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Best Electric Griddle Heat Control in 2022

Best electric griddle heat control

For good cooks, it’s always desirable to control the heat supplied to the food through your cooking device for the tastiest meals. The best electric griddle heat control has the advantage in this scenario, compared to the other type of devices.

However, this advantage cannot be properly achievable without a thermostat. Different foods, like pancakes and steaks, require different temperatures to cook effectively. It is why all latest electric griddles now come with a heat control knob involved. The rotating calibrated knob allows you to regulate the temperature accurately.

Moreover, temperature regulation is automatic once you select your desired temperature. The griddle turns on or off depending on the temperature achieved with a signal light to portray when the temperature is achieved. Thus it makes for the fastest and more precise method for temperature control.

What to look for in an electric griddle heat control?

To start with, it mainly comes down to the brand when talking about these heat controlling thermostats. The heat control plays a vital part in cooking. Without it, your electric griddle is just a big hunk of metal doing nothing! Thus it is important for the heat control to be durable and recognized from quality ensuring brands.

Many brands release heat control thermostats with power cords, as a separate accessory too. Moreover, based on the brand of your electric griddle, the socket varies too. It’s important to cater to the socket type when buying a custom electric heat thermostat out there.

Some griddle heat controls also come with extra features. Let’s take a look at our favourite ones of them.

Best electric griddle heat control in 2022

Heat Control NameWeightTemp ControlDimensionsPowerPrice
Presto 06900 Electric Griddle Heat Control7.04 ouncesYes11x9x5 in1500 W Check Price
Univen PR100 Griddle Probe Control Cord0.32 ouncesYes7.8x2.1x0.5 in1650 W Check Price
Univen PR3F Wide Thermostat Control Cord fits6.4 ouncesYes6.1x4.3x0.7 in1600 W Check Price
Farberware Thermo Probe6.4 ouncesYes7x3.4x1 inN/A Check Price
Compatible with Kenmore 88916 power cord12 ouncesYes11x6x1.5 inN/A Check Price

Electric Griddle Heat Control #1:

  • National Presto Industries is the renowned brand for cooking appliances, famous for their quality. They offer great customer support for their products.
  • This heat control will work great with your Presto Electric Griddle. It gives you the ability to set the desired temperature. The control maintains that temperature by cycling on and off. It’s recommended to check your socket properly. The distance between the terminals is 1 3/8″ measured from center to center.

Electric Griddle Heat Control #2:

  • These thermostats fit many of your old or new appliances and works very well with them. The cord is 32 inches long including the plug, which gives a lot of room for placement. The temperature settings are usually spot-on. The max temperature on the dial is 400 degrees F.
  • As long as the socket matches the cord, you’re good. Therefore, please check the dimensions carefully before buying. PR100 will only fit appliances that use a temperature probe control with the following dimensions: It has a 2 inches wide and 0.68 inches tall rectangular plastic end that goes into the appliance. The central metal probe is 2.25 inches long and has a diameter of 0.32 inches. The terminal spacing is 1.375 inches from center to center.

Electric Griddle Heat Control #3:

  • This model works quite well also with old equipments like Farberware, but doesn’t fit magnetic connected new models.
  • Setting it up is easy. Firstly, you should lay the skillet on its side, on a flat surface. Then with the control side up, insert the probe. It should land the probe in snagging it with a comfortable fit.
  • Make sure that the cord matches the socket of your electric griddle. Check dimensions carefully. Univen PR3F will only fit appliances that use a temperature probe control with the following dimensions: the rectangular plastic end that goes into the appliance is 2.15 inches wide while its height is 0.68 inches. The center metal probe’s length is 2.25 inches, and its diameter is 0.32 inches. The terminal spacing is 1.56 inches from center to center.
  • It is an aftermarket replacement for Farberware appliances’ power cords. We found this device a durable one. It works well in long-term use.
  • The knob has a smooth rotation and has an easy to read dial. It has a light indicator too, which is bright enough for old eyes.
  • When buying the unit, be sure to measure the distance between the receivers on the pan, as there are different sizes available. The spacing between terminals is 1-9/16 inches at the probe control.
  • Keep in mind it doesn’t fit magnetic connected new models. Overall it’s a good unit.

Electric Griddle Heat Control #5:

  • This power cord is a universal power cord. It’s mainly made to replace a lost or broken piece of the original power cord for the Non-stick 10″ x 18″ Electric Griddle by Kenmore. It allows a maximum temperature of around 400 degrees F.
  • The length of this power cord is 3 feet, so it’s quite long and wouldn’t trouble with placing the griddle. If the socket from your electric griddle is universal, it will surely work with this heat control unit. It’s a quality power cord, with smooth knob, precisely calibrated temperature settings and acute response levels.


Why buy a new electric griddle, merely because of loss of power cord or disfigurement when you can buy a replacement cord? Choose from the popular choices we discussed. Make sure to measure dimensions and choose the one that fit your electric griddle. Don’t give up too early and give some time to fitting the power cord in the start. We hope you make the best choice!

And what will be the best electric griddle heat control in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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