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The Best Digital Electric Smokers in 2022

Best digital electric smoker

Tailgating season is here, and we’re off to buy ourselves the best digital electric smoker in town. Hopefully, you’re about to do the same. And if you’re not, then get started! But wait, how do you know which smoker is the best? As in, the best of the best! Well neither did we. But our experience has brought us to a conclusion: there are 6 smokers worth giving a try.

We have listed down those smokers and what makes them unique and outstanding. Trust us when we say that these smokers won’t disappoint you. While trying out a few other smokers, we found that these 6 stuck out the most. They gave the fastest, smokiest, and most mouthwatering results. We reviewed them and summarized their features.

So hold on to your pellets and grills. And get ready to witness the best digital smokers in the market!

Benefits of a digital electric grill:

Before we jump into which grills are the best, let us answer why we even need one. You see, a regular smoker or grill uses wooden pellets or coal. And from these, the smoker lifts and gives you all those juicy flavors. But what if you could control the temperature and the amount of smoke?

Welcome to the world of electric smokers. Digital smokers have air dampeners that let you control the thickness and amount of smoke inside the unit. This means that you don’t oversmoke your food or overcook it. These units also feature a thermostat to control the temperature. This allows you to cook the food at the right amount of heat.

Electric grills are a great investment. They make cooking faster, smarter, and way easier. Buying one won’t be a waste, even if you get a basic model.

The Top 6 Digital Electric Smoker in 2022

Digital Electric Smoker #1:

  • When it comes to the best digital electric smokers, nothing beats the Pit Boss 77221. Pit Boss has always been the best provider of smokers and grills. The company offers a wide variety of smokers to choose from. And if you get your hands on this handy beast, your tailgate party will be revamped. This product is a surefire way of taking things up a notch.
  • So what exactly makes it so unique and captivating? The first thing you’ll notice is the gorgeous simple design. The grill features a door with a window for checking if the food is cooked. It also has rolling wheels at the bottom to make movement easier. Apart from that, the unit gives out 1650 watts of power. This is extremely high and is best recommended for a well-done steak or for roasting veggies. The high power output means that you get more in the tiniest package possible.
  • Other than that, the water pans and the grilling racks both have been coated with porcelain. Because of this, you are able to get a cooking space that won’t succumb to the astronomical heat. The construction is two-ply, allowing no heat to escape. Because of the extremely strategic construction, the Pit Boss 77221 is able to store heat inside. This allows more smoke to develop and it roasts the steaks just perfectly.
  • So from our side, this product is one of the best digital electric smokers out there. Both the design and the function will leave you in awe.

Digital Electric Smoker #2:

  • Bradley Smoker’s products have always stood out from among the crowd. When we used the BTDS108P, we felt that the machine had great potential. The premise of the smoker is the design. The exterior is technically planned and skillfully made. Ironically, it has a very minimalistic white design. But it is this minimalism that makes it extra prestigious.
  • But of course, it is not minimal in performance. The smoker has a powdered epoxy steel body, and an interior made of stainless steel. It is due to this construction that the product has durability beyond anything. The furnace is able to reach 320 degrees Fahrenheit. The unit has four racks for different types of meat and products. This lends the smoker tremendous versatility and diversity. We loved both the design and versatile performance.
  • It also features a thermostat that lets you control the internal temperature. It also lets you take note of the time and adjust the amount of smoke. Unfortunately, it does not have a viewing window. So you won’t be able to see if your food is done or not. But this won’t be necessary with the embedded timer and the thermostat.
  • If you want extra control, remember that the smoker has an insulated exterior. None of the heat from the inside will escape into the atmosphere. So you get one of the best digital electric smoker experience.

Digital Electric Smoker #3:

  • Char-Broil is another brand that piqued our interests. After seeing its immense potential for ourselves, we had to admit: Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker tops the charts and is considered one of the best digital electric smokers. It is especially best for cooking medium and well-done steaks. The power output is pretty high, so a slow smoke isn’t expected. The product also features a double layered wall construction. This means that you get twice the insulation.
  • Because of this, the internal heat does not escape and your food cooks ten times faster. This vertical grill box features a fully sealed door with a viewing window. The window lets you check the amount of smoke inside. The unit also features a clear and visible LED display. This shows the temperature and time. Other than that, the door also features a heavy stainless steel latch that locks the door. The latch seals the unit, so no smoke leaves the Char-Broil Deluxe.
  • With its thermostat and removable thermometer, the product is a one-of-a-kind digital electric smoker. The cooking rack has a total area of 725 square inches, ideal for small parties and tailgating. The spacious cooking station allows you to smoke multiple types of food at once.
  • If you’re looking for quality backed by a durable design and premium customer support, then look no further. Smoke Hollow 3616DEW brings you all of that and more. This is why we call it one of the best digital electric smokers. This smoker is a great invention and it makes smoking and charring a whole lot easier. This unit is a vertically standing smoker with a sealed door. The sealing capabilities allow the unit to keep all the smoke inside. So the smoker will slowly cook your food and retain that smoky aftertaste.
  • Apart from that, there is also a viewing window. The window helps a lot in finding out whether the food is done or not. You can’t risk opening the door and letting all the smoke out. With this product, getting the right density of smoke won’t be an issue either. This fiery little station will make smoking faster and give you the right amount of smoke. It features an electronic control panel with an LED screen. The screen is easy to view and uses bright digits to display the temperature.
  • There are four chrome plated cooking racks that give you a total area of 3 cubic feet. It is because of this that the Smoke Hollow 3616DEW is loved by all. 3 cubic feet may not seem like much, but you’ll be surprised to know how many burgers can fit in there! Overall, this digital electric smoker is an excellent choice if you want to fast smoke food.
  • In the world of tailgating, Masterbuilt is perhaps the most renowned brand. This brand has made the most prestigious and best digital electric smokers. So it came as no surprise when this unit also worked out just as well as the others. This electric smoker from Masterbuilt is a slow smoker. It spews out 800 watts of energy. This means that the steak or patty will be cooked very slowly. Which is great if you want to have your steak done rare or medium rare and want to keep the middle raw. Tons of different types of meat and veggies can be cooked this way. A lot of people love a slightly raw center.
  • Apart from that, the smoker has a cooking area of 721 square inches. This is an optimal amount of space, considering the fact that this is a slow smoker. In a slow smoker, you have to wait longer. So you want to fit in as much as you can. This is great if you want to cook for a party or gathering. The best part about these smokers is that they can work indoors too. The 20077615 is a fully electronic smoking device. It features a remote, which controls the thermostat, the timer, a food light, and power on/off. It also features chrome plated racks for keeping the food on.
  • All of this combined gives you a temperature as high as 275 degrees Fahrenheit. There’s a reason why Masterbuilt smokers are considered the best.

Digital Electric Smoker #6:

  • Here is yet another product from one of our favorite brands. Smoke Hollow is an immensely popular brand of digital smokers. This company has made some of the world’s best smokers to date. Smoke Hollow always features an elegant and minimalistic design. This smoking unit is jet black in color and has a beautiful exterior. There is a single logo in the middle of the door, and an LED screen at the top.
  • Like most Smoke Hollow products, this unit too does not feature a window for viewing. This means that you won’t be able to see the food as it is cooked. This is a little inconvenience since you’ll have to open the door every time to check in on the food. This can allow some smoke to escape. However, the Smoke Hollow ES230B generates smoke at a rapid pace. So a few frequent check-ins won’t make a difference. This is a slow smoker, spouting 800 watts of energy. This will slowly cook rare steak and burger patties.
  • The product has a removable water bowl to add some moisture and some flavor. Other than that, the air damper helps control the thickness of the smoke and makes customization a whole lot easier. The body of the smoker is insulated to stop the escape of heat. Overall, this digital electric smoker would be a great investment. The only drawback is the lack of a viewing window. But that’s not too big of an issue.

Wrap Up

While there were many brands that intrigued us, only a few stood out. From those, the Pit Boss 77221 was the best digital electric smoker. It was better due to its heat output. The extra heat helps cook the food faster and more thoroughly. We recommend the Pit Boss 77221 for quick roasts and medium to well-done steaks.

However, that doesn’t mean the others ranked just below the Pit Boss aren’t worth the try. As they say, there’s always something that you might find useful.

So choose the right product, have fun tailgating, and have a wonderful summer!

And what will be the best digital electric smoker in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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