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Nexgrill vs. Weber – A Comprehensive Comparison 1

Nextgrill vs weber

If you’re deciding on a decent grilling unit, then you surely must have come across the Nexgrill and Weber grills. These are two high quality and highly acclaimed grilling units. Nexgrill and Weber both have a long history, dating back to the 1900s.

But a problem stands: which grill is better? While both have similar aspects, it is important to note that there are differences. Today, we will emphasize the differences and do a full Nexgrill vs. Weber comparison.

Read on to learn more about the two brands.

Comparison: Nexgrill Gas Grill vs. Weber Q2200 Gas Grill

Portable Gas GrillNexgrill Table Top Gas GrillWeber Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill
Porcelain coatingNoYes
Temperature output13,000 BTUs12,000 BTUs
Cooking area255 sq. in.280 sq. in.
Fuel typeLiquid propaneLiquid propane
Work tablesNoYes
Built-in thermometerYesYes
Weight28 lbs42.5 lbs
Price Check Price Check Price

Nexgrill vs. Weber - History

Nexgrill Industries

If you want something inspiring, then listen to what Nexgrill’s story has to say. This company was established as far back as 1993. With decades of experience, Nexgrill Industries has gone from startup to commercial.

Nexgrill was established in the early 1990s in the depths of Chino, California. It’s a relatively new company and employs hundreds of trained professionals. It started out as nothing more than a startup. And gradually grew from there. It isn’t a very popular brand though. But it does have its reaches within the States.

In the past years, the company has seen a growth of 62%. This is an incredible margin for any colloquial company. It truly sets an example for other startups worldwide.

Moreover, Nexgrill was ranked number 21 in the Top Inland Empire, CA Companies. It’s been ranked in the top 5,000 companies since 2016. And has grown its revenue to more than $200 million.

Weber-Stephen Products

Weber’s story starts out with passion and a little more than the average human love for grilling. George Stephen, an occasional griller and a father of 12, invented the kettle grill. By the time, he was working for Weber Brothers Metal Works. This invention would go on to inspire generations to come.

But what inspired George Stephen? Some say it was a buoy he saw floating on the sea. Since then, Weber grew into the behemoth you see today. It’s been around since the mid-1900s. And has grown more and more with every new idea.

Weber’s foundation was of passion. And its goal stays the same: to passionately cook its way onto your platter.

Nexgrill vs. Weber Review:

Nexgrill Fortress 2 Burner Cast Aluminum Table Top Gas Grill

If you’re concerned about the durability of your grill, then try the Nexgrill Fortress 2. You’ll be shocked to see just how amazing the entire grill holds for years. This griller has cooking grates made from pure cast iron.

Cast iron is the strongest and one of the purest forms of iron. It translates the user’s need for durability into a sustainable cooking surface.


The Nexgrill Fortress 2 has a large thermometer that comes built into the set. With this thermometer, you get a good idea of how cooked your food is.

Apart from that, there’s a firebox made of cast aluminum. A firebox is a special type of camping stove that is needed to heat the food on the grill. With the firebox, you can get the heat kicking.

In fact, most of the body of the grill is made from cast aluminum. And yes, this includes the lid. Aluminum is the best material to cook on, as it doesn’t rust and weighs less too. You can simply pick up the Nexgrill Fortress 2 and move it to the next station.


Speaking of portability, the Nexgrill Fortress 2 has a compact handheld design. It features a handle on the lid to lift it up and carry it anywhere you like. The bottom features a safe stand that keeps the girl standing upright.

Heat output

Apart from that, there are two knobs controlling the heat. Both knobs control two burners made of 304-grade industrial quality stainless steel. These burners each can spew an output of up to 6,500 BTUs. This means that at any given time, your grill will be running at a whopping 13,000 BTUs.

Cooking space

But that’s not all. We talked about the compact size. But we think it only fair to also mention the large cooking capacity. The Nexgrill Fortress 2 covers an area of 255 square inches. This is big enough to compromise multiple burgers and steaks.

Notable features:

  • Highly durable and resilient. Body and lid do not stain or rust over time.
  • Very capacious. Supports multiple patties and steaks.
  • Small size with a handle that makes it portable to a certain degree.
  • The high power output cooks the food quicker and better.
  • A thermometer comes included for easier food monitoring.
  • Easy to pick up, carry, and store. Weighs only 28 pounds.

The Most Important Nexgrill Accessories

Weber 54060001 Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill

For anyone who is looking for a balanced cooking station, the Weber Q2200 has it all. Jam-packed with features, the Weber Q2200 is a portable stainless steel grill. It works on liquid propane and produces a high amount of power output. This grill features both high durability and high functionality.


To begin with, the cooking grates are made of non-stick cast iron. Cast iron is the second purest form of iron, next to wrought iron. Unfortunately, being made of iron, the grates are prone to get rusty. We aren’t sure whether there’s a protective covering to prevent rusting.

Porcelain coating

However, the grates on the Weber Q2200 are enameled with porcelain. This doesn’t mean they won’t rust. But porcelain enamel is the best for retaining heat.

It will help the temperature rise and make the food cook faster. So you can reach your desired temperature on time. And for that, a thermometer also comes built-in with the set.

Fuel and ignition

The Weber Q2200 is an electronic ignition grill. Which means that you’ll need electricity to run this thing. The good news is that the grill won’t keep using electricity. It simply needs the power for the initial ignition. After that, your fuel will do most of the burning.

Coming on to the fuel, the Weber Q2200 uses a liquid propane tank for energy. These are cheaper but can be tiresome to replace every so often. Also, you’ll need to spend more on the maintenance of the tank. And the tank itself can pose a hazard if mishandled.

Heat output

Apart from that, this Weber model utilized two stainless steel burners. The burner gives an output of about 12,000 BTUs. This is enough to raise the temperature significantly through a short amount of time.

The burner is made from the heaviest grade stainless steel. However, we don’t know of any rust-proof coating on it.

Cooking area

With a total cooking area of 280 square inches, the Weber Q2200 grill makes the finest cooking station.

Notable features:

  • Durable construction made of steel and iron.
  • It does not require electricity except for the initial ignition.
  • Temperature is easier to regulate with the thermometer.
  • Porcelain-coated grates help the temperature rise easily.
  • Two work tables on the sides for more convenience.
  • Glass-reinforced nylon frame that resists scratches and shattering.

The Most Important Q Series Grill Accessories

Comparison - Nexgrill vs. Weber:

To compare the two, we need to put them side by side, and see which features are missing on each grill. After a careful analysis, we found that both grills had their own unique benefits and downsides.


For durability, both the Nexgrill and Weber are neutral on whether there is rust-proofing or not. So we don’t know if they will hold out against moisture and smoke. Being made of cast iron, it is likely there will be some form of rusting unless they’ve been reinforced. The body of both grills is made out of casting aluminum. This metal won’t rust, so that’s something that both of them have.

However, the one thing that does set the two apart is the porcelain coating. In Nexgrill vs. Weber, Nexgrill does not have a porcelain enamel on their grates. Porcelain coating does little to enhance the durability of the grill. Rather, it serves mainly to help the temperature rise. So with the Weber, you’ll be able to achieve a higher temperature in a shorter amount of time.

Heat output and cooking area

Apart from that, the Nexgrill provides 1,000 BTUs more power than Weber. This tiny difference doesn’t do much. But it can help accommodate for the lack of porcelain coating on the Nexgrill.

Also, Weber grill has 25 square inches more space than the Nexgrill. Again, this is a slight difference for Nexgrill vs. Weber. But for some people, the tiniest of differences can make the biggest changes. In our opinion, both Weber and Nexgrill are equally as durable.


From all this, our conclusion is that both the grills have their own advantages. In Nexgrill vs. Weber, both were equally as durable. Nexgrill has higher output but a smaller area. And it can’t reach higher temperatures. While Weber has lower output but more area. And it can reach higher temperatures in a shorter amount of time.

With that being said, we would personally recommend the Weber due to its porcelain coating. Since both are equally as mysterious when it comes to durability, we can’t say for sure which will last longer. But a porcelain coating might just prevent rust in the long run. You never know until you try it!

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