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The Best Countertop Electric Grill in 2022

Countertop electric grill

The smokeless indoor electric grills are the new and safer way to do BBQ and are slowly replacing the old coal and propane fueled grills. These indoor grills are a lot safer and can be used indoors and outdoors with the added benefit of using all around the year.

These grills have a heating element embed within the cooking surface and a drip pan at the bottom to hold grease and the fat. They use electricity as a heating source. These grills do come in different shapes and sizes. The two types are contact and open grills. The open grill is similar to outdoor grills and has a single grate while the contact grills have two grates.

Best countertop electric grills on the market in 2022

Grill NamePowerDimensionsWeightTemperature AdjustmentPrice
T-fal OptiGrill Indoor Grill1800 W13x14x6"11.6 lbs.Yes Check Price
Philips Avance Indoor Grill HD6371/941660 W21.85x7.48x16.93"15.66 lbs.Yes Check Price
Hamilton Beach Electric Grill1200 W16.73x12.4x6.81"8.14 lbs.Yes Check Price
Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler1500 W13x17x10"5.07 lbs.Yes Check Price
George Foreman 5-Serving GrillN.A.15.5x9x13.5"15.3 lbs.Yes Check Price
DeLonghi America Electric Grill1800 W14x18x7.5"20 lbs.Yes Check Price

Countertop Electric Grill #1:

  • The latest innovation by T-fal comes with an inbuilt detector system that can sense the number of items placed on the grill and their thickness. Additionally, it can set the temperature and cook time according to it. The grill also comes with dishwasher safe die-cast aluminum nonstick plates that are very easy to clean. This countertop grill is available in silver color with a cooking surface of 93 square inches.
  • There are 6 automatic cooking programs for Burgers, Poultry, Sandwich, Sausage, Red meat, and fish. There are basically two modes on this grill one for frozen food the other is manual. One of the main features of this grill is the high precision beep indicator and light system that can tell the user when the light turns blue then green it’s the start of cooking, then yellow when the food is rare, orange when it is medium and red when it gets well done.
  • This grill comes in a stainless steel body with a heat-resistant handle and can take up to 2000W. It also comes with a two-year guarantee.

Countertop Electric Grill #2:

  • The HD6371/94 is an indoor countertop electric grill by Phillips Avance Collection. This product promises 80% smokeless grilling depending on the food type. This countertop electric grill comes with detachable parts including the non-stick grid that is easy to clean. It is dishwasher safe as well. For the fat and grease collection, Philips provides an XL grease tray allowing easy lean grilling.
  • Philips also promises easy and efficient grilling where the grill is easy to install and use in just a minute. Plus with an automatic temperature control system and heat reflectors, the grill heats to 446 F, the optimum temperature to sear meat. The grill itself heats in 6 minutes taking less time to work.
  • By using infrared technology this grill provides perfect cooked meat that is tender and juicy plus the less smoke and mess makes less room for dirt and grease allowing ease to the user when cleaning the grill. The warm setting is also included in this grill to keep the food warm for you when you’re done with the grilling.

Countertop Electric Grill #3:

  • This 25361 Electric Smokeless Grill by Hamilton comes with a hood to lock the flavors in. They promise to keep all the flavor in the meat searing the meat to perfection without overcooking it. With the addition of a viewing window so the food can be viewed without losing heat. Hamilton Beach provides this counter top electric grill with a nonstick easily washable plate that has a surface area of about 118 sq. inches.
  • The temperature range in this electric grill is 250 degrees to 450 degrees. With a light indicating system present, so the user can check when the grill is turned on and when the meat is cooked. The grill can cook for up to 4-6 servings. The grill comes in stainless steel and in a silver color.
  • In addition to the removable grill plate, the lid can also be removed for cleaning. The drip pan provided under has the capacity to catch all the juices and grease and can be removed too.

Countertop Electric Grill #4:

  • Cuisinart GR-4N comes with 5 cooking options. This countertop electric grill can cook everything from pancakes, sausages, steaks, hamburgers to Panini. Like all electric grills, this one also comes with nonstick cooking plates and drip plates, for healthy greaseless cooking. The dishwasher-safe cooking plates come in the size 11×9 inches. It comes in a stainless steel body that has a silver color.
  • The grill easy to use and works with simple operating functions that include knobs that let the user choose the griddle functions. There are different temperature controls that include red and green lights that indicate when the grill is working and ready to cook.
  • This multifunctional grill can work as a contact grill to cook chicken or juicy steaks. As a full grill, the cover side of the grill can also be utilized for optimized serving. With that it can also be worked as a full griddle to fry eggs and bacon, going over the edge it can also work as a half grill and half griddle. With the addition of the Panini handle it helps in making the best Panini, the cover also adjusts to the thickness of the food.

Countertop Electric Grill #5:

  • This George Foreman grill is light because of its plastic body. It serves 5 at a time making an easy serving for a family meal. The feature that stands out in this grill is the swapping of plates, the ceramic grills are used for the normal grilling then it can be replaced with a griddle one to cook breakfast.
  • The premium ceramic plates are nonstick and easily cleanable and dishwasher safe too. This includes the waffle plate. The muffin inserts and bake pans are also available by George Foreman. So this is a grill that can bake too.
  • The digital display system displays cooking time and temperature. With an angle adjustment hinge, the angle of the grill can be adjusted for grilling and can be kept flat for Panini. A high searing option is included in this that turns the temperature up to 500 degrees for tasty crusts and well-cooked meat.

Countertop Electric Grill #6:

  • This multifunctional grill by DeLonghi comes in a stainless steel, silver body. This countertop electric grill also includes interchangeable sets of the grill and griddle plates.
  • It can be worked as a contact grill, contact press, grill broiler, full grill, full griddle and half grill/half griddle or as a waffle maker, the waffle plate not being included in the product. The embedded heating elements promise perfectly cooked food, with the large space offering more serving.
  • The top grill can be ‘floated’ to sear meat or cook small sandwiches without crushing them. The grill has a large LCD display with different temperature controls for different plates, different meals. The plates are also easily cleanable and dishwasher safe too.

Wrap up:

You can use the countertop electric grill in different and innovative ways to cook, sear and even bake. Grills with additional features like multi-changeable plates are very handy for everyday kitchen use too. Grilling without smoke and using electrical grills give additional benefits of being more economical overall. They are also safer causing less harm to the environment. Giving the ease of cooking, everywhere and anywhere at any time.

And what will be the best countertop electric grill in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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