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Best Mini Electric Smokers in 2022

Best mini electric smoker

Usually, making BBQ or smoking food is a hassle due to the large size of the equipment and other preparation factors. People don’t even want to keep it in their homes. Mini electric smokers are the next best thing for people who are new to the art of cooking and smoking food. For seasoned cooks, it is an even better and convenient option.

These mini cookers are small in size and are portable. They are used in households where the demand for smoked food is less. Rest assured these mini grills are not suitable for commercial use at all.

Here’s a review of the 5 best mini electric smokers.

Why mini electric smokers are useful?

Mini smokers are extremely useful because they require very little space to function. Due to their small size, it is easy to carry them around. Their legs are foldable so they can be set up anywhere.

Another good thing about these smokers is that they have heat resistant handles, which means that you can move them while they are still cooking.

Some models offer a lot of space so you can smoke more than one dish at a time. They are lightweight and sturdy. You don’t need to do any technical assembly of the product.

Once you are done using it, storing it isn’t a problem either. Due to this reason, taking a smoker along with you for a trip is not that difficult either. You can use it anywhere with a power supply.

The Top 5 Mini Electric Smokers in 2022

  • The Masterbuilt MB20073716 mini electric smoker makes it to our list due to its large capacity. It looks small but when you take a look inside you will realize that you can easily fit in a dinner for four people in it for smoking.
  • The smoker has a 1,400 watt heating element, and to set it up you need a power source nearby. It comes with 2 chrome-coated smoking racks that can slide out for your convenience. It also has small metal containers, as well, for putting the wood chips in.
  • To make your experience with smoking even better, there is a built-in temperature gauge. The external analog temperature control is also present for you to set the temperature you want. The dial is easy to manipulate.
  • Cleaning of such equipment can be tricky, but all the accessories can be removed so you can wash them and the interior needs to be cleaned gently. It is recommended that you use hot water and apple cider vinegar solution. When you are cleaning, the best thing to use is a soft sponge.
  • The foldable legs of the smoker come in handy. They keep the hot bottom of the smoker away from surfaces. This means if you smoking in your backyard you won’t end up burning your grass with the heat it emits. The legs can be folded up once you are done using the smoker.

Mini Electric Smoker #2:

  • Char-Broil Analog Mini /Electric Smoker makes it to our list due to its quality and look. It has a high quality, double-wall insulated construction. It also has two exhaust ports that allow excessive smoke and heat to go out. The four solid legs allow the bottom to stay away from the surface it is placed on to avoid damage. It has a sleek, solid, black metal look.
  • The inside contains a large capacity to cook enough food for a big family. It has a set of three chrome-coated smoking racks that provide ample space for not just your meat dishes but also vegetables you want to serve on the side.
  • The other electric smokers in the market have smaller wood chip boxes but this one has a large capacity wood chip box for a couple of hours supply of smoke. This also means you don’t need to refill it again and again. It also has a water pan so that the meat doesn’t dry up. The metal used for the boxes is also of high quality.
  • The smoker uses a 1,200 watt heating element that provides ample heat for smoking large amounts of food. The smoker provides you with an improved temperature controlling system which is easy to use. The door has a double lock, therefore, the safety of your family has been thought about.

Mini Electric Smoker #3:

  • This mini electric smoker makes it to our list due to its lightweight and large capacity. The smoker offers about 15-pound capacity. This unit is built with aluminum, which is why it is lightweight yet sturdy.
  • The smoker opens from the top and has a one-piece grill set with three racks and a metal tray at the end. The racks can be removed and slid out for cleaning convenience.
  • This smoker comes with a pack of wood chips that will last you for a long time. It also has a non-stick pan and a power lead in its packaging.
  • This is a long-lasting piece of equipment that can be easily carried around. It is great for outdoor use and comes in handy for taking it along to travel, given that your travel destination has a power source.

Mini Electric Smoker #4:

  • This mini electric smoker makes it to our list due to its compact design. This rectangular smoker has a black metallic finish. It has ample space for two whole turkeys. The design includes a full range heat indicator to conveniently report if your food is done.
  • The food smoker has a 1,500 watt heating element that is capable of temperature control. The inside has a capacity of 1.3 cubic feet of cooking capacity and has two chrome-plated cooking grids. They can be placed at different heights depending on your food needs.
  • The door has a very strong latching system. The cool-touch spring wire door and side handles allow safety from burning your hand. It comes with a porcelain-coated water pan and chip tray. This sturdy smoker is a bit on the heavy side and might be a hassle to move around.
  • This smoker makes it to our list due to its SmartChef technology because it provides you with the convenience of monitoring the internal temperature of the cooking chamber. This is a WiFi-enabled product which allows you to connect it through the SmartChef App.
  • The SmartChef gives prompts when the smoker has been preheated and also when the cooking is complete. This feature is perfect for those who put in the food and literally forget about it. You also keep getting real-time updates on how much longer the food needs to be cooked by the food probe it comes with.
  • The interface is very user-friendly. The Start/Stop button is easy to operate. It also has 3 presets. It gives the options of slowly cooking or cooking at a high heat depending on what dish you are cooking.
  • The smoke flavor can be varied with the wooden chips. You can make it smokier if you insert more wood chips into the external tray. This smoker comes with a very helpful installation guide and usage instructions. It is easy for you to figure out and in case you don’t know how to do something you can always call the customer-friendly helpline.


Most of the users of today seem satisfied with the mini electric smokers because they are lightweight and easy to carry around. The best one out of them all is the Char-Broil Simple Smoker with SmartChef Technology.

It provides users with a variety of features that aren’t available in other products. It gives real-time updates on how much the food has been cooked. Ease of installation and simple functions makes it easy to use.

And what will be the best mini electric smoker in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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