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Weber Genesis E-310 vs. E-330 Gas Grill

Weber genesis e-310 vs e-330 gas grill

The convenience of outdoor BBQ and grilling presents you with a perfect excuse to call in your family and friends to have some fun and share a good taste. This is where Weber comes in to play its role.

Weber has been around for quite some time and it has been consistently producing excellent quality products for the customers over the years. For this reason, we have selected two of the best products from the brand and we will compare them for your convenience. Both of them belong to the popular Genesis series from the brand. One of them is E-310 while the other one is E-330.

So let’s start with Weber’s brief industry history, shall we!

Comparison: Weber Genesis E-310 vs. E-330 Gas Grill

ModelWeber 61011001 Genesis II E-310 LP GrillWeber 66012001 Genesis II E-330 NG Grill
No. of Burners35
Warranty10 years10 years
Squares513 sq. inches513 sq. inches
Price Check Price Check Price

Weber industry history

Weber came into being with a simple mindset, to enable them in making a better steak. As their philosophy is simple so was their beginning. Back in 1952, George Stephen introduced the idea of a kettle grill when he was working on a buoy and got the inspirational idea of turning it into a grill. Since then there is no looking back for the company.

They carried on the tradition of producing an innovative product for the customers and they continue to do so even today. Weber is now one of the biggest names in the world of grilling and BBQ. It has provided its customers with innovative solutions with its products. If you want to buy something that will last for a very long time then Weber should be your choice hand down.

What is the specialty of Weber?

One of the specialties of Weber is the durability of its products. If you are a frequent griller then Weber should be your choice. The brand’s entire emphasis is on smoking and grilling. With the help of the grills from Weber, you can grill or smoke anything you want. In fact, when it comes to smoking no one does it better than Weber.

There are a lot of grills that Weber has in its catalog and they run on various heating sources. Your food will cook evenly and most of all it will also retain all its flavors until you consume your food. If grilling is a core of your BBQ parties then choose Weber. These grills will stand the test of time. You will continue to be the host of your outdoor parties for many years to come.

Weber Genesis Gas Grill Reviews

Weber 61011001 Genesis II E-310 LP Grill

The E-310 from Weber Genesis can run either on liquid propane or natural gas. Your purchase is covered under a 10-year warranty from Weber. The grill features the top notch Weber’s signature GS4 grilling system that boasts an enhanced infinity ignition burner system.

Furthermore, there is a highly practical grease management system as well. With it, you will be able to create recipes that are extremely healthy. There are Flavorizer bars which vaporize most of the drippings – the remains are funneled into the drip tray.

The cooking grates of this grill are made of enameled porcelain. The grill provides you with overall cooking are of 637 square inches and you can work with three different burners as well.

Notable features:

  • The grill provides you with three different burners and you also have 637 square inches of area to work with.
  • The cooking grates of this grill are made of enameled porcelain.
  • It comes with Flavorizer bars that make the food to retain its flavors for a long time.
  • It features the GS4 high performance grilling system.
  • The grill is covered under Weber’s 10-years warranty.

The Most Important Weber Genesis Grill Accessories

Weber 66012001 Genesis II E-330 NG Grill

On the other hand, the E-330 has some minor differences but it makes a significant impact. The overall cooking surface of this grill is 637 square inches and you get to work with five burners here. There are two different heating sources that you can choose from: one is liquid propane while the other is natural gas. The grill is also covered under 10-year warranty from Weber. Furthermore, there is Weber’s signature GS4 grilling system installed here as well.

With this grill, the recipes will always be grease free and healthy. There are two features that differentiate it from the E-310 grill. It comes with a side burner that allows you to simmer BBQ sides and sauces and you can also sauté vegetables too. There is also a fifth burner, its internal booster sear burner. In addition to that, there is a Sear Station as well that creates an intense heating zone for you to make sear marks on your stakes. The Flavorizer bars are there as well to allow your food to retain flavors until you eat them.

Notable features:

  • The grill comes with a 10-year warranty from Weber.
  • It also features the GS4 high performance grilling system.
  • There are Flavorizer bars that enable our food to retain the flavors.
  • There is a side burner that allows you to sauté vegetables and to simmer some sauces.
  • The Sear Station makes an immense heating zone that you can use to create marks on your steaks.

Which product for whom do we recommend?

The E-310 comes with most of the features that a regular backyard BBQ unit will require. It has the proper size, it warms the food adequately and it features very flexible controls. Moreover, there are cooking compatibility feature also embedded in it. Your hot dogs, chicken, burgers, and anything that has BBQ standards will come off very nice from this grill.

However, if you are looking for grilling your steaks then you should look forward to buying E-330. This grill comes with a separate Sear Section that will provide you with professional results. In addition to that, the side burners will not only provide you with extra capacity but you will also be able to create some sensational sauces and various other sides for your dishes.

In both cases, the choice really comes down to your own preferences or requirements. If you host family and friends who like to enjoy the outdoor BBQ with steaks then you should go for the E-330. It comes with an extra side burner that you can use to sauté your vegetables and simmers some delicious sauces. On the other hand, if most of the time your BBQ company like to eat chicken and burgers then E-310 will suffice.


Both E-310 and E-330 grills come with many great features. While E-330 does provide you with an option to treat your steaks with love and create some delightful dishes, E-310 doesn’t handle steaks that well. Nevertheless, both of them can cook great burgers. Therefore, the choice comes down to your own preferences.

If your BBQ parties always involve a lot of steaks then you should go for the E-330 grill from Weber. If most of your parties involve chicken and burgers then you don’t have to buy E-330: the other option is good enough for you.

Let the grilling begin!

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