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Weber Spirit E-210 vs. Spirit II E-210 1

Weber Spirit E210 vs Spirit II E 210

Weber is known for producing top-notch grilling units. They give you an optimal and consistent temperature to prepare your meals. You can enjoy delicious meals with your friends and family. Weber grilling units give you an ultimate cooking experience. Weber Spirit II E-210 is a compact version of Spirit E-210. They are both models of the same series with a few different features.

Take a look at the comparison between Weber Spirit E-210 vs. Spirit II E-210 to see what they both have to offer.

Comparison: Weber Spirit E-210 vs. Spirit II E-210

ModelWeber Spirit E210 Liquid Propane Gas GrillWeber Spirit II E210 Liquid Propane Gas Grill
No. of Burners22
Warming rack area90 sq. inch90 sq. inch
Primary cooking area360 sq. inch360 sq. inch
Total cooking area450 sq. inch450 sq. inch
Power SourcePropanePropane
Weight114 Pounds103 Pounds
Price Check Price Check Price

Weber Industry History

Weber is the # 1 brand with a long history. George Stephen is the man behind the company. In 1952, he introduced a dome-shaped grill. This grill brought an amazing revolution in the grilling industry. People liked the idea of having a grill with a cover.

This dome-shaped grill was designed to prevent the food from bacterial elements. He introduced the idea of controlling the temperature of the grill while covered. He believed “if you are looking, you are not cooking.” The temperature control allows you to cook food with consistent heat.

Since 1952, the brand Weber has been producing high-quality grills with better performance. They are popular because of their unique design and amazing grilling performance. Weber manufactures gas grills, charcoal grills, and electric grills. These grills are easy to use and maintain.

Most grills available in the market are complicated and confusing. Weber makes cooking enjoyable for you. You can make memories by preparing hassle-free burgers for your family. Weber Spirit Series is a popular series of the company that lives by its promise and gives you a convenient grilling experience.

What is Weber’s specialty?

Weber is manufacturing top of the line products which exceeds your expectations. No other brand has such great knowledge about grills than Weber. Weber is the pioneer in producing high-quality grills.

Weber believes in giving its customers quality products. Nobody can beat Weber in terms of innovation and quality. The specialty of Weber lies in its innovative range of products. Every day they plan to give you a great BBQ experience. Not just their products are innovative, but they are made to last. You can expect them to stay with you for years.

Weber grills come with Weber Cooking System which is a trademark of Weber. This cooking system is designed with amazing technology. It keeps the juices away from the burner.

The Flavorizer bars catch the excess amount of drippings. The bars sizzle and smoke and add an amazing flavor to the food. This is a patent technology of Weber.

Weber 46110001 Spirit E210 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

One of the best things about Weber 46110001 Spirit E-210 is that it has a large cooking capacity. This cooking grill comes with a compact design. If you have a small backyard, it is ideal for you.

Weber 46110001 Spirit E-210 comes with durable construction. It is made from steel with porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates. The robust design of the grill makes it long-lasting. The grill possesses two burners. These burners are made from stainless steel. You can prepare grilled turkey, chicken, or burgers with ease. The foldable side table is also made from stainless steel.

Weber 46110001 Spirit E-210 possesses 6 tool hooks. You can conveniently hang the tools you require to grill in your backyard. You don’t have to run in the kitchen to fetch the grilling tools. The hooks give you easy accessibility to the tools. This grill comes with a porcelain-enameled lid. You don’t have to keep an eye on the food while grilling.

Thanks to the heavy-duty caster wheels, the unit is portable. You can conveniently drag it around your backyard. It is easy to move around your patio and lawn.

Weber Spirit E-210 comes with a cooking area of 360 sq. inches. This space is enough for you to prepare dinner for a small crowd. You can feed all your friends and family in the backyard.

Notable features:

  • Made from high-quality materials which increase its longevity
  • Suitable for congested and small areas.
  • You are able to keep a check on the remaining fuel.
  • The foldable side tables give you the convenience of placing plates and glasses.
  • For your convenience, it comes with 6 hooks to hang tools.
  • The Flavorizer bars give a good flavor to the food.

The Most Important Weber Spirit Grill Accessories

Weber 44010001 Spirit II E-210 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

If we look at Weber Spirit E-210 vs. Spirit II E-210, this one comes with the GS4 Grilling System. Weber 4401000 Spirit II E-210 is an upgraded version of Weber Spirit E-210.

The GS4 Grilling System has four components. The infinity ignition comes with a guarantee to catch fire at any time. The powerful burners are promising and efficient. This grilling unit comes with Weber’s patent technology: the Flavorizer bars. These Flavorizer bars are porcelain coated. These bars act as an amazing grease management system. They catch the excess amount of oil. The oil evaporates on these bars. They add a smoky and sizzling flavor to the food you prepare. The grease management system allows you to keep the burners clean.

This advanced version of Spirit E-210 comes with a warming rack. This warming rack allows you to warm burgers and main meals. This model is available in four colors, which are red, black, blue, and white. This grilling unit comes with an open cart design. It also comes with 6 hooks to hang your grilling tools. You can also place your grilling tools on the table.

If we compare Weber Spirit E-210 vs. Spirit II E-210, the major difference is the design. You can use Weber 44010001 with the lid open. The dimensions of the cooking range while the lid is open are 57 (H) x 48 (W) x 26 (D) inches. The dimensions of the cooking space with the lid closed are 44.5 (H) x 48 (W) x 27 (D) inches. Weber believes in its products. They stand by them and give you a warranty for 10 years.

Notable features:

  • The grease management system reduces the risk of the fire flaring up.
  • The burner tubes give you a consistent supply of gas.
  • Available in different color choices.
  • The 10-year warranty is hassle-free.

The comparison: Weber Spirit E-210 vs. Spirit II E-210

The most visible difference between Weber Spirit E-210 vs. Spirit II E-210 is the design. Spirit E-210 comes with a close lid design. Spirit II E-210 comes with an open lid design. You can have an ultimate cooking experience while keeping an eye on the food. The style and design of Spirit II E-210 are fancier than the Spirit II E-210. It is also available in 4 different colors.

They both come with 2 burners. However, you cannot ignite the burners of Spirit E-210 separately. The ignition system of Spirit II E-210 is more consistent and reliable.

Moreover, they are more or less the same. However, Spirit II E-210 comes with a few additional features. If you are looking for an advanced model, you should buy Spirit II E-210. The GS4 Grilling System makes it unique. You also get easy access to the fuel tank which is placed outside the grill with Spirit II E-210.

Which product for whom do we recommend?

We recommend Spirit E-210 for those who want even temperature for their cooking needs. The Spirit II model is suitable who wants to keep an eye on the functions. It has a fuel gauge, temperature monitoring lid, and grease management system. If you enjoy new flavors then go with this grill because the Flavorizer bars add exciting flavors to your BBQ dishes.

Both products serve a family of 4. If you’re looking for something that serves 6 or more persons then these grills are not recommended.


To sum it all up, Weber Spirit E-210 vs. Spirit II E-210 doesn’t vary a lot. The later version is the upgraded one. It is more elegant and fancy. If you want to enhance the look of your backyard, you can buy the fancier grill.

Both grills come with compact and lightweight design. They are both suitable for small and tight spaces. Not everyone has the luxury of having a large backyard nowadays. Keeping this in mind, Weber gives you compact grills. You can conveniently place them in your backyard and enjoy grilling food.

You can choose any of them for your backyard. However, if you want a more advanced version, Spirit II E-210 is a good choice.

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