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What Is the Best 40-Inch Electric Smoker in 2022?

Best 40 inch electric smoker

We use numerous cooking appliances in our daily lives. They are capable of preparing food for a few people only. Things get a bit complicated when you are looking for some large sized appliances like electric smokers. It is not easy to make food at a big quantity. In the result, you keep worrying about their controls, working, capacity, and other similar details.

Secondly, in the crowd of multiple smokers’ brands, it is very hard to choose an appropriate option.

We understand the confusion. This is the reason we are here to review a few of the best 40-inch electric smokers. Read on to have insight into the few best units available in the market.

What are the benefits of large-sized smokers?

Same like all other products, large sized smokers also come with their set of benefits. What these profits are? Here are a few of them:

If you are a social person and loves arranging parties every now and then, go for large smokers. These are highly valuable when it comes to accommodating the big gang.

They have quite good cooking space. In many cases, these smokers contain different cooking sections separated by racks.

These compartments allow you to prepare a meal in whatever way you want. If you want to make the same item in a bulk, you can use all sections for it. Similarly, you can smoke a variety of dishes conveniently using these racks.

Also, if you are planning to start a small business, these large smokers can be your savior. They can prevent you from the expenses of a commercial unit. You can use them to kick start your personal restaurant.

Large sized electric smokers allow you to make a meal in a bulk. When you do it this way, it not only saves your time but power sources as well.

Seeing these benefits, we can say these large electric smokers are very efficient and time-saving appliances.

The Top 6 40-inch Electric Smoker in 2022

Electric SmokerDimensionsWeightColorPrice
Masterbuilt Bluetooth Smart Electric Smoker41.73x24.41x18.3 in89.28 lbs.Silver Check Price
Bradley Technologies Original Smoker Stove42x21x18 in75 lbs.Black Check Price
Smoke Hollow Digital Electric Smoker26.5x24.8x52.2 in51.6 lbs.Red Check Price
Masterbuilt Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker20.9x25.2x45.5 in98.9 lbs.Gray Check Price
Hakka Electric Stainless Steel Smoker20x18x47.5 in103.62 lbs.Gray Check Price
MRT SUPPLY Digital Electric Meat Smoker19.5x25.6x41.3 in66.97 lbs.Black Check Price
  • This 20070115 Bluetooth Electric Smoker is a Masterbuilt product. The manufacturer’s name alone is enough to say a lot about its functioning. The thing most incredible about this smoker is its Bluetooth technology. It has integrated technology that you can use to connect any of your smart devices with it. It can make your smoker a smart one as well.
  • After making connections, you could control temperature, light, time, and power on/off features. Isn’t it amazing?
  • As far as cooking capacity is concerned, it offers 975 square inches of area. It is quite big to accommodate a large gathering. Moreover, it contains four chrome-coated racks. It prepares 12 chickens, 48 sausages, 4 ribs, 2 turkeys, and similar sized items in a single round.
  • This means if you are going to arrange a big party, this smoker would be a great assistance for you. It also comes with a Blue LED digital control panel. It displays all the information on it. The LED light can make it very easy for you to read it well. It also possesses removable sun shade.
  • This electric smoker also contains a built-in meat probe thermometer. It allows you to monitor internal meat temperature. It thus helps you to stay worried free about meat cooking condition.
  • This remarkable smoker also allows you to remove or add wood chips from the side. In this way, it prevents internal heat loss while you are loading/unloading chips. It gives a 1,200-watt heating element. You can acquire the temperature range of up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit.

40-Inch Electric Smoker #2:

  • The second item in our list is from manufacturer Bradley. It is another big name in the industry of electric smokers. The first thing that might fascinate any customer is its appearance. It looks very elegant and deluxe. With its black color and careful finishing, it can grab the attention of anyone.
  • Another worth mentioning attribute of this smoker is its versatility. It comes with dual heating components. One of them performs a typical oven like heating. The other one gives smoking heat.
  • In this way, you can use it in multiple ways. It can work as a hot smoker, oven, cold smoker, dehydrator, and slow cooker. This attribute is what you may find it hard to get in any other item.
  • The cooking space of this smoker is also large. It gives the 4125 cubic inches of area with six racks. The working process of this smoker is also very convenient.
  • After loading food and briquettes in the smoker, you would need to turn the generator on. Once the burner is preheated, you can make your required settings.
  • Its automatic working will let you enjoy your other activities. It won’t bother you to maintain the heat while heating. Its internal thermostat will maintain the temperature according to your requirements constantly.
  • It gives 500 watts of the heating element along with 125 watts of briquettes burner. Moreover, its door is made up of heavy-duty material. It is capable of retaining heat inside. All these attributes can make your smoking procedure a lot easier.
  • This D4015RS Digital Electric Smoker is a Smoke Hollow product. This unit comes with certain attributes that make it one of the best 40-inch electric smokers. This unit comes with a capacity of 4.5 cubic feet. The whole section is divided into four compartments with the help of racks. You can get plenty of room to make food for the large family.
  • In order to make the food visible throughout the cooking procedure, it contains a light as well. It also possesses an integrated meat probe. It keeps checking on the meat cooking condition. Another good thing about this smoker is its large display with blue LED light. It is present at the top of the smoker. You can easily monitor different controls like temperature, smoke type, light, and others.
  • This advanced one of the best 40-inch electric smokers is smart as well. It comes with Bluetooth technology. You can connect it with your smart device to control the smoker with any of your gadgets.
  • In order to give the perfect cooking to your meal, it comes with two heating elements. In this way, it provides uniform and faster heating.
  • Its distinguishing feature is its capability to provide three different types of smoke. These are hot, cold, and fast smoke. Now, whatever meat type you have, this smoker is available to provide flawless smoking. Its wood chip drawer is quite spacious. Thus, you don’t have to refill it every now and then. It also gives you an opportunity to refill its water port from the side.
  • Besides being efficient and convenient, this smoker is transportable as well. It comes with a stand with wheels. Thus, you can slide it anywhere easily.
  • This one of the best 40-inch electric smokers is again a Masterbuilt product. This smoker has the capability to provide improved heating. It is because of its additional heating element. These two heating source contains 1200 watts and 150 watts for a custom smoke element. With the help of all its components, it allows you to adjust the smoke at five different settings.
  • You can select the smoke intensity according to your choice despite the cooking temperature. It also possesses one meat probe thermometer. The good thing is it can support four more thermometers with it. You can now keep a proper check on your meat while smoking.
  • This electric smoker is easy to transport as well. The credit goes to its rear handle and wheels. You can easily drag it with yourself. Moreover, it comes with Bluetooth technology as well. It makes this 40-inch electric smoker smart in a true sense. You can connect any of your smart devices with it.
  • You would only need to make all the connections. After that, you can enjoy controlling its all functions just by touching your smart device.
  • You can even make this electric smoker better and more convenient to you. Masterbuild provides other accessories with the product like side shelves, ports for rotisserie, and others. You can purchase and use them in order to bring more fun to your smoking.
  • This DSH-S03L electric smoker is a product of Hakka. Read below to find out the features that make it one of the best 40-inch electric smokers.
  • The thing remarkable about this smoker is a range of its temperature. You can adjust anywhere between 0 degrees F to 275 degrees F. The temperature is further controlled by a thermostat.
  • It means the smoker will take care of internal temperature on its own. You won’t need to worry constantly about over-cooking the meat. Another remarkable feature of this Hakka smoker is its digital timer. It allows you to set the timer from 0 to 12 hours. It also comes equipped with auto shut-off feature. You can enjoy the great convenience with this feature.
  • Just imagine how would it feel, to just put the food inside and forget it after making a digital setting? It can take the easiness of these electric smokers to the whole next level.
  • This smoker also allows side loading of woods. You can take out its wood tray and load it without disturbing the working of the main unit. It can prevent heat loss that could happen otherwise. Consequently, this smoker gives uniform heating throughout the cooking period.
  • The body of this electric smoker is also made up of good quality insulating material. It prevents the heat from escaping out of the appliance. This feature makes this unit more energy efficient.
  • Its water pan and the drip tray are removable. You can take them out to clean them easily. We can say, besides cooking maintaining this unit is also very convenient.

40-Inch Electric Smoker #6:

  • This product by MRT Supply is another one of the best 40-inch electric smokers in our list. The cooking capacity of this unit is remarkable. It contains four chrome-coated racks. You can cook the food of around 100 lbs. in a single go.
  • It further comes with a thermostat. It monitors the smoker temperature constantly. In the result, your food gets the constant and even heating throughout the time.
  • Another amazing thing is its window. You can see your food while cooking. It can give you a better understanding of cooking time to get the perfect smoked food. In case you are smoking in a dark area, its internal light will assist you to see your food.
  • It also possesses digital controls to make the settings easily. With all these helping attributes, smoking your food would not be a complicated task anymore. You would need to just add food, wood chips, water, and make the digital settings. It even gives auto shut-off feature to set the cooking time.
  • As it also contains rear handle and wheels, you can change its location effortlessly. Its grease pan, drip pan, water pan, and wood chip trays are removable.
  • It means you won’t need to put extra efforts for its cleanliness. You can take all these accessories out and wash them. With all these incredible features, this electric smoker can make your cooking experience the easiest one.


The large sized electric smokers are a source of great assistance when it comes to feeding the large party. They come with enough cooking capacity to prepare the whole meal altogether. By reading these reviews you can see all of these smokers come with outstanding features. They offer a big space and convenience.

It will be very hard to answer the question that which one is best in all. It is because all of them are best in some aspects. However, we would declare Bradley Technologies Smoker as the best 40-inch electric smoker. Why have we chosen it?

There are a few reasons. Firstly, it can serve as a simple oven, cooker, and smoker at the same time. It can even provide either cold or hot smoking. It also provides a very large and adjustable cooking space. Its working is automated as well. Overall we can say its convenient features along with its aesthetics make it the best large electric smoker.

And what is the best 40-inch electric smoker in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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