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Best electric griddle on Amazon in 2022

Best electric griddle on Amazon

There are different brands in the market that have their electric griddles on display for the consumers. However, trying out all the griddles or any other product for that matter can be a waste of money and time unless you have unlimited resources available at your disposal.

For this reason, people’s choice has a significant role. We only need to scan through some of the products or brands that have received more than four or even five star ratings and reviews from the users. The number of these reviews and ratings need to be high as well to better the odds. These products are most convincing in terms of user satisfaction and they do deserve a try as well.

Now, Amazon is a huge platform for online shopping and it has been so for a good period of time too.  Due to its reputation, Amazon has garnered plenty of recognition since the time of its inception. For this reason, we have brought you the best electric griddles on Amazon, ones that come with plenty of reviews and ratings from their satisfied users.

Benefits of shopping on Amazon

As mentioned above, Amazon has been around for quite some time. And with the growing trends in online shopping, it has turned out to be a significant player in online retailing industry. You can buy anything and everything from this platform. With the increase usage of the Internet on devices like smartphones and tablets, now you can shop wherever and whenever you want. This ease of accessibility has increased the demand and the retail giant has piled on suppliers from all across the globe.

For the Amazon users, there is a huge variety just a tap away and the product categories available are endless. You don’t have to take out time for shopping these days. Just take your mobile phone out of your pocket and start browsing through a never ending list of products. This is a convenience that users don’t have when they shop in-store. There are so many brands to choose from, there are so many options you can try and you can do all this right on the screen of your phone or computer. Amazon also provides you with delivery services and you can choose one according to your needs and requirements.

The whole checkout procedure is very quick and you can also breeze through it once you have entered all your credentials. As for security of your personal and financial information, you don’t have to worry at all. Amazon has one of the most secure online transaction systems in existence. No wonder, the number of Amazon users is growing every day.

The Top 5 Electric Griddle on Amazon in 2022

Griddle NameWeightTemp ControlDimensionsPowerPrice
Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle6.5 lbs.Yes11.5x26.25x2.5 in1500 W Check Price
Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler14.8 lbs.Yes13.5x11.5x7.12 in1500 W Check Price
BLACK+DECKER Electric Griddle 4.96 lbs.Yes26x12x3 in500 W Check Price
Oster Titanium Reversible Grill/Griddle7 lbs.Yes16x9x13.9 in1500 W Check Price
Hamilton Beach 38546 Grill/Griddle9.3 lbs.Yes12.5x23x6.7 in1400 W Check Price

Electric Griddle on Amazon #1:

  • Presto presents one of the best electric griddles on Amazon, which is made of metal and plastic to make it reliable. The 22-inch electric griddle comes with an extra-large cooking surface to prepare a meal for the entire family. This Presto griddle has removable handles that allows an easy cleaning as well as compact storage.
  • You can store it in an 18-inch standard kitchen cabinet by detached the removable handles. The cooking surface is coated with enhanced non-stick to allow you to cook a stick-free meal. The base of the electric griddle is made of heavy cast aluminum which is virtually warp-proof. You can control the temperature and set it according to your requirement. A removable slide-out tray allows you to clean it easily.

Notable features:

  • The metal and plastic materials make this product more versatile, durable, reliable, which allows you to cook your favorite food like pancakes, eggs, burgers or much more.
  • There is no tool required for removing the handles and store the griddle in your standard kitchen cabinet.
  • The slide-out drip tray allows you to clean this griddle quickly and easily.
  • The company offers you a limited one-year warranty.

Electric Griddle on Amazon #2:

  • Another one of the best electric griddles on Amazon is the Cuisinart GR-4N Griddle, which works as a Panini press, full grill, contact grill, full griddle & half grill/half griddle. You can cook your favorite meal from pancakes to sausages, grilled cheese to steaks, and hamburgers to Panini.
  • The cooking surface is non-stick and dishwasher safe that allows you to clean up quickly and easily. You can adjust the temperature according the requirements of the food you want to cook. There are two green and red indicator lights places on the front of the unit. The indicator lights let you know whenever your griller or griddler reached your required temperature and ready to cook.

Notable features:

  • Reversible plates offer you five different cooking options such as Panini press, full grill, contact grill, full griddle, and half grill/half griddle.
  • You can remove the cooking plates and wash them in the dishwasher without any worry.
  • An integrated drip tray collects the draining grease from the nonstick cooking plate for keeping the griddle clean.
  • The floating cover helps to adjust the thickness of the food and the sturdy handles works in a Panini style.

Electric Griddle on Amazon #3:

  • Black+Decker constructs the electric GD2051B griddle, which is one of the best electric griddles on Amazon. It offers variable temperature controls where you can adjust the temperature to cook your food like bacon, pancakes, eggs, and hash brown. A warming tray let you allow keeping the food warm.
  • You can put the prepared food into the built-in tray while cooking the rest of the food on the surface of the griddle. The durable and reliable non-stick surface allows you fast and easy cooking and cleaning. The griddle can serve the whole family at once due to having a 200 square inches griddle surface.

Notable features:

  • The excess fat and grease drain into the drip tray which is removable to allow easy disposal.
  • It offers a non-stick cooking surface for preparing a healthy meal.
  • The manufacturer gives a limited 2-year warranty.
  • You can adjust the temperature according to your food requirements and the indicator lights let you know that the griddle is ready as your requirements.
  • Ideal to prepare bacon, pancakes, eggs, or hash brown and much more for your whole family at once.
  • You can keep the cooked food in the built-in warming tray while preparing the rest of the food.

Electric Griddle on Amazon #4:

  • Oster manufactured one of the best electric griddles on Amazon that comes with an innovative and unique DuraCeramic nonstick coating surface. This coating makes it four times longer or stronger as compared to standard nonstick coatings. It does not peel and flake that enhances the performance, durability, and reliability of this unit.
  • This coating is PTFE and PFOA free which means it is natural and safe for cook healthy foods. The manufacturer gives a 10 x 18 inches cooking-surface which is a convenient area to prepare the snack or food for the entire family. A built-in warming tray helps to keep the prepared food warm at the ideal temperature while you are preparing the rest of the food.

Notable features:

  • The DuraCeramic coating makes the cooking surface scratch resistant and offers an energy and time saver griddle.
  • This ceramic coating is PFOA and PTFE free that allows you to cook healthy and organic foods easily and quickly.
  • You can adjust the temperature according to your meal such as eggs, hamburgers, pancakes, bacon and much more.
  • This griddle is ideal for indoor grilling and it has a removable drip tray which gathers the excess grease and fat for healthier cooking.

Electric Griddle on Amazon #5:

  • Another one of the best electric griddles on Amazon is the Hamilton Beach 38546 Griddle which is a 3-in-1 grill or griddle. You can prepare a superior quality meal by using this multifunctional unit. You can use it as an indoor griddle, as a grill, or as a griddle & grill combo. The cooking plates are removable, reversible, and nonstick to makes them easy to clean.
  • The combo surface of the cooking plates is about 180 square inches. You can adjust the temperature for the two cooking areas individually while preparing a different kind of food by using grill or griddle simultaneously. The center grease tray and channels remove extra fat and help to reduce mess. The grease tray and cooking plates are dishwasher safe and allows you to keep the griddle clean easily.

Notable features:

  • It is ideal to enhance your kitchen appliances and comes with more durability and reliability.
  • You can use it as a grill, griddle, and grill/griddle combo.
  • The cooking plates are dishwasher safe so it is easy to clean them.
  • The cooking plates are PFOA free for healthier cooking.
  • The grease tray and channel keep the excess grease and fat for provides you healthy food.


Shopping on Amazon is nothing but a piece of cake. Just search for the electric griddle that you want to buy and browse through the vast number of items from different brands from the list. Choose the delivery and payment method during checkout. Then sit back and relax while your griddle arrives right at your doorstep. Those days are gone when you had to take out some time from your busy schedule and shop for the items that you want. Now buying the best electric griddle is no big deal at all.

If you think we have missed out your favorite electric griddle then leave a comment below.

Happy shopping!

And what will be the best electric griddle on Amazon in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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