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Best Electric Smoker Power Cord in 2022

Best electric smoker power cord

Is your cord associated with cooking appliances too small to reach the desired location? If that is the case then it indicates the need to buy an extension cord. For the reason, through this, you can extend cooking devices with electrical circuits. Most of you might think of using electric distributors however, it will not reserve enough power. Other than this considering size of the extension cord is also important.

The extension length should not be unnecessarily long because power decreases and resistance becomes high. Along with appropriate diameter, amperage should keep in mind when buying the best electric smoker power cord. When using extension cord protects the connectors from water and do not let it roll over, it’s a fire hazard.

Electric Grill Extension Cord in 2022

Electric Smoker Power Cord #1.

In our review of the best electric smoker power cord, BIG PART 8-foot Power Cord comes first. For the reason, it has the capability to run smoothly with not just Traeger and Pit Boss grill but with all other devices. On the other hand, power cord by Traeger and Pit Boss resists towards erosion and moisture. It means that this extension power cord is safe and secure and last for longer time.

The Traeger and Pit Boss gains popularity among its customers due to the maintained quality and withstands impairments easily. It also features USA grounded plug and measures voltage of 120 V. It has designed in a way for providing the accurate length of the cord to prevent twisting.


  • Unlike other power cords, Traeger 8 foot cord installs easily without putting much effort.
  • It provides warranty so you can replace the 8-foot extension cord whenever you need.
  • The best electric power smoker cord offers premium quality and reliable.
  • It is compatible with all the cooking appliances.


  • The BIG PART cord might break when exposing it to UV rays or heat for a long time.

Electric Smoker Power Cord #2.

River Country is behind the manufacturing of universal replacement thermostat controller. The main aim of this popular brand is to focus on quality rather than quantity. We can see this in the thermostat controller designs for barbeque enthusiast.

You can add the element and controller to many existing grills for incorporating separately in food warmer. The special feature it has of controlling the temperature from 50 F to 450 F. However, the temperature range varies according to the size, material, and construction of the smoker.

It also possesses adjustable mounting bolt the measures from 2 ¾” to 3 ½ on center and connects with user-provided nuts and bolts. Moreover, River Country thermostat controller contains heavy duty 1500 watt element which uses 110 Volts.


  • The universal replacement thermostat controller by River Country is easy to install without knowing basics of electric-related information.
  • It can also use for other brand’s grills and smokers.
  • You can easily unplug the heating element for cleaning purpose.


  • The material is not robust.

Electric Smoker Power Cord #3.

In the list of the best electric smoker power cord, the Old Smokey is another popular name. The Old Smokey is competing with other brands by maintaining its top-notch quality.

You can find an advanced type of heat thermostat in it which connects to the extension cord. In this way, the thermostat regulates the temperature and performs a variety of cooking styles and setting. Using Old Smokey electric thermostat and cord you do not have to worry about adjusting the temperature each time.

Instead, the thermostat kit works automatically and maintains the inner temperature of the smoker. The adjustable temperature is approximately 100-225 degree depending on the weather.


  • The Old Smokey thermostat and cord can fit with Master Built electric smoker comfortably.
  • Its heating element and controller give accurately and efficiently together.
  • The price of the electric smoker cord is quite reasonable.
  • It has the ability to work faster with the considerable transaction.


  • None

Electric Smoker Power Cord #4.

The 4588 16/2 power cord is yet another product of Wood Company. It is versatile extensive cord consists of reinforced blades which keep the appliance safe from accidental breaking.

Along with this, the black color of power supply cord compliments your indoor décor. The construction of SJTW rates to 140 F. It is one of the best electronic smoker power cord because it has resistance to chemical, oil, moisture, and heat.


  • The 4588 extension cord is heavy duty and works effectively.
  • Its outer covering is of plastic vinyl to make it durable.
  • Woods SJTW cord is fire retardant and water resistant.
  • It gives lifetime warranty to replace it in case of damage.


  • Its performance is not satisfactory in cold weather.

Electric Smoker Power Cord #5.

The Coleman Cable 09719 Replacement Cord is a professional grade power tool. Coleman is one of the trusted brands in wire and cable industry. Similar to the Woods 4588 cord it comes with a strain relief for protecting electrical connections.

The design of this replacement cord is for outdoor use due to the fact it features weather jacket.


  • This 09719 Coleman cable is appropriate for outdoor use.
  • For making it tough and flexible, this cable is thick.
  • The plug end of the Coleman replacement cord is large which makes unplugging easy.
  • The offered price is not what will disappoint you.


  • Recoiling of this cord is a bit harder.

Some power cords for electric grills

Sometimes it happens that the original cable needs to be replaced. Here comes the help!


All in all, in this write-up we present you the best electric smoker cords for indoor and outdoor use. The above-mentioned extension coils are UL/OHSA/ETL certified.

Our winner for this round is Traeger Pellet OEM 8′ Power Cord KIT-089 after checking recommend product pros and cons. Since it is compatible with all the devices and provides top-notch quality to its users.

And what will be the best electric smoker power cord in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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