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The Best Electric BBQ Smoker in 2022

Best electric bbq smoker

Among our long-standing traditions from one state to another is smoking food. Ranging from smoked barbeque meat to vegetables and fish, the possibilities are endless when you are a good cook and you have the right tools in your hand. But being good at all this doesn’t happen overnight and you will have to spend a lot of time to develop these skills and cook like a pro. You need to get the temperature right and smoke the food to perfection. But there are a number of good electric smokers out there on the market that can help you achieve all this at a quicker pace.

If you have been looking for a good quality electric smoker for a long time then now your search is over. We have developed a list of the best electric BBQ smokers for your guidance.

So let’s get to it now!

Why electric smokers are the best for barbequing?

One of the biggest reasons why you need to choose the best electric BBQ smoker is that it is so darn easy to use. There are gas and pellet smokers as well that you can try but electric smokers take the lead particularly when you don’t want to spend a lot of time overseeing your food and must attend to your guests or do other chores.

You just need to set the temperature as per your requirements and the food you are cooking and let your smoker do all the hard work. You can always add some extra flavoring as well as per your preferences. Your food will also be a lot healthier as compared to charcoal or gas smokers.

The Top 6 Electric Bbq Smoker in 2022

Electric SmokerRack coatingDimensionsCooking surfacePrice
Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker, 30 inchChrome19.88x20.47x33.26 in884 sq. inches Check Price
Char-Broil Analog Electric SmokerChrome15x20.7x33.5 in544 sq. inches Check Price
Landmann Smoky Mountain Electric SmokerChrome15.3x18.9x28.7 in442 sq. inches Check Price
Smoke Hollow 26142E Electric SmokerChrome16.5x19x36.5 in975 sq. inches Check Price
Meco Deluxe 2-in-1 Electric Water SmokerChrome27x21.5x37 in351 sq. inches Check Price
PIT BOSS Analog SmokerPorcelain21.5x23x41 in593 sq. inches Check Price
  • Masterbuilt has been one of the best options to consider when it comes to smokers. They not only make good quality products but these products are among the top performers in the industry as well. This digital smoker is no exception as well as it will allow you to prepare some exquisite tasting foods with minimum effort for a long time to come.
  • You can digitally control the time and temperature according to your preferences. Plus, there are four different smoking racks with chrome coating and you can easily adjust them along with the air damper for smoking your food to perfection. The woodchip loading system of this smoker is patented and you don’t even have to open the door to add them. Furthermore, this system also allows you to provide consistent smoking to your meat or you can also do the same at regular intervals. The entire body of the smoker is properly insulated so that none of the smoke can escape along with the flavors.
  • You can steam, boil or fry your food with this smoker and you can also use a variety of different accessories with it as well. Just plug your smoker in, place your food and get ready for a delicious plate of barbequed meat that you always craved for.

Electric BBQ Smoker #2:

  • If you don’t want to get too fancy with cooking your barbeque then this is the smoker you need to buy. Keeping things all too simple, this smoker is the best for those who have some experience in cooking their foods. This little jumbo can provide you with a cooking surface of 544 square inches and it is spread across 3 different cooking racks with chrome plating.
  • The best thing about this smoker is that it comes with double insulation wall to make sure that the smoke stays in and with the dual exhaust ports you can easily guide the smoke out whenever you want to. The temperature gauge on this smoker is mounted on the door and you can read it clearly from a distance as well. There are dual latches on the door to keep it sealed shut.
  • There is a water tray as well on the front that you can access very easily along with the grease cup. The smoker also has a tray for wood chips that allows you to feed the smoker with chips without any issues. Its temperature gauge might be analog but it does provide you with accurate temperature readings to guide you about the current status inside.
  • Landmann is known for their top quality products for a long time. The brand specifically emphasizes on building easy to use products for the users. This smoker comes with high-quality chrome-plated racks that prevent the food from sticking and burning.
  • The door on the front features a glass window and it allows you to see what’s going on with your food on the inside. Its door also features an analog temperature reader that will provide you with accurate readings all the time. The construction of this smoker gives a fine look to it. The smoker is very easy to carry and you can take it anywhere you want on your picnic trips as well.
  • The woodchip loading tray and the fluid gathering tray at the bottom keep your smoker easy to clean and simple to operate for the smoking purposes. The wrought iron handles on the sides also enable you to easily transport your smoker from one place to another.

Electric BBQ Smoker #4:

  • Smoke Hollow is relatively a new brand when it comes to barbeque but the good thing is that you will love their high-quality products backed with excellent customer services. This is one of the best electric BBQ smokers that has a lot to offer because it features a 1500W element for heating with temperature control that you can fully adjust.
  • This smoker is ideal for small sized gathering with its two racks with chrome plating. You can also make adjustments to the racks according to the size of food that you are placing in it. The heat indicator also displays a full temperature range and you can easily cook a variety of recipes with this little fella.
  • There are two side handles for easy gripping and transportation while the front door handle has a spring wire that is cool to touch. The door also boasts a high-quality latch system to keep the inside of the smoker properly insulated during the cooks.
  • Its water pan is coated with porcelain along with the woodchip tray. The weight of this smoker is just around 35 pounds so you can easily move it around too. The compact size of this smoker also ensures that you can take it away on your outdoor picnics too. The only thing that you will need for that is a good quality power source and you are done.
  • If you are looking for one of the best electric BBQ smokers then you don’t need to look any further. This barrel-shaped smoker will provide you with some brilliant tasting food with minimal effort. This smoker offers a pretty decent cooking space of 351 square inches which is good enough for you to place a couple of full-sized chickens. There are two cooking grids with chrome plating and the smoker also features an inbuilt temperature gauge.
  • The design of this smoker is chimney-like and it has a loose fitting. But the doors come tight fitting with a vented lid. This means that the smoker is able to provide a constant flow of new smoke to add the maximum flavor to your food. There is a large water pan with 5.5 quarts capacity and it will keep your cleaning process very simple.
  • The smoker is excellent for slow cooking processes and it will keep your food juicy and tender. The body and the base of this smoker are very easy to lock and you can conveniently transport it from one place to another. This smoker is one of the best choices for you if you do a lot of outdoor cooking.

Electric BBQ Smoker #6:

  • One of the most prized features of grills and smokers from Pit Boss is that they also offer you expert assembling services. Of course, you can also opt out if you want but the company is willing to help you if in case you need a helping hand.
  • One of the best features of this smoker is that it comes with a digital panel for controlling the smoker. This LED panel is very easy to read even from a distance. The smoker provides you with a cooking surface of 593 square inches and there are three different cooking racks with porcelain coating. This means that you are able to cook a good amount of food for a medium sized gathering. The porcelain coating ensures that your food is healthy.
  • Its double-walled insulation ensures that the smoke and flavor stay inside your food and it also makes sure that the smoker’s interior doesn’t waste any temperature or heat as well. There is a large window on the wall for viewing the food without opening the door and it is very easy to open with one hand.


To sum it all up we would like to say that the best electric BBQ smoker is the 20071117 from Masterbuilt. There are plenty of reasons to love this smoker. It will continue to perform for a long time to come. You can make food for a sizeable gathering and can also move it around with ease. The digital control panel of this smoker allows you to see the temperature without any issue. Furthermore, the chrome plated racks of this smoker keep the cleaning process as convenient as you can imagine.

We hope that you have found this post very interesting. What do you think of our best electric BBQ smoker list? Have you used any one of them? What was your experience? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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