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Top Up Your BBQ Party with the Best Premium Electric Griddle in 2022

Best premium electric griddle

Now that summer is here, is there anything more satisfying than spending a clear Sunday evening out in the backyard. What can be nicer than the crackling and sputtering of meat on a grill on such a fine weekend evening? Today we bring to you our picks for the Best Premium Electric Griddle so that you can decide on the suitable choice.

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So what makes a premium griddle different from a normal griddle? A premium griddle should have the following features; it should have an adjustable thermostat of at least up to 480°F. It should have a greased tray for easy cleaning and a nonstick cooking surface. A premium griddle should also have some built-in safety features like splash guards or a magnetic outlet. And it should be able to collect all kinds of food from eggs to meats to vegetables and cheeses.

Best premium electric griddle in 2022

Griddle NameWeightTemp ControlDimensionsPowerPrice
PRINCESS Electric Griddle14.51 lbsYes24.17x8.74x2.76 in1300 W Check Price
Presto 07050 Cool-Touch Griddle7.25 lbsYes15.25x19.5x3.25 in1500 W Check Price
BRUNO Compact Hot Plate15.21 lbsYes16.1x13.4x10.6 in1200 W Check Price
Koval Inc. 15" Electric Griddle45 lbsYes17.7x14.2x9.8 in1500 W Check Price
Luxury Biggriddle Cool Touch Griddle8.45 lbsYes5.1x23.9x18.5 inN/A Check Price

Premium Electric Griddle #1:

  • This griddle earns its spot on our list of best premium electric griddles because of its far-infrared effect. This feature allows for preservation and enhancement of the taste of your food (especially meats). This allows for the outside of the meat to get a great crispiness while preserving its juicy insides. The griddle has a thermal plate with high heat conductivity which means that the plate is evenly and thoroughly heated. This allows for faster cooking of food.
  • The griddle also has enhanced heat storage properties so that it loses heat slowly. The cooking surface is non-stick and doesn’t require any additional oil for cooking. The griddle also features a strapless temperature management system that stops when the temperature becomes higher than the set temperature. It can easily be cleaned with a wet cloth or a kitchen paper without having to clean it off with detergent. You can easily remove the oil pan and clean it separately for convenience.

Premium Electric Griddle #2:

  • You can fold the Presto griddle for convenient storage. It fits easily into the standard 18” cabinets. The griddle has non-stick surface that makes it very easy to clean. The heat distribution on the cooking surface is also remarkable. This ensures that the food is evenly and deliciously cooked. The base is also cool to touch which makes it safe to carry about without fear of burns.
  • What earns this grill a spot on our list of best premium electric griddles though, is its removable heat control. This ensures that you can clean each nook and cranny of your grill thoroughly. The heat control system lifts right out and makes it easy to clean. The griddle also features a drip tray for all the extra grease so that you don’t have to clean your tray every half hour. You can just clean off the tray once you’re done the cooking.

Premium Electric Griddle #3:

  • Bruno provides us with a hot plate that is compact and has a size of about an A4 sized sheet. This hot plate is perfect for all occasions whether a large party or a small intimate gathering. The grill features an adjustable thermostat that can achieve the highest temperature of about 480°F. The small surface of the grill makes the cooking surface compact but allows the food cooks to be deliciously juicy.
  • The sides of the cooking plate feature easy-to-hold handle and its beautiful design means that it adds to the beauty of any dining setting. What makes it one of the best premium griddles is its magnetic outlet that is incredibly safe. It easily comes off if you need that. The grill is also easy to clean. It can be cleared with a soft cloth with detergent and then dried off with a dry cloth.

Premium Electric Griddle #4:

  • The Koval Griddle has a stainless steel construction that offers stability and durability to the grill. The grill is fairly compact with remarkable heat distribution. The cooking surface of the grill is cast iron that provides the perfectly cooked flavor to your meats.
  • This griddle offers a thermostat control that allows you to adjust your grill temperature according to the food you wish to cook. It also comes with splash guards that protect your arms from grease splashes.
  • Furthermore, it has a removable grease tray that stores all the runaway grease till you can clear it at the end. It comes with 4 legs for appropriate elevation and stability. And it is absolutely perfect for cooking anything from vegetables, to meats and all the ways to cheese and eggs.

Premium Electric Griddle #5:

  • This Biggriddle is undersized and is great because it can cook up to 50% more food than any of the other jumbo-sized grills. The cooking surface allows for even and regular heat distribution. It also comes with a heat control feature that allows you to set the thermostat according to whatever it’s is that you wish to cook. This helps to preserve flavor and to cook every dish to absolute perfection. What’s more is that it can easily fit into your kitchen cabinet for easy storage. And you can pull it out whenever you want to.
  • What makes this griddle one of the best premium electric griddles is its removable thermostat feature. This allows for thorough cleaning of the griddle. This along with the drip tray means that you can easily clean and store it without having to worry about grease being stuck in the corners. The griddle also allows for the easy tilt-and-drain so that you can drain all the excess grease into the grease tray.


Now that we have discussed with you all of our picks for the best premium electric griddles, it is now for you to decide which one suits your needs best. Your needs may vary depending on the power source, cooking surface material, cooking surface area, weight, and dimensions. We have discussed all these variables in our reviews above.

And what will be the best premium electric griddle in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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