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Bull vs Weber Grills

Bull vs Weber grills

Gas grilling is the second most common type of grilling after charcoal grilling and is the most convenient too. Most gas grills function on LP fuel, which is a renewable source and relatively easier to handle.

However, with such a massive grilling industry in existence, it becomes harder to find the right grill, but two names, Bull and Weber, stand out from the crowd. The question isn’t whether they’re good, but how they perform compared to each other.

We will be looking at a full side-by-side Bull vs. Weber grill comparison and diving deep into the subject.

Industry History Bull

Bull’s story started in 1992 when Mark Noureddine and his partner started with a simple outdoor kitchen idea. Today, the Bull Outdoor industry stands at the forefront of some of the biggest grill makers and sellers.

Over 25 years, Bull has spread its reach throughout the United States. It has over 900 distributors dealing with its gas and charcoal grills. And the company has researched a lot in the industry, with each product being fine-tuned for the user. What started as a small garage business has now expanded into a massive corporation. Bull has its headquarters in Lodi, CA, and all of its grills are CSA Gas certified.

Industry History Weber

Weber is by far the most significant name in the grilling industry. It is revered as the pioneer of backyard grilling, having invented the kettle grill. This led to a revolution in the grilling industry, with most brands mimicking the look and design of the grill.

Kettle grills were famous mainly because they allowed the grill to be used outdoors. Back then, grills would mostly be open-flame, and you couldn’t use them in the rain. Weber’s kettle grills changed the way backyard grilling worked and redesigned it.

Today, the company stands as one of the most highly regarded grill manufacturers. It designs and sells its own charcoal and gas grills, and even has its own restaurants.



Bull has pioneered innovative technologies that are implemented in its products. The most prominent of these is reliable technology. Through this, its grills can achieve uniform distribution of heat.

This brand also has its own Flame Tamers. These are stainless steel bars that catch grease and fat drippings. They allow them to sizzle to generate lots of smoke. This also aids in providing better heat. Along with that, the brand has perfected numerous technologies. And it is recognized by the appliances’ full stainless-steel construction.


Weber’s specialty can be best seen in its GS4 technology. This is the name for a group of 4 technologies, each of which accounts for high taste and perfection.

It uses high-quality stainless-steel burners with a very high-performance ignition. Weber has also perfected flavorizer bars, which are stainless steel rods meant to add smoke and keep the coals safe.

There’s also a smart grease management system. Any falling grease and waste get funneled through the flavorizer bars to the greased pan.

Comparison: Bull Outdoor Grill vs. Weber Summit Grill

ModelBull Outdoor BBQ 44000 Angus Liquid Propane GrillWeber Summit S-670 LP Gas Grill
No. of Burners46
Total cooking area810 sq. inch769 sq. inch
Serving size6-7 adults6-7 adults
Power SourceLiquid PropaneLiquid Propane
Product Dimensions48 x 28 x 54 inches47 x 30.5 x 52 inches
Weight265 Pounds289 Pounds
Price Check Price Check Price

Bull Outdoor BBQ 44000 Angus Liquid Propane Grill

For people who want a more affordable and reliable grill, try the Bull Angus 44000. With its powerful 60,000 BTU output, the Angus will be the perfect companion for backyard grilling. Its main feature is its even heat distribution. And because of that, you can cook some delectable steaks and burgers for your guests on a whim.

The Bull Angus 44000 features an all-round stainless-steel construction. This is 16-gauge brushed stainless steel that is strong and quiet. It is relatively waterproof, though it’s not recommended to dishwash any of its parts.

Perhaps the most major characteristic of this grill is its use of ReliaBULL heat technology. This is Bull’s very own innovation that aims to improve heat distribution by up to 50%. It’s mainly achieved through a combination of thermally conductive materials and its official Flame Tamers. Flame Tamers are bars of steel that perform many functions. They catch dripping fat and grease and burn the fat to create more smoke. You can also place your wood chips here to improve the smoke quality. Flame tamer bars also aid in even heat distribution, by reflecting heat across the entire grilling surface.

4 burners, each with a Piezo igniter, are integrated into the grill. Piezo igniters are one of the best in the market, and they cut down on wiring too. The stainless-steel housing protects the igniters from food droppings and dust.

This grill boasts a dual-lined hood that has round seamless edges. It has no crevices or weld spots, which helps prevent corrosion. Along with that, you get an in-built thermometer on the hood. The two-ply construction also helps keep the grill cabin insulated and retains smoke better. Additionally, this means that the bulk of the smoke and heat damage is taken by the internal layer, so the exterior can shine like new.

The grates are also made from stainless steel, which is solid instead of hollow. This solidity of the grates is a much more efficient way to transfer heat.

You may, however, struggle with the assembly. The base can take up to an hour, and the whole thing can take 4 hours to assemble even if it is professionally installed.

Notable features:

  • Faster cooking
  • Durable and rust-proof
  • Great for smoking
  • In-built thermometer
  • Quick ignition

The Most Important Gas Grill Accessories

Weber Summit S-670 LP Gas Grill, 7370001

Weber’s Summit is a larger, much more versatile grill that can be used for larger gatherings and family BBQs. We say this mainly because of its huge size (769 square inches), but also because it has 6 separate burners. This means you can easily cook up more food in a shorter amount of time or reach higher temperatures.

The output of this Weber model is a bit lower than similar grills, being just 60,800 BTUs, but having 6 burners. However, this amount is still sufficient for high-temperature cookouts and barbecues. Each burner has its Snap-Jet ignition system, which provides quick and hassle-free ignition every time.

Another factor that makes this the best family BBQ grill is its side burner. This is good for cooking marinades and sauces. Along with that, you also get a sear-station burner, which is used for rapidly heating food. This burner gets hot faster than the rest of the grill and can be used to quickly sear or char the surface of the meat. But that’s not all. At the back, you get the full benefit of an infrared rotisserie burner. So, you don’t have to take out the grate if you need a rotisserie.

Installation is tedious, as is with most grills of this size. But Weber tries to ease you thereby including a 3D installation model on the BILT app.

As for the materials, the entire product is made from stainless steel, which is quite strong and rust-resistant. Even the burners are made from the same material. This is so that the burners can survive the minuscule amount of water present in some gas fuels. You also get stainless steel flavorizer bars, which are for catching falling grease and for generating smoke. These bars are a Weber specialty and can easily be replaced too if needed. Along with that, Weber features its very own grease management system. Grease and residual fat, when collected in the flavorizer bars, are funneled down to a grease waste tray.

However, you may face some durability issues, particularly with the knobs. They’re made of plastic and can break easily during shipment.

Notable features:

  • Good for larger BBQs
  • Includes rotisserie burner
  • Includes a side burner
  • Rust-proof design
  • Grease management system

The Most Important Weber Grill Accessories

Which product is for whom?

In our Bull vs. Weber grill comparison, we took an in-depth look at both products. Now it’s time to decide which product is for which type of user.

The Bull Angus 44000 has a lesser number of burners and thus is recommended for lower-temperature applications. Don’t get us wrong here; it’s perfect for high-temperature use. However, it is only comparatively cooler than Weber.

It also lacks many of Weber’s special features, such as the side and rotisserie burner. But it doesn’t compromise on quality, so you know you’re getting a reliable brand. Everything from the lid to the grates and even the burners are made from steel. And the lid even has two layers of steel, to enhance its durability.

As opposed to that, the Weber Summit S-670 is a good choice for cooking at higher temperatures. It has 6 burners that can be controlled individually. This also means a higher amount of customization, as each flame can be separately moderated.

Weber also features aside, rotisserie, sear station, and smoker burner, as well as a warming rack. You may find that you don’t need these, in which case, you’re better off with the Bull. But for some people, these features are a must-have, especially the rotisserie and side-burner.


All in all, both the Bull and Weber grills have a lot to offer. Both have their version of the flavorizer bar, and both employ unparalleled technologies. However, only one can be the best for you.

The Bull Angus 44000 grill has powerful 60,000 BTU output with only 4 burners and overall sturdy stainless-steel construction. Weber, on the other hand, employs much more advanced technologies and has higher versatility. It features more burners, and many different types of them too.

But you won’t believe it till you try it for yourself. So, buy the right grill for yourself, and crank the heat up!

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