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Best Wi-Fi Electric Smokers in 2022

Best wifi electric smoker

If you are looking for a Wi-Fi electric smoker, then you are really into the Internet-of-Things. And without a shadow of a doubt, having a smoker equipped with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology is truly a blessing. Imagine using your smartphone to make adjustments to the control of your smoker without leaving the set.

It really tells you that you are in the 21st century. Your smoker will send you all the alerts about the steak that you have put in it while you are doing your grocery. This is truly something that we all tech dorks need!

We have put together our reviews of the top 5 best Wi-Fi electric smokers for your assistance… So here we go!

Remote monitoring smoker

The obvious benefit is that it enables you to multitask for real. For instance, you can leave your meat in the smoker and do whatever is on your to-do list. With a Wi-Fi connection, the range gets much larger, but the efficacy of the entire networking operation remains the same.

Your smoker will continue to provide you with all the notifications regarding the current temperature and all other settings right on your smartphone. It will also notify you about when to add your wood chips and your meat into the smoker after preheating. Moreover, the smoker can also keep the temperature steady for holding purpose after the cooking process is complete.

You can also take control and make adjustments to the settings remotely according to the current condition of your food.

The Top 5 Wi-Fi Electric Smokers in 2022

Wi-Fi Electric Smoker #1:

  • The 130P digital smoker from Masterbuilt is equipped with Bluetooth technology. You can access all the controls using your smartphone. Remotely, you can easily turn your smoker on or off and can also monitor the temperature with ease.
  • The smoker is equipped with an inbuilt meat probe temperature gauge with which you get all the readings accurately. It provides you with the best cooking results all the time with precision. Masterbuilt has used a high-quality heating element that has its patent-pending, and it will start broiling and finishes up the recipes right as per the set time.
  • There are four different racks in the smoker, and they have chrome plating on them. This plating ensures that the food doesn’t stick to the grates and also remain easy to clean when you are done with your cooking.
  • You’ll find a notched rack where you can place the pan specially designed for this smoker. The patented system for the loading of wood chips allows you to place them without opening any door.

Wi-Fi Electric Smoker #2:

  • The Davy Crockett comes with Wi-Fi technology. Plus, there is Green Mountain Grills’ very own Sense-Mate, which is a heat sensor that can consistently monitor the temperature inside the smoker. One of the top features of this smoker is that it has a portable design and you can fold its legs and turn them into handles.
  • This is the smoker that is best for you if you do a lot of tailgating. The design of this smoker ensures that all your food get proper airflow throughout the cooking time. And with Wi-Fi, you are able to control the proceedings even if you are not around the smoker.
  • Just set the time for the smoker as per the requirements of the recipe and leave it. You can always use your smartphone to keep an eye on the food that you have placed in it. You will continue to get all the notifications on your phone as long your device, and the smoker has internet access.

Wi-Fi Electric Smoker #3:

  • The BS19 Wi-Fi electric smoker is a premium quality unit that originally comes with 6 cooking racks, but you can buy four additional racks to a total of 10! That is a remarkably large cooking capacity.
  • The unit is equipped with smart technology, and you can easily access all the controls using your phone. There are two color-coded temperature probes, which are removable. They allow you an advanced heat monitoring of different areas of the smoker.
  • There are several other Bradley products, which you can buy along with your smoker. For example, a foldable cart that allows you to store your smoker with ease. You can also purchase a Master Pack from Bradley. This will include all the accessories that you need to use your smoker and to smoke your food conveniently. There are different types of hooks and jerky racks. Apart from that, you can also get your very own Carving Kit from Bradley. It will enable you to handle your meat easily. You don’t need to work with your kitchen knives because this kit is specifically designed to handle meat. Furthermore, you can buy a sausage rack if you want that will allow you to do the sausages more effectively, or non-stick mats to place your food freshly taken out of the smoker. The cold smoke adaptor that also comes from Bradley is exceptional. It will link up the smoke tower with your generator using an aluminum tube and will cool the smoke down before it reaches your food.
  • Char-Broil is one of the best brands to go for when you are looking to buy a Wi-Fi smart smoker. Their SmartChef technology is truly one of a kind. The smartphone app for this feature is very user-friendly and provides you with information regarding various cooking events.
  • You can easily monitor the internal temperature of your meat and the remaining cooking time for it. You can also check the internal temperature of the chamber at any time. The cooking surface that this smoker has is 725 square inches, and there are four racks with chrome plating.
  • So, with this smoker, you are good to go with any types of cookouts. The smoker box in this unit can produce six and a half hours of smoke, and you can get all the smoke that you require with just one fill.
  • SmartChef Technology gives you the freedom of multitasking in a practical way. You’ll consistently get scrumptious food without standing for hours in front of your smoker. This WiFi-enabled smoker sets you free to enjoy with your family while it is preparing food for you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned BBQ smoker, it provides convenience for both.

Wi-Fi Electric Smoker #5:

  • The 430S smoker from Masterbuilt has a really great customized smoking feature. With these features, you are able to control the smoke level with five different settings. These settings are entirely different from the cooking time and really put you in the driver’s seat as to how much smoky flavor you need in your food.
  • This unit also comes with Bluetooth technology, and using it; the smoker connects with your smartphone. It allows you to monitor all the aspects using your device with convenience. These include power on or off, chamber temperature, food temperature, and time.
  • There are casters and a rear handle which allow you to move your smoker with convenience.
  • The smoker is ready for you to accessorize it with rotisserie shelves on the side. Additionally, you can also add other accessories too, but you have to buy them separately.


The winner of this roundup is the MES 130P smoker from Masterbuilt. It features Bluetooth technology with which it connects with your smartphone. The smoker can provide you with all kinds of alerts regarding various cooking events in a timely fashion. And you can control all the features of this smoker remotely without any issues using your smartphone.

A Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled electric smoker is truly something to have in your kitchen, especially if you host a lot of gatherings. This feature will enable you to take care of other chores while the smoker prepares your food. It’s a real time saver!

Have you used a smart smoker before? How did it work out for you? Let’s hear your side of the story!

And what will be the best wi-fi electric smoker in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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