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Get an Electric Smoker with a Remote Control in 2022

Best electric smoker with remote

The smoking process requires long hours, and it has been that way for long years. But with the advancements made today, you don’t need to hover over the cooking process all the time to supervise the progress or to add wood chips.

This time, you can enjoy the convenience of the smoking process by choosing the best electric smoker with remote. When it comes to comfort and supervision, it is much easier to smoke with one of them without direct supervision as you could monitor the smoking process through your smartphone.

The Top 5 Electric Smoker with Remote in 2022

Electric SmokerDimensionsWeightCooking spacePrice
Masterbuilt Bluetooth Smart Digital Electric Smoker20.9x20.1x31.9 in53.7 lbs.721 square in Check Price
Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker16.5x18.1x32.5 in50 lbs.725 square in Check Price
Green Mountain Davy Crockett Grill/Smoker13.5x22x32 in57 lbs.219 square in Check Price
Bradley Smokers BS916 Electric Smoker41x21x17 in20 lbs.780 square in Check Price
Masterbuilt Bluetooth Electric SmokerN/A24 lbs.972 square in Check Price
  • Smoking isn’t like any other cooking process because it needs a certain degree of patience during the process, but fret not, Masterbuilt has made smoking much more convenient and functional.
  • You’ll be grateful for the handheld device remote control that makes it much more convenient to manage your digital electric smoker. An integrated Bluetooth Smart Technology is embedded within a remote control. With the Bluetooth Smart Technology, you can turn the technology on or off, monitor and control cooking temperature and time, operate the food light and monitor the internal meat temperature. You can all perform these processes directly from your smartphone.
  • The integrated thermostat is made for even and consistent smoking temperature. It also includes high output LED lights that will illuminate the food in low light. The front control panel is designed to be more flexible as you allocate the top of the smoker for more space intended for preparation.
  • Weighing 53.7 pounds with dimensions of 20.9 x 20.1 x 31.9 inches, cook a variety of ingredients by scattering on the 4 chrome-coated smoking racks with cooking space measuring 721 square inches.
  • It is easy to clean-up after use with its removable water pan, drip pan, wood chip tray, and front access grease pan. It also includes top air damper for smoke control and retains heat made possible with the adjustable door latch. It is working with an 800-watt heating element and you can also move it around easily with the rear-mounted handle and wheels.
  • Smoking could also be treated as a hobby, a hobby that fills the stomach. If you take the smoking process seriously then the Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker is the one suitable for you as it combines functionality and innovation that would permit you to cook for large groups.
  • Weighing 50 pounds with dimensions of 16.5 x 18.1 x 32.5 inches, you could assert complete control over the smoking process via the fire access doors and air dampers. Cook a variety of ingredients on the smoking racks that provide a generous cooking space measuring 725 square inches over three different cooking grates.
  • With the remote control, you can monitor the smoking process of the food, track real-time temperatures, and receive notifications about your progress. With the insulated double-wall construction, you can assure that the heat will remain in the food.
  • Another feature that the Char-Broil electric smoker provides is its efficient box that could be used to fill more wood chips, ten times more efficient compared to leading electric smokers. Don’t worry about burning your food because the smoker has a built-in error free feature that turns off the smoker when you are done with smoking, but the food will be kept warm until it is ready to be served. This is made possible through the locking latch with a smoke tight seal. With the heat remaining intact, it would indirectly cook your meal to a juicy perfection.
  • Eliminate guessing when it comes to reading the control panel, because of the easy-read, blue LED display makes it an easy work. You can move it around easily with its wheels and integrated handle for portability.
  • With the new design, the Green Mountain Grill Davy Crockett Grill/Smoker is now improved to assist you in your smoking needs and solving more smoking problems than ever before. It is said to be the ultimate portable grill that you can take wherever you go.
  • It is dubbed as the ultimate portable grill because it features folded legs that double as handles and you could connect your grill remotely through the GMG Server Mode to control and monitor the grilling process.
  • Weighing 57 pounds, the grill comes with a digital WIFI Controller to monitor through an iPhone or Android mobile application. It includes a meat probe and a peaked lid for various ingredients. It also features a convenience tray with utensil hooks where you could hang your tools.
  • Aside from the WIFI controller, it comes with a thermal sensor which is made to consistently monitor the temperature. It runs on 12V or 120AC, so you could take it anywhere, such as to camping, tailgating, hunting, and etc.
  • It is convenient to clean it up after use with its Single Grease Tray that collects grease. It is important to monitor the grease built-up if you want your unit to last for a long time. It also includes a Pellethead Durable All-Weather Cover as an additional accessory.

Electric Smoker with Remote #4:

  • The Bradley Smokers brand is one of the leading manufacturers in the smoker industry, and as the years progress, it has enhanced its features and functions. It has improved through years of advancement.
  • Weighing 20 pounds with dimensions of 41 x 21 x 17 inches, it includes 6 racks that provide generous cooking space measuring 780 square inches. This way, you could cook a variety of ingredients.
  • It promotes versatility and innovation with the smoke technology that enables you to connect and control the smoker through your Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and tablets.
  • It also includes a larger capacity smokehouse that could accommodate 10 racks of food, making it more ideal when it comes to preparing food for many people. Measure the heat immediately with advance monitoring made possible by the removable, color-coded temperature probes.
  • Move it easily with its 4 adjustable feet and 2 optional wheels. Upon purchase, you’ll also be receiving a recipe booklet.

Electric Smoker with Remote #5:

  • Smoking is made easier with this Bluetooth Electric Smoker that comes with Bluetooth technology and patented Side Wood Chip loading system.
  • Masterbuilt has been trusted thoroughly for many years. This has motivated them to create more products that everyone would appeal to. Weighing 24 pounds, you could control the cooking process by using your smart device as a remote control for smoking meat. It also includes a built-in meat probe thermometer to guarantee successful results all the time.

Bluetooth technology is in

You can now work and smoke food simultaneously at home. This is made possible by the Bluetooth technology that enables you to control and monitor the cooking process even without direct supervision. Enjoy the pleasure of smoking with this innovative technology!

And what will be the best electric smoker with a remote in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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