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Why You Need The Best Electric Griddle With Sides in 2022

Best electric griddle with sides

Electric griddles are making their way into homes as they make cooking easy. Who doesn’t love pancakes and burgers, cooking them with electric griddles becomes easy as there is an even distribution of heat over the griddle with a large surface area. Now you can cook a lot of stuff with perfection.

We have carefully picked the top 5 best electric griddle with sides to save your research time and effort. Let’s find what these are and how they can make our work easy.

Why is it useful if you have a side of the griddle?

It is useful to have sides that are heat proof on the grill as it helps in safety and precautions to keep yourself safe from any burns by mishandling. The griddle can really heat up heating the whole body of the griddle but with the addition of cool touch technology it makes handling safe and prevents injuries. With the addition to that, it makes carrying the grill easy.

Best electric griddle with sides in 2022

Griddle NameWeightTemp ControlDimensionsPowerPrice
Presto Cool-Touch Electric Griddle5.01 lbsYes11.31x22.43x2.37 in1500 W Check Price
Magicook Electric Reversible Griddle6.77 lbsYes19.68x13.78 x2.76 in1700 W Check Price
Secura GR-1503XL Electric Griddle13.6 lbsYes22.5x5.25x15.5 in1700 W Check Price
Hamilton Beach Ceramic Griddle5.7 lbsYes10.7x3.5x26.5 in1500 W Check Price
Presto 06852 Electric Skillet8.5 lbsYes23x13x9 in1500 W Check Price

Electric Griddle with Sides#1:

  • The Presto 07055 black colored aluminum grill has a ceramic nonstick surface for easy and clean cooking. The grill top gets fully charged with heat while the sides and the front of the grill are designed to stay cool. This helps in easy handling while helping in searing the food efficiently. The griddle features 20” cooking surface that makes it easy to make a lot of food at once.
  • The grill also has a low profile design that helps it to be used as a buffet-server. The slide-out drip tray is provided so that the griddle can be easily cleaned. With the master control on this griddle, the temperature can be set according to the food requirement. The griddle features a backstop ledge too for easy food handling. With so many features this grill can cook pancakes, all sorts of breakfasts and burgers too.

Electric Griddle with Sides #2:

  • This griddle grill by Magicook is an electric reversible grill and a griddle two in one. This grill has two plates one that can be used for simple grilling while other for griddling. The plates are nonstick meaning its easy to clean and won’t get sticky and greasy. And they are specially designed with holes to let the oil spill to the drip tray.
  • The addition of drip tray is provided for easy cleaning and making the whole cooking experience less messy. The grill works with electrical power and can be used anywhere, so for garden parties and BBQs this grill is a good option.
  • It also features a detachable thermostat to keep the temperature in check. Furthermore, the temperature controllers on the grill help to keep the temperature right where you need it. With this grill that comes with two different grill plates, it caters to different sorts of food from BBQs to breakfast and anything that, can be seared in between.

Electric Griddle with Sides #3:

  • The Secura GR-1503XL portable electric griddle comes in a black color with a sleek glass lid. With a large surface area to cook food and allows movement. One grill is provided that works as a griddle and a grill both hence saving up storage space.
  • Additionally, the grill plate features a design to let the oil drip away into the drip tray, where the drip works efficiently while being easy to clean and manage overall. The grill also has cool touch feature in that only the cooking area will be heated but the sides and front remain cool helping to prevent burning.
  • With advanced temperature control, you can keep the grill on the desired temperature you want and in addition to that, a thermostat also comes with it to keep the temperature under supervision. The griddle works overall good for all types of food. It can cook meat, sear veggies and can be used to make everyday breakfast making it an everyday useful grill.

Electric Griddle with Sides #4:

  • This griddle by Hamilton Beach features a cool simple design. The 4x durable ceramic coated tray features a new and innovative design. The cord on the grill can be used on both sides of the grill plate for easy managing. So the griddle can be used anywhere and in any way. The griddle plate can be easily lifted off and reversed that also helps in cleaning.
  • The griddle plate is claimed to be PTFE and PFOA free and won’t crack and peel with use. And it comes with easy temperature control. The 200 sq inch griddle plate helps to cook a lot of stuff together without making a mess and causing difficulty. Temperature can be set accordingly with need. With the addition to that, a drip tray is provided to catch all the grease and oil to keep the countertop clean. The griddle plate is also dishwasher safe making it easy to clean and needing fewer efforts.

Electric Griddle with Sides #5:

  • The Presto 06852 is a 16-inch Chinese made electric skillet griddle. The skillet is made from heavy cast aluminum. The griddle features a nonstick body in and outside. The walls are high for extra cooking and serving. This skillet has a glass lid for heat retention. The temperature control helps to control and maintain the temperature at the griddle.
  • It is easy on the handling too as there are handles provided on both sides. The skillet is washable and dishwasher safe. It can be easily cleaned in water by removing the heat control. So cleaning and managing it is very easy and safe. The skillet can roast, grill, fry and even made casseroles.


The electric griddle/grills are the innovative and new replacement of old cooking techniques. You can use these easily workable devices anywhere. They are good for everyday breakfasts to lunches and bbq parties. Moreover, they are safer than an old grill that was fueled by coal and gas, preventing any sort of accidents as they run on electric power. With a lot of cooking space and easy temperature controlling options, different stuff can be cooked to the temperature you desire.

And what will be the best electric griddle with sides in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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