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Best Weber Cookbooks for BBQ Recipes in 2022

Best weber cookbook

Weber is a name not unknown to BBQ lovers. There are more than 2000 recipes with a lot of Weber cookbooks in the market. But which one is the best? Check out as we guide you to pick the best Weber cookbooks. Better than traditional cookbooks, these ones have way more than just the recipes for you.

Find out all the cooking mistakes that you might make that you are not even aware of! Read on to find the one that stood out the most to us and became the winner!

Why are Weber cookbooks useful?

Jamie Purviance – the author of Weber Cookbooks is a trained professional in the culinary arts. There are over 2000 recipes under his belt and he isn’t stopping yet.

One reason why these cookbooks are so useful for all kitchens is that they have every minute details about Weber grills. Along with stories and other food facts, each of the cookbooks has its own charm. They are a mixture of different recipes or each book specializes in their own field as well.

The author claims that every recipe in every book is tried and tested which makes a more comfortable setting for amateur cooks to follow. Additionally, there are fun stories, facts, illustrations, and other parts that acquaint a beginner into the culinary world like never before.

The Top 5 Best Weber Cookbooks in 2022

  • One of the best Weber Cookbooks is the Weber’s Way to Grill cookbook. This cookbook has several different insights that help cooks know the right way to grill especially if they are doing it as beginners. This paperback book is a must-have in your cookbook collection as it will give you everything that you need.
  • The author claims to test every recipe at least three times before making them plausible for this book which makes it one of a kind. Each recipe guide is step-by-step which means that no matter how amateur you are in the kitchen, you will always end up getting the perfect grill ready for your guests.
  • Complete with pictures, this step by step guide is the perfect way to ensure that your recipe does not turn into a disaster. There are tips on variations of cooking as well so that you do not have to do any guesswork when cooking. This cookbook is very comprehensive too. There is a step by step photos so you know how your food will look on every stage.
  • Additionally, captions tell you what methods you can use that will work for perfect grilling. There are several short recipes for sauces and seasoning which as well makes this book complete. So, if you are a beginner cook, then this is perfect to fall into your grilling needs.

Weber Cookbook #2:

  • Who does not like a big juicy burger? Everyone does, but the real question is: ‘Can you make a big juicy burger?’ Here comes one of the best Weber cookbooks that you will find dedicated to burgers. Weber’s Big Book of Burgers is the entire guide that you need to make amazing burgers at home. There is more to a burger than just making a big juicy beef patty – or at least this is what this book tells us.
  • There is so much variety in just meat in this book. You have the option of beef, bison, lamb, pork, poultry, and even seafood burgers. Since burgers are not complete without their sides, this book covers this area too. There are several recipes for the perfect sides in this book as well so that your burger is never served incomplete.
  • If this is not enough, then this big book of burgers also has recipes for hotdogs, sausages, brats, and even drinks to go with burgers. Each recipe is step by step to ensure that you make no mistake. With several different pictures, there is the least chance of errors. You will also get a guide where you can start from scratch like meat grinding.
  • There are also other forms of professional advice in this book. To top it off, this book acts as a great entertainment as well. It features stories about burgers so when you cook, you feel as connected as a professional chef!

Weber Cookbook #3:

  • You know that a cookbook rocks when it has the words ‘greatest’ and ‘hits’ in the title. Weber is no unknown name in the cooking world. Out of many books, this is one of the best Weber cookbooks out there.
  • Every Weber recipe what you will find in this book is top and amazing. No need to look around in other cookbooks or search for hours. All you need by Weber is in one place for you to find. Out of all 2000+ different recipes, these are the most popular ones. They are perfect for beginners and for people that love grilling but just cannot get it right.
  • There is so much in this book that makes it the entire guide. There are photos that help you determine how your food should look like once you finish. Additionally, there are step by step details that ensure that amateurs are not left behind. One of the most unique features in this book is the different stories.
  • The history of Weber and its development will work as the perfect past time for you when you are not studying recipes. If you are thinking that what is new in this book, the answer is plenty.
  • Over 65 years of recipes are in one book and Weber does not disappoint. There are several different creative twists to traditional recipes to make them modern and delicious.
  • Barbecue is perhaps one of the most American cuisines out there. And to get it right is the most difficult thing in the world. But you will no longer struggle to get the right barbecue because the Weber’s New American Barbecue cookbook is the best Weber Cookbook to get the right American Barbecue. Even though you get recipes for traditional American Barbecue, this book offers you something different.
  • With several different twists and turns, each recipe allows users to bring a different perspective to regular barbecues to make it more exciting and delicious for your friends and families to enjoy.
  • Each recipe is fool-proof which makes it easy to make for beginners and also advanced level cooks. There are hundreds of photos that will help you in each step of the recipe and will allow cooks to have more perspective in their cooking style.
  • You’ll find there are several different stories that help the cooks connect with barbecue. With recipes having a story, food becomes more of an art than just a regular meal.
  • There are about 304 pages in the book with several tiny details to help you enhance each recipe. You will find variations of traditional recipes to make them more modern. Or if you like original recipes, you will get those too. Overall, this book is the ultimate guide to anything and everything you need to enjoy Barbecuing.

Weber Cookbook #5:

  • Weber’s Ultimate Grilling is one of the best cookbooks that you will find for grilling. We all love our backyard grilling sessions on a Sunday morning. However, what makes it perfect is the right recipe that brings the perfect meal on the table for your friends and family.
  • This cookbook is the go-to guide for you to bring about the best grilling experience. It has step by step guide to allow your recipe to have perfection at every stage. There are several different pictures to ensure that you get an idea of the food at different stages.
  • The author claims to test each recipe several times before actually printing it in the book. So, the book remains accurate and the perfect guide to your grilling experiences. The traditional grilling recipes give the cook the ultimate taste and experience of cooking grilled food.
  • Apart from regular grilling, you have grilling guides to almost all meats: beef, lamb, pork, poultry and even seafood. With several twists and turns, this grilling guide cookbook brings a modern touch for all the grilling experts out there.
  • Interestingly, there are many food science facts in this cookbook as well. These are for infotainment and allow people to understand the perspective of grilling to make it easier and to allow the chef to have an improved relationship with the food that they cook. For all your backyard parties, this book will serve as the perfect host!


To sum it up, there are several different Weber cookbooks in the market. However, you have the list to the best of the best with complete insights. For us, the best Weber Cookbook is Weber’s Big Book of Burgers.

This book has everything you need to make the perfect burger. To take it up a notch, this book steps out from traditional burgers and brings about an outlook for new and modern burgers. There are also recipes for different meats which makes it one of the most unique recipe guides to burgers. Not only burgers but this book will also guide you to the sides and the drinks that go best. All these features ensure that you have the complete guide to making a burger meal.

So now that you have the secret to making the perfect meals, which ones will you select as your personal host at your parties?

And what will be the best Weber cookbook in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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