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Best Indoor Electric Smokers in 2022

Best indoor electric smoker

Smoking food is a common method of preparing food to add in some extra flavor. Most people like to smoke their food outdoors; however, some prefer to do it indoors. The environments in both conditions are different. Smoking food inside can be dangerous which is why you have to be extra careful while smoking inside otherwise it can go really bad very fast.

Indoor electric smokers are an innovative invention that combines all features of a traditional smoker and optimizes those features to fit the needs of the indoors. These smokers are the best if you live in an apartment or any place without a garden or backyard.

Why should I buy an indoor sized smoker?

The main reason for buying an indoor sized smoker should firstly be the size of course. A traditional smoker is large and needs a garage or a backyard to be stored. With an indoor sized smoker, you’ll have much more space as it comes in a compact form. Not only this, but an indoor electric smoker also uses fewer utilities and less wood than a traditional electric smoker. Lastly, an indoor electric smoker generates lesser smoke which makes it easier to use indoors as you don’t want yourself to suffocate.

We have compiled a list of the best indoor electric smokers for you. When venturing out to find the best indoor electric smoker, it can be a problem. But you don’t need to worry about choosing because we have done it for you already.

The Top 6 Indoor Electric Smoker in 2022

Electric SmokerEnergy OutputWeightCooking SpacePrice
Emson Smoker, Indoor Pressure Smoker1000 W107. lbs.400 sq. in. Check Price
Oster Smoker Roaster Oven1450 W16.3 lbs.350 sq. in. Check Price
Pit Boss Digital Electric Vertical Smoker1650 W58 lbs.593 sq. in. Check Price
Royal Gourmet 28 Inch Electric Smoker1500 W48.5 lbs.490 sq. in. Check Price
Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker1500 W39.34 lbs.700 sq. in. Check Price
Masterbuilt Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker800 W75.6 lbs.730 sq. in. Check Price

Indoor Electric Smoker #1:

  • The Emson Smoker is one of the best indoor electric smokers because of the durability and versatility it provides. The Emson Smoker is made from industrial grade stainless steel. This industrial grade steel makes the indoor electric smoker sturdy and unlikely to get any kind of rust or dent.
  • Unlike most indoor electric smokers, the Emson Smoker features fully digital features which make it easier for users to use. The digital control panel on the front of the electric smoker is perhaps its most useful feature. The control panel has all smoking controls as well as pressure cooker settings. All of these features will make for the best tasting barbecue that you could ever produce indoors.
  • The Emson Smoker is versatile as well. It not only smokes, but it can also sear, cook and cold smoke the meat. This is one of the best indoor electric smokers for all kinds of meat. You can use it to make sausages, kebabs, steaks, and meatballs as well.
  • Compared to other indoor electric smokers, the Emson Smoker consumes lesser electricity and reduces your electricity bill as well. You can use it for longer hours without having to worry about power consumption. Rated at 1000 watts of power, the Emson Smoker is energy efficient and hence suitable for indoor use.
  • One other advantage that this electric smoker has over traditional smokers is the cooking time. The Emson Smoker reduces cooking times of several kinds of meat and cuts by over 50 percent. This is a great feature if you’re looking for faster cooking times on smaller and versatile smokers.
  • For the best indoor electric smoker that is also portable, we would highly recommend using the Oster Electric Indoor Smoker. The compact size of the product makes it easy on you to carry it from one place to another. The compact size also makes it easier for you to store the electric indoor smoker in your kitchen or wherever you wish to store it.
  • The Oster Electric Indoor Smoker is a versatile device that can work as a slow cooker as well. The options are available on the highly accessible and convenient digital touchpad. You can choose either cold smoke or hot smoke. It all depends on what you want and the smoker will do just that. It can even act as a pressure cooker for you.
  • The feature which we liked best on this product is the combo mode. The Combo Mode makes it possible for you to infuse the smoke onto the meat and cook the meat as well. This simultaneous action is suitably perfect for all kinds of larger cuts of meat such as loin or shoulder cuts.
  • This is also a smart device as it can sense when the heat or smoke is enough and then accordingly it either shuts down the smoking action or amplifies it. Other than that, the digital timer included with the device shuts off the device whenever the time gets elapsed.

Indoor Electric Smoker #3:

  • If you like more control over the grills and smokers, then the Pit Boss Grills Digital Smoker is definitely the best indoor electric smoker for you. It features a digital control panel and an LED readout which makes it easier for you to use. The digital controls make for easier operation as you can just feed in the settings in a clear and easier way as compared to other smokers which may include outdated dials.
  • The Pit Boss Grills Digital Smoker is made to be durable. The double walled indoor electric smoker is built to be sturdy and resilient to all kinds of damages such as dents, scratches, and rust. Not only that, the blanket insulation which covers the entire smoker makes it easier for you to cook all the kinds of food you like without having to worry about heating up.
  • The high-temperature door seal makes for a great insulation protection layer as well. Because of this, heat does not escape the electric smoker. This adds an additional layer to protect from heat and smoke. This means that you don’t have to worry about protecting the house or the kitchen itself from heat or smoke.
  • The programmable meat probe included in the Pit Boss Grills Digital Smoker helps to monitor the temperature of the meat and vegetables. The redesigned wrap-around design of the electric indoor smoker allows you to increase the smoke in the electric indoor smoker. This is an easy way for you to cook your meals quicker than usual.

Indoor Electric Smoker #4:

  • The Royal Gourmet 28 Inch Electric Smoker is one of the best indoor electric smokers in terms of versatility. It includes a 1500-watt heating element, which when combined with the fully adjustable temperature control makes for a great smoker and cooker. The chrome-coated racks included in the Royal Gourmet Electric Smoker are divided into three parts which makes it easier for you to smoke multiple types of meat at the same time.
  • The Royal Gourmet 28 Inch Electric Smoker also includes a replaceable aluminum oil pan. This pan makes it easy to collect oil from the electric smoker. This means that you can rest assured that there will be no oil build up in the smoker and you won’t have to manually clean it up later.
  • This product offers a lot of cooking space. With 490 sq. inches of cooking space, the smoker offers a great cooking area for you to cook your food without having to worry about where you will put the food and cook it. The three chrome-coated racks in the electric smoker are adjustable and can be made to be 4 levels for your own need or comfort.
  • This indoor smoker also features a lidded chips box. You can fill in all the wood chips or whatever kind of chips into the lidded box in order to build up smoke or steam in the smoker. Water can also be conveniently added from a special water pan.

Indoor Electric Smoker #5:

  • The Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker is definitely one of the best electric indoor smokers in terms of durability. It is made from industrial grade stainless steel. This stainless steel makes the smoker durable as well as resilient to any kind of damage such as dust or dents. The product also features an efficient insulation wall present on the outer lining of the smoker. This efficient insulation wall prevents any heat from escaping the smoker and into the surroundings.
  • The digital panel present on the electric smoker makes it easier for you to control several features on the indoor smoker such as temperature, cooking time, smoke levels and so on. This indoor electric smoker provides a lot of control over the several features on the product making you feel like you are definitely the one in charge of the whole process.
  • Another handy feature which we liked a lot is the patented side chip loading system which makes it convenient for you to load the chips into the smoker without having to open the smoker door at all. This can be very convenient when you’re trying to cook meat which requires that perfect cooking temperature. Opening the smoker door can disrupt the temperature inside and make your meal taste bland.
  • The adjustable air damper makes for a great control option for the smoke. The air damper makes it so that you don’t have to worry much about getting the smoke to build up more as the air damper control option does that for you at the press of a simple button.

Indoor Electric Smoker #6:

  • If you want to have more cooking area, then the Masterbuilt 30-Inch Smoker is the best indoor electric smoker for you. With 730 sq inches of cooking area, the product offers a lot of space. The chrome-coated racks are present inside the smoker which makes it easy for you to place your food inside. The different levels of chrome racks make it easy for you to cook several kinds of meat or vegetables simultaneously.
  • The Masterbuilt 30-Inch Electric Smoker is also energy efficient as the heating element’s power output is 800 watts only. This helps you save up on your electricity or power bill and save electricity. Not only that, but this product also features a smart system where you don’t have to open the smoker door to add in the chips. A special tray can be used to add or remove chips. So you don’t have to wait for the smoke or heat to build up again. And you also don’t have to worry about the smoke or heat entering the room.
  • The thermostat control temperature is versatile and wide. It offers a temperature range from 100 degrees F to 270 degrees F for even cooking on all sides. The removable drip pan present on the bottom of the smoker makes it easy for you to clean your electric smoker without the need to do it manually. The top air damper featured on this device conveniently increases the smoke in order to get that flavor that you need.

Wrap up

With all of these reviews in light, we have decided that the Pit Boss Grills Digital Smoker is definitely the best indoor electric smoker out of all. While the other smokers are also one of the best indoor electric smokers present on the market, the Pit Boss Grills Digital Smoker stands out for its control features which let you control several aspects of the smoker. The versatility and energy efficient nature of the smoker also makes it the best for you to use indoors without any worry of extra bills or extra tools.

And what will be the best indoor electric smoker in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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