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Best Smoking Meat Books for BBQ Lovers in 2022

Best smoking meat book

Say goodbye to the traditional cookbooks and check out the best smoking meat books in the market. There are so many different aspects to make it succulent, delicious, and most of all flavorsome.

The authors of each of these books are experienced professionals who give more than just recipes; they teach you. Filled with several details, these books will help you bring your A-game.

Check out our compilation of the best and stay tuned till the end for our verdict.

Why is a smoking meat book beneficial?

Every Sunday-barbecue cook knows that the most difficult thing to do is to get the meat right. It is not only fun and games on the grill. It is also one of the most difficult things to do because one element always seems to be missing.

Hence, a suitable option for you is to find the best smoking meat book and take notes and lessons from it. These are cooking guides who tell you about the equipment and all other knicks and knacks that home cooks usually do not know!

The Top 5 Best Smoking Meat Books in 2022

Smoking BookAdditional guideSide dish recipesPrice
A Meat-Smoking Manifesto [A Cookbook]Equipment, firewood, preparationNone Check Price
Smoking Meat: Electric Smoker CookbookRight electric smokersVegetables/ side dips and sauces Check Price
Smoking Meat: The Essential Guide to Real BarbecueCold smokes, tips, and techniques, etcSides Check Price
Smoking Meat 101: The Ultimate Beginner's GuideTroubleshooting methods Vegetables/ Sauces Check Price
Smoking Meat: Tools-Techniques-Cuts-RecipesLow and Slow cookingSauces Check Price
  • Franklin Barbecue – A Meat Smoking Manifesto is a complete guide to making your barbecue stand out and delicious. This New York Times bestseller offers a wide range of several different smoke meat tips, tricks, and of course recipes.
  • Make your smoked meat melt in the foodie’s mouth. Aaron Franklin and his wife Stacy started together on a barbecuing venture. Today, they own one of the biggest barbecue joints in the world. With this experience in hand, the couple and Jordan Mackay together brought this book to life.
  • Their experience in the field allows them to jolt down the secrets for the perfect barbecue every time. Use their tricks and tips to make restaurant-style barbeque at home and wow your guests. This book does not have recipes only. It has chapters exclusively for building your own smoker in your backyard, so you have the right utensils.
  • There is a chapter for choosing and picking the best kind of wood and to create perfect fires that will help you barbecue to the perfect temperature. This book will also help you with the selection of the meat so that you have the right kind of protein for different kinds of barbecue.
  • And finally, of course, recipes! There are tons of them for each flavor-oriented person.
  • Smoked meat in a traditional way is one of the most delicious things to cook. However, many cookbooks do not focus on electric smoked meat. If you use the electric smoker for barbecuing then you need the Smoking Meat: Electric Smoker Cookbook.
  • This book has all the tips and tricks to make the perfect barbecue with an electric smoker. One of the best things about this book is that it will give you the details to use the electric smoker as well.
  • With each setting, you will be able to find out which recipe is best and for what the results of the meat. Another reason this is one of the best smoking meat books is that Author Adam Jones is an experimentalist.
  • This is the reason why the recipes are so foolproof. They come from experience. In 168 pages of the book, there are 10 chapters. Each of them is a different kind of protein. Each protein is divided into instructions on how to cook them with recipes.
  • This book also has a chapter on vegetables so you can cook the best sides of your barbecue with an electric smoker. You will also get a section that talks about the best electric smokers. Since you are trying to do it right, why not go all out, right?
  • Overall, this book is the perfect option for you to get started. It is great for beginners and also for home cooks that want their barbecue to have professional style flavor from the comfort of their summer barbecue. It is easily broken down so that you get all you want without having to flip around much.
  • This book celebrates the everlasting backyard meal – the barbecue. Jeff Phillips compiled this book, keeping in mind the traditional way to barbecue and with the old school ways.
  • Giving a modern touch, this book has the ability to provide beginners and even experts a new perspective to smoke meat. It helps the cook understand the low and slow method of cooking smoked meat so that your meat remains flavorsome and juicy every time.
  • Unlike many cookbooks, this book deals with all kinds of meat; pork, fish, chicken, seafood, and others. One of the reasons this is the best smoking meat book is because it deals with every step of the recipe in great detail.
  • Beginning from injections and moving on to marinating you will get everything. Additionally, you will also get tips on how to preserve your meat to take it outside to cook somewhere else.
  • Phillips understands the different aspects of smoking meat. It is visible from the book that there are not only recipes for meat but also many tips that home cooks leave out when they barbecue.
  • There are several different sauces, dips, and side dishes that are included in this book. You can learn to make them professionally with this cookbook guide. If you are planning to a barbecue at your place and want to impress your guests, this is the complete guide. You do not need anything more with this weapon in your hand.
  • Learn to make unforgettably wonderful barbecue in the comfort of your own home therapeutically. With 224 pages, this book has the power to make you the beloved chef in your friends and family circle very easily.
  • For anyone who is even remotely interested in smoked meat, they know how important the right flavor is. The secret to the best-smoked meat is not only in the recipe but also in the ways that you cook it.
  • Smoking Meat 101 is the ultimate guide to help you find out those ways and perfect your smoked meat at your next barbecue. Bill West gives all that he has in this book so that beginners can enjoy the praises of the best-smoked meat that their guest probably ever has.
  • One of the best things about this cooking guide is that it is not only filled with recipes. There are several different angles to smoked meat and all of them are covered in this book. Beginning with the right equipment, right wood, temperature, time, and finally the spices; you will find everything in this book.
  • The book has a “First Smoke” section which is perfect for beginners to actually find a place to start. Hence, if you are entirely clueless about barbecuing, you will still find this guide to have your back.
  • There are over 75+ different recipes in this book that compiles to make the perfect guide. The recipes have several variations from spice level to type of meat. Moving on from tips and tricks, this book also has troubleshooting solutions.
  • There is no stressing enough that the best kind of smoked meat comes with more than just flavor. Everything from the type of the meat to the step where you add spices, each makes a difference.
  • Perhaps the biggest difference is the equipment and the way the temperature is handled. To help you with the tricky part, Will Fleischman comes up with this cooking guide that makes novice looks like expert chefs when it comes to smoked meat.
  • The art of smoking will remain flawless with 50 recipes in this book dedicated to all sorts of meat. The guide deals with something more than just recipes. It helps the cooks understand the techniques that are simple yet they just need more attention to detail.
  • This book fills itself with coaching from experts. It helps understand the common subconscious mistakes that cooks make and help in overcoming them. This guide is the perfect way to achieve the best barbecue in your neighborhood.


Did you make up your mind about the best smoking meat book that will fit your needs? There are so many in the market but we took it upon us to pick out the best of the best to help you get the one that will benefit you the most. Out of all these, we have a clear winner. Smoking Meat: The Essential Guide to Real Barbecue is the winner for us.

The reason is that this book took the cooking guide to a new level. It deals with several different aspects including the cold smokes options which a lot of the contemporaries skip.

Additionally, the book has all the information apart from recipes. You can get plenty of help in choosing the right of wood, smoker, temperature, and all other minute details that a professional may skip.

And what will be the best smoking meat book in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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