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Weber Genesis II E-310 vs. E-315 – The Complete Review

Weber genesis 310 vs 315

Weber-Stephen Products have given us some irreplaceable gems. And such is the case of the Weber Genesis series. This is a series of gas-powered grills that optimize flavor, safety, cleanup, and fuel economy.

Among this series, two products stand out: the Weber Genesis II E-310 and E-315. Both are exceptional in their rights, with a smart grease management system and a smoother ignition.

But only one can be the right choice for you. So which one is it? Should you buy the Weber Genesis II E-310 or E-315? Keep reading to find out!

Comparison: Weber Genesis II E-310 vs. E-315

ModelWeber Genesis II E-310 Natural Gas GrillWeber Genesis II E-315 Natural Gas Grill
No. of Burners33
Total cooking area669 sq. inch669 sq. inch
Serving size5-6 adults5-6 adults
Power SourceNatural GasNatural Gas
Product Dimensions47 x 59 x 29 inches47 x 59 x 29 inches
Weight132 Pounds148 Pounds
Price Check Price Check Price

Weber Industry History

The company Weber has a rich history, starting off as the Weber Bros. Metal Works in 1893 but the corporate couldn’t garner ample attention until the late 1950s. It all started when a worker named George Stephen became frustrated with the vulnerability of open brazier grills.

So he sought out to forge a grill that would protect the flame and the food from natural influences equally. He sawed a metal buoy into two halves and put them together to form the world’s first rounded-lid grill. Hence, the classic Weber Kettle grill was born.

Due to the nature and efficacy of the grill, it became immensely popular both locally and nationally. Soon he formed a wing of the Weber Bros. factory that was solely dedicated to manufacturing these barbecue grills.

As soon as the grill was distinctively reputed, Stephen bought the entire factory. He dedicated his life’s work to manufacturing, selling, and perfecting the famed “Weber Kettle Grill”.

Now called the “Weber-Stephen Products LLC”, the company has expanded vastly since its conception. It now manufactures and sells outdoor grills, electric grills, gas and charcoal smokers, and of course the very famous kettle grill.

The company has also extended into a series of restaurants disseminated across the US. It has also bought rights to Ducane Products Co., revamping the brand and launching and introducing new products.

The Weber Secialty

Weber is an age-old industry that specializes in all grilled edibles. The company actively designs and manufactures grills that run on charcoal, gas, electricity, and wood pellets. It also specializes in the mass manufacturing of accessories and replacement parts.

Perhaps, the most notable Weber product is the “Weber Kettle grill”. This was the first-ever grill in which the flame was fully protected from the elements. And the users didn’t have to worry about unfavorable weather conditions. This idea appealed to the public mainly because it meant that you could host barbecues in the rain as well.

Weber has many patented technologies, including the flavorizer bar. This bar is placed directly over the gas burners and it catches the dripping grease and good fat without even wasting it. This also ensures that you get an optimal amount of smoky taste.

Weber 66011001 Genesis II E-310 Natural Gas Grill

The Weber Genesis II E-310 is a 3-burner gas grill. This grill uses a 39,000 BTU input and features a smart GS4 system along with the porcelain-enameled grill grates.

Starting off with the smart GS4 system, the E-310 makes use of electronic ignition. This type of ignition is not only faster but also more reliable as compared to its thermal counterpart.

The GS4 system also utilizes a smart grease management system paired with flavorizer bars. Since the bars are designed to catch any dripping grease and fat droppings, it vaporized on the stainless steel bar without even reaching the burners. What this does is, it prevents flare-ups and also maintains the condition of your burners.

But what about portability? While the E-310 isn’t exactly the smallest, it is the easiest to transport. It features two wheels at the bottom that make transportation a whole lot easier.

Moreover, the E-310 uses porcelain-enameled cooking grates made of cast iron. This material is certainly the most conductive. And the porcelain enamel coating only makes it retain heat even better.

The grate offers a total cooking area of about 669 square inches with the warming rack. You also get two side tables to cut up vegetables and marinades. Each side table is about 42 inches wide and only adds to your available cooking space.

What’s more, is that the lid features a built-in thermometer for easy temperature monitoring.

Notable features:

  • Longer-lasting ignition module
  • Open cart design
  • Two side tables
  • Lid includes a thermometer
  • Directs grease away from the burners
  • Large cooking area

The Most Important Weber Grill Accessories

Weber 66015001 Genesis II E-315 Natural Gas Grill

The Weber Genesis II is another 3-burner natural gas grill that has a 39,000 BTU heat input. It also features a cooking space of 669 square inches including the warming rack. It has tons of reliable features including the grease management system.

What we love the most about this Weber Genesis II grills is their use of the GS4 system. For those who don’t know, GS4 is a grilling system that combines various modern technologies. It includes the infinity ignition as well as the stainless steel flavorizer bar.

The ignition module has been insulated and protected from the perilous elements, leading to a stronger ignition every time.

But wait! Don’t grills cause flare-ups and present fire hazards? Well, there are some that do, but this is not the case with this grill. The E-315 uses special stainless steel bars that are designed to direct grease and fat away from the burners. This prevents your burners from flaring up, which lessens the chances of fire threats.

Adding to that, the grease that is caught by the flavorizer bars is channeled away to a drip tray. This keeps both the flavorizer bars and the burners safe from unnecessary dripping.

The cooking grates are situated strategically to provide as much as 513 square inches of cooking area. This large cooking area lets you cook up to 20 burgers in one go. You also get a tuck-away rack for warming the food with an area of 156 square inches. This is where you keep your cooked food to keep it warm for later use.

Along with that, the Weber Genesis II E-315 features a grilling cabinet. This means that everything from the internal wiring of the burners to the warming rack is protected. The hinged doors are made from commercial-grade stainless steel.

Apart from that, there are also two side tables, on which you can place all your seasonings and accessories. You also get six hooks to hang spatulas, spoons, brushes, and tongs to keep your things intact.

Notable features:

  • Faster and smoother ignition
  • Prevents flare-ups and fires
  • Easier to clean and maintain
  • Protects the warming plate
  • Superior heat retention
  • Closed grill cabinet

Which grill do we recommend?

While both the E-310 and E-315 are similar in features, there are still a few differences. Firstly, E-310 is slightly smaller in size and also it weighs less. Still, the difference is not all that noticeable.

Secondly, the E-315 has a closed grilling cabinet, whereas the E-310 has an open one.

Both of these two products do make cleanup a whole lot easier. The flavorizer bar prevents fat and grease from accumulating at the site of the burners. So the burners don’t clog up and the material of the burners doesn’t degrade over time.


Weber’s grills are some of the finest grills in the barbecue industry. These grills are best known for their specialty in smart cleaning systems and more efficient burner design.

Today, we compared two of Weber’s renowned products: Weber Genesis II E-310 vs. E-315. Both of these grills have some amazing features to offer, such as the flavorizer bars and the large cooking area.

Both grills are great, but we opted for the Weber Genesis II E-315. It was simply a decision on design. The closed cabinet is more attractive to us.

Weber revolutionizes grilling. And if you have got a hands-on Weber, then what are you waiting for? Go and grab the opportunity to the most succulent barbecue!

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