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Best Nonstick Pancake Griddle in 2022

Best non stick pancake griddle

Pancakes and crepes are becoming an increasingly popular breakfast option among people. Since they are made in many different flavors and you can make them for health conscious people as well. However, one of the biggest things that bother the cooks is that pancakes stick to the griddle. This sticking makes them messy and hard to cook. In this article, we talk about the best nonstick pancake griddle in the market and its competitors. With our product reviews, you can see how many types are there in the market. It will enable you to choose the ones that are most suited to you.

Why is a non-stick surface suitable for cooking?

Nonstick surfaces are excellent for cooking because first of all, they keep the food intact by not sticking to the surface while cooking. People that are health conscious enjoy this cooking because they do not need additional oil or grease to ensure that their food does not stick to the surface.

However, it is essential to look at the quality of the nonstick surface. Many of the non-stick surfaces of the appliances contain harmful chemicals that can be dangerous to health. The best nonstick pancake griddle will not have PFOA and PTFE at all.

Best nonstick pancake griddle in 2022

Griddle NameWeightTemp ControlDimensionsPowerPrice
Nonstick 12-Inch Electric Crepe Maker2.4 lbsYes12x12.9x2.4 in1200 W Check Price
Hamilton Beach Durathon Ceramic Griddle5.7 lbsYes10.7x3.5x26.5 inN/A Check Price
Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Griddle5.8 lbsYes4x24x13.4 in1450 W Check Price
Crepe Maker and Non-Stick Griddle5lbsYes14x4.2x15.8 in1000 W Check Price
LIVEN Electric Crepe Maker Griddle3 lbsYes16.6x8.3x2.1 in600 W Check Price

Nonstick Pancake Griddle #1:

  • The NutriChef electric griddle is on the list for the best nonstick pancake griddle because of its amazing features. One of the most crucial traits of this griddle is that it is perfect to store or take with you on your trip. The heavy-duty hot plate is nonstick and can make the best breakfast items including pancakes. The griddle is about 12 inches which makes it an excellent choice for many things to be cooked on at once. It can also be suited for burgers and other items since it is not prescribed to only one kind of food.
  • The temperature control is also a breeze in this system. The simple knob allows you to set the temperature according to your convenience and you can enjoy the quick heating of the hot plate. There is light up indicators for power and temperature check as well. The bonus to this griddle is that it comes with the dish friendly spatula and spreader so that cooking becomes an easy task.
  • The Hamilton Beach Durathon griddle is one of the best nonstick pancake griddle because of its surface is ceramic. The griddle plate is a 200 square inch plate with a nonstick surface that allows you to make pancakes and even other items without food sticking to the pan. The ceramic coating is without PTFE and PFOA which makes it great for the environment and eliminates the health risks with traditional nonstick designs. The grill can easily be removed and cleaned without any complications which make it highly convenient.
  • The power source is electric on this grill which makes it a more convenient option for camping, kitchen tops, countertops, and any other place. The unique design allows users to use the cord from the left or the right making the machine user-friendly. There is a comfortable temperature control system for the perfect temperature for cooking anything. There is also a drip tray that keeps the surface clean to make it one of the best nonstick pancake griddles and removes additional grease from the food.

Nonstick Pancake Griddle #3:

  • Another one of the best nonstick pancake griddle which holds unmatchable features. The DuraCeramic elements in this griddle make it nonstick and an excellent option for breakfast cooking and even otherwise. It is free from PTFE and PFOA which can be very toxic for the body. The DuraCeramic feature also helps in cleaning the griddle efficiently without scrubbing. There is also titanium infused which makes it more durable than regular nonstick pans. The first thing to catch you in this griddle is the very stylish design. The design allows the griddle to have a warming tray as well which makes sure that the flavors of the food are not removed while heating it back up. The plate also cooks up food faster than conventional griddles do.
  • The size of the plate is 10 X 16.5 inches which are a much surface to enjoy multiple cooking at once. There is a thermostat to help you set the temperature as per the requirements of the food, and then it can be removed, and the plate can be used as a serving plate. All these combine to make this one of the best nonstick pancake griddles.

Nonstick Pancake Griddle #4:

  • The CucinaPro Nonstick griddle is one of the best nonstick pancake griddles that we have added to our list of the best nonstick pancake griddles. It runs on electricity which makes it highly convenient to use. There is a small lever to set the temperature to your desired settings and the indicating lights help you understand when the temperature is reached and when the machine is powered on. The plate of this griddle is about 12 inches and made of aluminum which makes it nonstick and easy to cook pancakes on. The dish can easily be cleaned with a wet cloth when it is turned off without having to scrub.
  • Another fantastic feature in this griddle is that it comes with rubber feet. Usually, electric griddles can slide off countertops or move about quickly, but the rubber feet in this griddle make highly stable and more convenient. The machine comes with a batter spreader so that users can enjoy making excellent crepes as well on this griddle.

Nonstick Pancake Griddle #5:

  • The Liven Electric nonstick griddle has many reasons to be one of the best nonstick pancake griddles. One of the most attractive features in this griddle is its unique design which makes handling the griddle a breeze. The nonstick plate is made of aluminum which allows the griddle to be nonstick and easy to cook on. The aluminum feature also makes the griddle longer lasting than others. The 8 inches of plate make the perfect way to make pancakes. The machine has an American plug which can easily be fit into any outlet on standards volts as well. There are indicating lights on this machine to show you when the plate is warm and what the status of the power on the machine stands.
  • There are no traditional temperature knobs on this, but this grill is specially designed for a purpose which is why the heat is automatic on this machine. The machine comes with a bowl and a whisk to help you make the perfect batter and then cook it fast and smooth without any inconvenience on this griddle.


After reading the best nonstick pancake griddle reviews you’ll be able to select the pancake griddle according to your preferences and needs. A few of them are meant for making pancakes and crepes only while others offer much more versatility and are great for people that love cooking on a nonstick surface.

And what will be the best nonstick pancake griddle in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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