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Barbecue Recipe Books as Go-to Guides in 2021

Best bbq recipe book

The best BBQ recipe book doesn’t only compile various recipes, it also provides different classic wisdom on perfecting the art of cooking barbecue. Choose from one of these recipe books that you can avail. What makes each recipe book special is the exclusive touch of each pitmaster that has created the book according to their journey and preference. Accordingly, if you haven’t learned how to cook by heart then consult a book to learn it directly. Let me show you the 5 best recipe books.

The Top 5 Best Barbecue Recipe Book in 2021

Recipe BookProduct DimensionsWeightNo. of pagesPrice
Operation BBQ: 200 Smokin' Recipes8 x 0.9 x 9.1 in2.4 pounds352 pages Check Price
Smokin' with Myron Mixon: Recipes Made Simple7.4 x 0.4 x 9.1 in1.2 pounds192 pages Check Price
A Barbecue Bible! Cookbook8 x 1.1 x 9.2 in3.3 pounds512 pages Check Price
Big Bob Gibson's BBQ Book8 x 0.7 x 10.3 in1.9 pounds256 pages Check Price
Barbecue Cookbook (with Recipe Journal)6 x 0.6 x 9 in12.8 ounces262 pages Check Price

Barbecue Recipe Book #1:

  • Unsung heroes have compiled a variety of BBQ dishes that would impress various people anywhere. The recipes in this book are written by heroes who volunteered for disaster relief efforts across America. Aside from compiling mouth-watering recipes, these volunteers also helped in emergency responses when it came to evacuating people in disaster-stricken areas.
  • In this recipe book, the much appreciated pitmasters are not only sharing their exclusive recipes, but they are also revealing their stories of their journey as a pitmaster. The recipe book will guide you through in performing the barbecuing process even if you’re just starting out. It has a friendly approach to beginners. This is a perfect companion for you as you’re wielding tongs at the backyard. You can learn many recipes from the book such as how to create the best baby back ribs, burgers, steaks, skewers, salmon, and various desserts that could be accommodated in a grill.
  • The best thing about this recipe book is that it isn’t just a mere compilation of recipes, but a chronicle of how barbecuing could bring families together over disasters. Cook while reading the many tales of these pitmasters who are taking their barbecue recipes from their backyards to the ones who need it the most in the world.
  • This recipe book will teach you a classic wisdom straight from a great pitmaster. It emphasizes the rule of keeping grilling simple to produce great results. This great pitmaster is Myron Mixon who has won various trophies and prized money for grilling. Being a pitmaster has been ingrained in Mixon since his childhood. This is because he was learning the art of barbecuing from his father. Later in his life, he expanded his parents’ sauce business named as Jack’s Old South. He has gone out to become an esteemed leader of the winningest team in barbecue competitions. Due to this reputation, this recipe book has been well-regarded as reliable and sensible.
  • With three world championships and 180 grand championships under his belt, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Mixon combines his killer instinct and killer recipes in the process. We could assume that it doesn’t only take talent but also perseverance and bravery to become a pitmaster. This recipe book will surely teach you many things about being a great pitmaster because it doesn’t only reveal award-winning recipes but also tiny bits of priceless wisdom once in a while.
  • You’d be delighted with this recipe book as it contains multiple pages with full on colors containing various step-by-step photographs to perform the process while being visually guided. Photographs are helpful visual aids in the process. The recipe book actually tells and then shows, so it adjusts to you being a learner.
  • The recipe book doesn’t scrimp on its photographs as it reveals about a thousand full-color photographs and shows you a hundred techniques. These techniques include setting up the three-tiered fire and also grilling various dishes such as pork and chicken. You can smoke ribs and create burgers with this recipe book or even grill pizzas if you’d prefer.
  • This recipe book is bringing 100 new and exclusive recipes such as beef ribs and rosemary-grilled scallops. It also provides different tips for you to enhance your process.
  • The recipe book is written by no other than Steven Raichlen who will show and tell you how to build the right fire and how to grill perfectly different kinds of food. Serve your family and friends with delightful barbecue dishes coming from this recipe book. You are in good company with Mr. Raichlen who took years in mastering the art of grilling.
  • A world-champion pitmaster and an exclusive chef would seldom reveal his secrets, so we are lucky to actually be reading long-held family secrets. The author of this recipe book is no other than Chris Lilly, the executive chef of Alabama’s Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q. The chef has given us the privilege to learn about his family’s pure barbecue tradition. The best thing about this recipe book is that it will thoroughly guide you from top to bottom in performing the process.
  • Lilly has covered the process that will guide you through from selecting wood to preparing the seasoning. The recipe book reveals essential tips on temperature gauge and even how to position certain portions of the food on the grill.
  • It answers your questions on how to create the perfect barbecue. According to the recipe book, a perfect barbecue is tender and moist. The recipes by Lilly mostly concentrates on slow cooking. It doesn’t only concentrate on the meat. It also includes recipes for creating tomato sauce and marinating mushrooms. Other areas of the book include beef, pork, and chicken recipes. The recipe book contains 75 full-color pictures that will be helpful visualizing the process.
  • This recipe book has helped many people overcome different challenges especially when it comes to health. The author, Samantha Michaels, has provided recipes that will eventually help you lose some weight while at the same time you can enjoy eating good food. Just because you want to lose some weight, you don’t have to stop eating delicious dishes.
  • With this recipe book, you’ll enjoy amazing and healthy recipes without compromising on your diet goals. Michaels is a lover of good food and spends a lot of time helping people with their diet challenges. Her programs have helped various people who are experiencing some weight problems.
  • In this regard, she has compiled about 140 delicious barbecue meat recipes that have been inspired by various cultures. Aside from health techniques, it will also guide you in a step-by-step way. And to make it even better, it is accompanied by a journal.

Recipe books for the perfect barbecue

All of these recipe books have been intended for a particular audience who would want to create the perfect barbecue based on their preference. Choose wisely on which recipe book will you get as a companion for your grilling.

And what will be the best barbecue recipe book in 2022? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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