is incredibly simple to access the water bowl and grilling grates. The only thing you need is to open the vertical door and play around. Cuisinart’s 16-inch Vertical Smoker sets up in 15 minutes, from the time you take it out of the box for the first time, until it is ready to use. It also has a 3-year warranty.
  • Will it be good enough to be the best Cuisinart charcoal grill? Scroll below to find out more.
  • We have reached the final contender in our search for the most desirable Cuisinart charcoal grill, which is Cuisinart’s COS-118 Vertical 18” Charcoal Smoker.
  • To run the smoker, you need to ignite charcoals in the bottom-most compartment. Fill the bowl with clean water, making sure not to spill any. After that, just play with the air vents to attain the preferred temperature. The smoker has vents on its top, as well as the bottom. This makes an air system with a constant temperature throughout the cylindrical barrel.
  • The charcoal smoker is made of thick steel and enameled with porcelain for longevity. The COS-118 has two 18” stainless steel cooking grates. That increases the total cooking surface to a whopping 510 square inches. With enough coal, the lower grate can be used to grill, as well. As you’re smoking, you can use the side door to access the lower grate without any hindrance.
  • When it comes to cleaning the smoker, the grates are wiped down quite easily. The barrel can be detached and washed like any ordinary grill’s lid. You can simply dump the ash and used coal away into a bucket. The COS-118 also comes with the standard 3-year Cuisinart warranty.

Why is a charcoal grill better than a gas grill?

A gas grill may be ignited quicker, and the cooking time for food is significantly less. However, the food itself is considerably less tasty than a charcoal grill. A slow cook from the coal grill retains the minerals and nutrients in the meat, unlike the gas grill. It keeps the meat tender and moist long after it leaves the grates. The accompanying smoky essence is just a plus at this point.

Why should I choose Cuisinart over other brands?

Cuisinart has been in the kitchenware industry for over decades. They are constantly trying new ways to improve previous models. They do all this while producing barely seen grills and smokers every year. Cuisinart provides innovative features in all their grills and smokers. Equivalent variants by their competitors often lack these. Cuisinart’s materials’ quality has always been on the top of their game. This is where they head when compared to similar products by the competitors.


We have now finally decided on the best Cuisinart charcoal grill. By a large margin, it is the Cuisinart 18″ Vertical Charcoal Smoker COS-118. It has two cooking grates, both 18 inches in diameter, and has a total cooking area of 510 square inches.

It takes under half an hour to assemble straight out of the box and very easy to clean. The porcelain enamel protects the body from the elements, increasing its lifespan. This Cuisinart charcoal grill has dual vents, a side-door, stainless steel grates, and much more.

At the end of the day, whichever you choose to buy, make sure it is the perfect fit for you. Happy grilling!

And what will be the best Cuisinart charcoal grill in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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