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Best Outdoor Grill Carts in 2022

Best outdoor grill cart

Outdoor grilling is one of the most hassle cooking styles. It may be fun and something to remember, but it will be crazy work. If you are planning to cook outdoors tonight or you are planning to have a party then you need a grill buddy. An outdoor grill cart is the best buddy you will find. The best outdoor grill cart has the space to help you prepare your grilling food and keep all your essentials in one place. You will no longer have to run to get the supplies. Your buddy will hold them for you.

Let’s find what options we have.

How does the multipurpose functionality of a grill cart help?

Being versatile will help make the cart usable when you are not grilling too. You might not be cooking outside all the time. Hence, on days when you are not having an outdoor grill, you will not use your cart. A versatile cart will allow you to place it wherever you like when not in use.

The best outdoor grill carts are too pretty to use for one purpose. Check our product reviews to see the aesthetically appealing carts. If you opt for those along with versatility, you can ensure that you can use them for your living room for a better look as well.

One of the best reasons that make the grill cart helpful being versatile is that it will aid you in grilling too. It might sound confusing but think of the following. You have a cart that turns into a bar trolley and has an icebox, you can simply use it for storing your drinks and your grilling essentials at the same time. When choosing the best outdoor grill cart, try to make it multipurpose.

The Top 6 Outdoor Grill Cart in 2022

Grill Cart NameShelvesWeightPrice
Royal Gourmet Movable Dining Cart TableTwo shelvesGas tank mounting system Check Price
Keter Unity XL BBQ Storage TableCabinet styleSide Hooks Check Price
Suncast Outdoor Grilling Prep StationTwo cabinetsSections for condiments Check Price
Cosco Indoor/Outdoor Serving CartTwo shelvesFoldable Check Price
Best Choice Products Outdoor Bar CartTwo shelvesCompartments/ glass holders/ ice bucket Check Price
VASAGLE Industrial Serving CartTwo shelvesEco-friendly top tray Check Price

Outdoor Grill Cart #1:

  • The Royal Gourmet Movable Dining Cart is an example of the best outdoor grill cart. This grilling cart allows the user to enjoy grilling outdoors without having to run inside for utensils and other important accessories for grilling.
  • The cart has two wheels on the back which allow it to move easily. The front legs help in improving stability so that the placing does not affect your cooking time. This cart is not only a work table; it is also perfect for storage. There are two shelves that help you in storing and carrying things. The top of the cart is a stainless steel material. Stainless steel allows users to enjoy a long life of the cart along with the ability to maintain it.
  • The cart has one of the most unique options and that is a hook for a gas tank. It can hold weight perfectly and allows your tank to have a secure place to sit. There are also several different hooks that are helpful for your utensils and other items. With all the extras, this cart is one of the best outdoor grill carts that you will find. It is also usable indoors when you are not grilling.

Outdoor Grill Cart #2:

  • Keter’s Unity grill cart has several different features to make it your perfect grilling partner. It comes in two different colors and has a very stylish design.
  • It has plenty of space to store all the essentials and still have storage left. The top tray is stainless steel and it is perfect to ensure that your product will have a long life. There is a double door cabinet in the bottom that has plenty of space. The cabinet also has a shelf-like space on the top of it for more storage.
  • For extras, this outdoor grill cart has two side handles. It also has hooks to carry your utensils for grilling. This cart also comes with a spice rack to ensure that you do not forget to spice things up at the grill. And because a grill is incomplete without drinks, you also have a bottle opener with this cart. The two wheels on the back legs help in ensuring that mobility is easy.

Outdoor Grill Cart #3:

  • Suncast is another upcoming name in the grilling stations that have managed to impress customers all over. This cart’s design is quite compact which allows it to fit anywhere. However, it is still very spacious. The secret is the two side tables that are foldable. The extra space adds to the top storage tray and helps make it easy to use.
  • Moreover, the material is high-quality plastic which lasts long and is safe from all kinds of weathers. It comes in two different colors for style conscious people to get the perfect one.
  • For storage, there are two cabinets. These cabinets have space to make it easier to store essentials for the grill. The doors keep them safe inside. The cabinets have room for condiments and essentials in the form of sections.
  • Moreover, the size is perfect to keep in your kitchen indoors as well as outdoors. The wheels on this cart make it one of the best outdoor grill carts too. They are easy to glide and move. The wheels also have locks on them to make them more stable.

Outdoor Grill Cart #4:

  • The Cosco Indoor/Outdoor Serving Cart is in this list of the best outdoor grill carts because of the simple design yet weight in features. This cart is perfect for indoors and outdoors. It is suitable for all kinds of weathers. There are four wheels to make this cart easy to maneuver around. Hence, users can keep it in the kitchen and move it around easily when needed.
  • You will have several different color options in this serving cart. You can match the theme of your kitchen, patio, or deck with this cart. There are two shelves in this cart. These shelves allow users to store their desired condiments and essentials with ease and drag it anywhere they like.
  • Perhaps the best feature of this car is that it is storage friendly. You can fold it and keep it in your garage when it is not in use. The best thing about this cart is that it is versatile and will even suit your living room!

Outdoor Grill Cart #5:

  • Perhaps the first thing that will pull you towards this cart is the exotic style of it. It has a design that looks good anywhere and everywhere. The cart has a material of weather-resistant wicker which makes it suitable for indoors and outdoors.
  • It is wrapped around a solid steel frame which increases the life of the wicker and the cart. There are two wheels to ensure easy movement and two stable legs to ensure that it does not slide off.  The top shelf is glass and a perfect way to keep your essentials.
  • The bottom shelf of this cart has four different compartments to keep spices and condiments of your choice. There is also a removable ice bucket so you can keep your drink. And if you have a partner, you will find the glass holders very convenient. The elegance of the design makes it one of the best outdoor grill carts. You can also use it as a bar trolley, or around your kitchen for daily usage.

Outdoor Grill Cart #6:

  • This cart from Songmics has a stylish design and features that make it highly versatile. This cart will surely have a long life. Its durability comes from the eco-friendly particle board with wood grain. This material is stronger and weather resistant.
  • On top of that, you take your part in protecting the environment. To make it more durable, the cart has a thick metal frame. The frame ensures that the cart stands on its own and allows up to 176 lbs. of weight.
  • The cart has two shelves and one top tray. The shelves are made in a mesh design while the top tray is solid. The tray is perfect to cut and prepare food while the bottom can accommodate your grilling essentials. There are four wheels of this cart. These wheels twist and turn anywhere that you like so that you can carry weight on it too. The cart is not only for grilling. Its versatile design allows you to store anything you like anywhere you like. Its versatility is one of the reasons why it is one of the best outdoor grill carts in the market.


Now you might have a better idea of which is the best outdoor grill cart for you. There are several different considerable features. To help you get the best of most features, we have collected the best carts in the market. Choose the one that suits you the best.

And what will be the best outdoor grill cart in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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