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Best Outdoor BBQ Carts in 2022

Best outdoor bbq cart

Summer brings with it the joy of enjoying BBQ with your friends and family. Choosing the best outdoor BBQ cart for your backyard would help you have a great party. You’ll be able to add a touch of style and elegance to your backyard. Moreover, you can use this multifunctional cart to store your needs.

The best outdoor BBQ cart makes it easier for you to throw a BBQ party at your house. Read through to learn about the important features of the top BBQ carts.

Multifunctional capabilities of an outdoor BBQ cart

You can roll over your cart to your patio and have the convenience of enjoying a BBQ party with your family. A BBQ cart is a multi-purpose and multi-functional cart which makes it easier for you to manage your stuff. The best outdoor BBQ cart has the following multifunctional features:

  • Stainless steel worktop:

The stainless steel worktop of a BBQ cart lets you make the BBQ cart even more functional. You don’t have to put an extra table to do the cutting of vegetables and meat. The multi-functional stainless steel worktop saves your trips to the kitchen to bring the things you need to start the BBQ. With the adequate amount of space it offers you, stainless steel worktop of a cart also makes it easier for you to clean the worktop.

  • Under worktop shelf:

When you roll your cart to the backyard, you want to focus your energy on food preparation. You don’t want to waste your time in organizing the plates and glasses. The under worktop shelf provides you enough space to store the plates and utensils. You are able to make more room to work on the worktop by storing everything under the worktop.

  • Spice and sauces rack:

You are able to keep the spices and sauces in reach by storing them in the rack. You can quickly access the spices you need to add flavor to the BBQ.

  • Storage cupboard:

You might have children playing around in your backyard. You don’t want them to touch the knife and other meat cutting tools. You can use the storage cupboard to lock these things up.

  • Towel holder:

You need a towel to clean your hands while preparing food. The towel holder makes it easier for you to attach the towel with the cart.

The Top 5 Outdoor BBQ Cart in 2022

Outdoor BBQ Cart #1:

  • Royal Gourmet Cart makes your BBQ get-together even more enjoyable. You are able to spend quality time with your family while preparing food. This movable cart allows you to make finger-licking BBQ for your guests with the multi-purpose facilities.
  • This BBQ cart gives you a stainless steel countertop. You are able to bring your indoor kitchen outdoors. You can prepare food by using the worktop. Moreover, you can even use it to serve the food to the guests. The space the worktop gives you is enough for you to meet your needs. The bottom shelf of the cart gives you additional storage space.
  • That’s not all… The cart gives you amazing portability and mobility. You can place it anywhere you want in your backyard. The two directional wheels help you move it around your backyard which makes it one of the best outdoor BBQ carts. This is a solid and sturdy cart which stands firmly no matter where you put it. The four heavy-duty legs of the table add to its durability and sturdiness.
  • The stainless countertop has a capacity of 100lbs. Moreover, it comes with 3 hooks which allow you to hang your utensils. You can even hang the bottle opener. It also comes with a tank-mounting system. You can conveniently place your gas tank in the cart.

Outdoor BBQ Cart #2:

  • If you are a family host, Keter Unity BBQ storage table is a must-have. You need to grab this BBQ cart immediately.
  • This is a perfect cart which gives you enough room to enjoy a BBQ party with your friends and neighbors. This BBQ cart has a versatile worktop. The worktop is made from high-quality 430-grade stainless steel.
  • You can place your cutting board and cut the vegetables. It provides you an ample amount of space to prepare food. Moreover, for your convenience, it comes with 4 hooks which allow you to hang bottle openers. You don’t have to worry about losing your grilling tools.
  • The storage capacity is 78 gallons. This BBQ cart also comes with a towel holder which makes easier for you to grab the towel. You can also put the spices in the rack and have easy access to them.

Outdoor BBQ Cart #3:

  • Weber 6557 Q Portable Cart lets you enjoy BBQ anywhere you want. You can grill a delicious and finger-licking BBQ at any time. This grilling station comes with a smart design.
  • You are able to slide and lock the grill in place. It gives you the safety and security you need to grill the BBQ. You don’t have to worry about the grill moving around. It stays in place and lets you prepare the food. You can even fold and unfold the table with ease.
  • The one-push button lets you conveniently fold it. You don’t have to bend down to grill the BBQ. The wire handle of the grilling cart gives you the ease of pulling your cart conveniently. You can grill the BBQ with ease while moving around.
  • The two wheels add to its mobility and portability. You can smoothly roll it on the grass or concrete. Last but not least… It comes with two convenient hooks which allow you to hang your tools.

Outdoor BBQ Cart #4:

  • This is a versatile kitchen cart. Not only you can use it for outdoor BBQ grilling, but it can be useful in so many ways. You can move it into your dining room to serve glasses and juices for the guests. It comes with two serving trays which are easy for you to remove.
  • The casters of the kitchen cart make it unique and one of the best outdoor BBQ carts. You can conveniently roll it over grass and other surfaces. Two of the casters come with a locking system. You are able to keep the cart stable and in place. The wooden surface of the cart gives it a good finishing look.
  • You are able to store your utensils while grilling the BBQ outdoors. This kitchen cart allows you to place plates, glasses and other tools. The cart gives you enough storage space to help you keep your essentials safe. It gives you easy access to the things you require for an outdoor BBQ grilling.

Outdoor BBQ Cart #5:

  • Cosco Serving Cart provides you an ample amount of space to store your essentials. You are able to put the plates and glasses on the cart for the party. You don’t have to run in the kitchen to get the things for your guests. Furthermore, you can have an organized party with this outdoor BBQ cart.
  • Your BBQ does not have to be messy and disorganized. You don’t have to worry about where to place the tools and accessories. Cosco Serving Cart gives you enough storage capacity. This is a foldable cart which is easy for you to use and store.
  • It comes with 4 wheels which makes mobility easier for you. Two of the wheels come with a locking system.


Selecting the best outdoor BBQ cart could be a difficult decision for you. You should keep your needs in sight while buying one. An outdoor BBQ cart makes things convenient for you. You are able to take your BBQ wherever you want. Therefore, make sure that you choose the cart which is handy and useful. You can choose the best outdoor BBQ cart from the above list.

And what will be the best outdoor BBQ cart in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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