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Best Korean Cookbooks in 2021

Best korean cookbook

Cooking food is more of an art than a chore these days. So much culture and passion are involved in food these days. However, if you do not enjoy the authenticity of these foods, you may be missing out.

Of course, everyone can’t move about country to country for different foods. Due to this reason cookbooks have become popular. Keeping this in mind, we bring you the best Korean cookbooks of all time. Each of these has several different recipes and authenticity.

Take a look at each of them to make your kitchen time more Korean authentic and enjoy festive dinner parties.

Which cookbook is suitable for whom?

Imagine getting food all around the world in its authenticity in the comfort of your own kitchen. Having the right cookbook is important because it helps in ensuring that you have a guide to making the food perfectly.

However, the best Korean cookbooks specifically, are for those that want to achieve authentic foods without having to spend a fortune traveling to Korea.

The Korean barbecue cookbooks are suitable for those who are tired of traditional American barbecue and would want a splash of newness to their cuisine.

One of the books that we review down below is a dedication to Korean Kimchis. Kimchis are a must on almost every Korean table, and getting them right is not as hard as it seems.

The Top 6 Best Korean Cookbooks in 2021

Korean CookbookNo of recipesNumber of pagesProduct DimensionsWeightPrice
Korean BBQ80240 pages7.6 x 0.9 x 9.5 in2.1 pounds Check Price
Maangchi's Real Korean Cooking100+320 pages7.9 x 1.1 x 10 in2.4 pounds Check Price
Seoul Food Korean Cookbook135232 pages7.5 x 0.6 x 9.2 in7.8 ounces Check Price
The Korean Kimchi Cookbook78128 pages10.4 x 0.6 x 8.4 in1.3 pounds Check Price
Easy Korean Cookbook50+152 pages5 x 0.4 x 8 in4.5 ounces Check Price
Cook Korean!64176 pages7 x 0.6 x 10 in1.2 pounds Check Price

Korean Cookbook #1:

  • Want to make the delicious and authentic Korean barbecue at home? This cookbook is everything that you need.
  • Authors Bill Kim and Chandra Ram come together to make Korean barbecue much easier than you think. With 80 recipes in this cookbook, there is no need to worry about a good barbecue and be in the limelight.
  • If you and your guests are a little more into a Korean barbecue with an American flavor, then this cookbook has your back as well. There are plenty of different fusion barbecue recipes that make it one of the best cookbooks in an entirety.
  • To make a balance, there is a section to help you understand the basics of the Korean barbecue. Once you have that in hand, the recipes help you make them friendly to the American taste.
  • There are seven basic sauce recipes you can master. These sauces are the foundation from which almost any barbecue recipe is incomplete. There are barbecue sides, mains, desserts, and drinks in this entire cookbook for the ultimate experience and guide.
  • So overall, no matter who you serve in your backyard, this cookbook will help you please everyone. From meats to vegetables, everything is available in this book. There are about 240 pages in a hardcover of this book. The concise, straightforward, and simple language helps the book in standing out.
  • Maangchi’s Real Korean Cooking is an authentic cooking guide for home-cooked Korean meals. This hardcover book will help you reach out to your roots if you are Korean. It contains several recipes that will take you back to a time when you could smell your grandmother’s cooking and enjoy that taste.
  • It is also for people that love Korean food in general and would like to taste authentic Korean food instead of a mix and match Korean with the chef’s choice.
  • Maangchi is often known as the second Julia Child. She wrote this book to celebrate authentic Korean food, which is not very complicated. With a few basic and easy ingredients, it is easy to make this food at home and get it right every time. There are about 800 photos that make this book out of this world.
  • This recipe book has a separate section for pickles and kimchis; every Korean table is incomplete without them. Each recipe is a step by step direction and has photos to help you get a better guide. You will also find many different substitutes on different steps. All this to ensure that cooking is an enjoyable art rather than a nuisance for you. With about 320 pages, this book is all you need to enjoy authentic Korean food at home.

Korean Cookbook #3:

  • When you think of authentic Korean food, then Seoul is never left behind. If you are Korean then all the amazing and nostalgic childhood recipes are packed into one book and will take you back home. You can get this book in a paperback version or hardcover version as per your preferences.
  • Naomi Imatome-Yun is a food writer that brings about magic in this book. Her background in cooking with her grandmother helps make each recipe in this book authentic and well versed.
  • There are up to 135 recipes in this book. These include Korean barbecues, Kimchis, bar foods, and much more. All of these in a step by step guide to help you achieve the final dish in an ample flavor.
  • If you are hoping to find a fusion of Korean and American taste, unfortunately, this book will not give that. However, for people trying to impress their guests, this cookbook will serve as the perfect guide so it’s really worth trying.
  • With 232 pages, this Korean cookbook is more of a guide. It has a section telling you all the staples that you need in your kitchen if you opt to cook Korean food often.

Korean Cookbook #4:

  • Korean or not, let’s be honest. Who does not like a good Kimchi in their belly? But did you know there are many ways to make Kimchis? This cookbook is the best Korean cookbook for Kimchis and is a must-have in every household.
  • Since this dish is a great way to add vegetables, probiotics, and other nutrients into your diet, it is a must that it is delicious. To help with this, there are up to 78 different recipes in different taste styles for everyone to enjoy. The authentic taste gives a touch of home to the natives and allows a new way to appreciate Korean food for foreigners.
  • With 128 pages, this sleek book is a must in your kitchen. The recipes are easy to follow and do not require much work. In fact, there are great ideas for unique dinner parties.
  • So if you are one to try something new or you want to try authentic Korean Kimchis, then you are in luck. Now, you get all the authenticity of a Korean kitchen in your own kitchen without any problems.

Korean Cookbook #5:

  • When most of us enter the kitchen, we look for something easy, delicious, and hand on to make. Often this mindset stops us from having delicious food from other cuisines.
  • Chef Maggie Chow brings you one of the best Korean cookbooks for easy cooking and delicious meals every time. This cookbook consists of about more than 50 different recipes that are very easy to accomplish.
  • The authentic Korean cuisine is usually about more flavors with lesser ingredients. The only thing that you need is the right technique. This cookbook is one of the best Korean cookbooks because it gives you exactly that; a step by step guide to making authentic Korean food without having to go nuts in the kitchen.
  • In this cookbook, you will find everything including vegetarian and no vegetarian options. There is some tweaking in the flavors to suit others. However, most of the flavors are authentic and very easy to make. With about 152 pages, this book is a sleek option to keep on your kitchen shelf to make it easy to reach out.
  • Although there are fewer recipes in this book, all of them are authentic and are a selection of the most popular ones in the market. Overall, this cookbook will make your life easier and make your kitchen more Korean.

Korean Cookbook #6:

  • What if you can get a cookbook that is more of a comic? Does it seem unbelievable? Well, believe it because this cookbook is a comic book with recipes. This paperback book is so unique, that it is easily the best Korean cookbook of its kind.
  • Robin Ha is the author and her very creative tone makes this book an attraction to all young and even older cooks in the house.
  • With about 176 pages, this book is not that big. However, it gives you so much to learn other than recipes. There is a section for staples in a Korean kitchen, and other small guides throughout the book. The color and attraction make cooking Korean food more fun.
  • Apart from the colors, this book has pretty authentic recipes. They have a display of neatness and to the point matter. There are about 64 recipes in this book. Each of the recipes has a comic display which makes it more of a guide and an enjoyable read because of its humor.
  • The recipes in this cookbook are traditional Korean and also with tweaks and turns in the authentic recipes. There are also cultural insights and backgrounds to recipes to engage the cook entirely.
  • So overall, there is something for everyone in this cookbook. In fact, it is a New York Times bestseller cookbook. This is for sure one of the best Korean cookbooks that you will ever find and is a must in your kitchen.


After reading this article, you are likely as tempted as us to rush to the kitchen and make and enjoy authentic Korean food. We have reviewed the best Korean cookbooks that will help you in making authentic foods. Additionally, you will also have a chance to tweak the flavors as per your choice because of the guide.

Each of the best Korean cookbooks above is more of a guide so that you have everything in hand. They have several different aspects apart from recipes. It helps you in engaging in the cuisine entirely rather than just cooking and eating.

And what will be the best korean cookbook in 2022? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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