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Indoor Outdoor Electric BBQ Grills in 2022

Indoor outdoor electric grill

Everyone cannot afford to have separate grills for indoors and outdoors. Are you worried about having propane or charcoal BBQ grills at your home and can’t use them indoors? Make your BBQ recipes even easier and safe with the electric indoor outdoor BBQ grills. We are going to review some of the best options available.

So, let’s take a look at the top electric grills.

Best indoor outdoor electric grills on the market in 2022

Grill NamePowerDimensionsMaterialTemperature AdjustmentPrice
Philips Avance Indoor Grill HD6371/941660 W7.5x21.9x16.9"PlasticNo Check Price
Hamilton Beach Electric Grill1200 W12.2x16.9x6.7"PlasticYes Check Price
George Foreman Electric Grill1600 W22.2x20.5x13"MetalYes Check Price
GOTHAM STEEL Electric Grill1000 W18x4x15"SteelYes Check Price
Cuisinart 5-in-1 Griddler1500 W17x13x10"Stainless SteelYes Check Price
Delonghi Perfecto Electric Grill1500 W19.7x13.2x6.7"Die-cast AluminumYes Check Price

Indoor Outdoor Electric Grill #1:

  • Philips uses advanced infrared technology that makes it a completely smoke-free product. This makes you cook in a pleasant environment. Also, its patented design reduces oil splattering.
  • This grill has a non-stick ALU grid which cooks perfectly grilled meat pieces from all sides. It provides a constant heat to get the perfect brown color after grilling. This grill gets ready to use in just one minute. You don’t need to set any temperature as it heats up consistently up to 446°F. This 1 minute set up saves your electricity. This grill has special reflectors guide heat which creates evenly grilled food.
  • What’s more, a power of 1660 watts makes it a powerful grill. It is an easy to clean grill with the detachable parts. It has a simple 2-piece design which makes it convenient to clean. Its non-slip feet gives a good balance and grip to it. There is a drip tray underneath as well. The side handles give you a good control over it. Bring Philips Indoor Electric Grill today and plan a BBQ party.

Indoor Outdoor Electric Grill #2:

  • The Hamilton Beach indoor outdoor electric grill is a smokeless grill for your indoor party. This grill allows adjustment of temperatures. The heat settings make it easier for you to cook more tender pieces. Its uniform heat makes the perfectly grilled pieces from all sides. It has high heat searing capability. This can be cooled down to normal temperature to finish cooking.
  • Hamilton Beach grill has a non-stick plate. This lets you have all that you put in there. Also, it is removable to let you wash them with convenience. Its indicator lights keep you alert about the cooking timings and when your dish is ready. It has a handle to let you control it with care. It has a sturdy plastic material type.
  • All of its parts can be washed easily. You don’t need to scrub it hard. It features a removable non-stick plate. This can go into the dishwasher for an easy cleaning. This makes BBQ even simpler and convenient. So, you can focus on the recipes rather than worrying about clean-up afterward.

Indoor Outdoor Electric Grill #3:

  • Friends coming for a dinner tonight? Don’t worry, bring this electric grill for serving of 15+. It definitely is a tailgate time by this 240 square inches of the circular grill.
  • It has a removable stand, stands on the patio and can be removed easily. So, you can do countertop grilling. It has easy to remove stand which makes it from patio to countertop in seconds. Its domed lid keeps the heat inside and cooks deliciously tender and juicy meat pieces.
  • The adjustable temperature maintenance lets you to choose from five different heat settings. This will give you the best food results every time. This definitely is a smokeless grill and ideal for keeping indoors.
  • Other than this, the grill features non-stick surface and a drip tray as well. It uses the sturdy metal material and stands almost 6 inches high on its own and about 2-1/2 feet high on stand. It requires almost 10 minutes preheating for all types of food. But, this is a great grill for cooking whole chicken and large roasts.

Indoor Outdoor Electric Grill #4:

  • A sophisticated looking indoor outdoor electric grill for all. This is easy to use a grill with a user-friendly interface. It has a detachable cooking dial with temperature ranges. Cook according to your need for low to high 4 heat settings i.e. low, warm, medium and high heats. It incorporates cool handles which makes it handier. The heat proof frame keeps you safe from any burns.
  • This grill has a non-stick ceramic surface. This helps to cook all food items evenly and grills them perfectly brown. It has a ceramic coated grill, then a ceramic coated drip pan and then the burn proof base. This combo makes it an electric grill safest to use.
  • The removable grease catcher reduces any smoke and is a great fitting. What’s more, this grill has a compact size and easy to place anywhere.
  • It is a PTFE and PFOA free to make sure you eat safe and healthy. All of its parts except temperature dial are dishwasher safe. So, you don’t need to panic while cooking for its cleaning. Also, the company is giving free recipe booklet to enjoy further new BBQ recipes.

Indoor Outdoor Electric Grill #5:

  • Offering many options, this is an awesome electric grill choice. It is a 5 in 1 unit which acts as a contact grill, full grill, Panini press, half and full griddle. So, what is more, than you want?
  • It is a product with a sturdy stainless steel material. It has a handle at the top with a floating cover. So, this adjusts according to the width of the food. The removable and non-stick cooking plates reduce any grease for a healthy cooking.
  • This amazing grill features drip tray. It has a dimension of about 11×9 inches. So, they pretty much hold many meat pieces, burgers, and Panini.
  • The product is according to the North American standards. It has an amazing power of 1500 watts. This makes it faster and better. So, you make 5 different optioned meals smartly.
  • What’s more, it has a 200 square inches cooking surface that lets you cook more in one go. Also, you can cook bacon, pancakes, toasts, eggs, Panini, potatoes and so much more by its 5 multi options. So, go grab and savor your good life with this amazing multi-functional grill.

Indoor Outdoor Electric Grill #6:

  • The last one of our list is electric grill by DeLonghi. This electric grill has a large cooking surface. It evenly distributes the heat with a fully embedded grill plate heating element. A perfectly smoke-free grill, it keeps you and your food healthy.
  • This grill features an adjustable thermostat and lets you cook according to your preference. There is a detachable thermostat as well for making clean-up easier.
  • Also, the tempered glass makes your food even juicier. It keeps the heat inside and food warm. The non-stick drip pan is easy to remove. You can always remove and clean it.
  • For an added safety, DeLonghi grill has indicator lights. This makes it safer to use indoors. It features cool touch handle for an easy handling. Its tempered glass lid also has a handle on the top for an easy placement. So, cook without any worry.
  • The non-stick surface makes it an easy to clean grill. Place it in the detergent, wipe it off some moments later and there you have its clean shiny surface. This grill has 12 by 6 inches surface are for cooking. So, this is enough to make a meal for your family.


These electric grills are a handy choice when it comes to indoor and outdoor grilling. Their compact size and light weight do the job of a big grill. They have enough grill space to make a meal of up to 10 or more at one time. So, check out the items above to pick one.

And what will be the best indoor outdoor electric grill in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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