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Best Portable Grill Carts in 2022

Best portable grill carts

We all know how lovely it is to take out your grills and set them up on the patio or the balcony on a cool evening. With the light breeze in your hair, it’s enough to wash off all the stress. Portable grills make this very easy. Portable grill carts make it even easier! It is as simple as dragging the cart wherever you want to set it up and start grilling. And then you can start to leave your daily hassles behind as you get behind that grill. So here we will be reviewing top 5 best portable grill carts.

How does the portability of a grill cart help?

What makes a grilling cart convenient? Well, it’s simple. It’s the portability. Why bother lugging around your heavy grills all over the place when you can slide them wherever you want with absolute ease and grace. No huffing or puffing required. You no longer need to think about doing a cookout with dread for days in advance because of how hard you’ll have to work to get it set up and get it going.

It also reduces damage to the grill itself. The cart makes sure that the grill is saved from the repeated damage of lugging and setting the grill up. This makes it a lot easier to clean it after you’re done the cooking and then to store the grill.

The Top 5 Portable Grill Cart in 2022

Grill Cart NameFoldableProduct dimensionWeightPrice
Bradley Smoker BTKITCART Kitchen CartYes35x22x7 in33.4 pounds Check Price
Serving Cart for Outdoor Folding Rolling WheelsYes34x19x33 inN/A Check Price
Bayou Classic Cart for GrillNo25.8x16x9.8 in22.4 pounds Check Price
Weber 6557 Q Portable CartYes30.5x24.5x19.5 in13.27 pounds Check Price
Royal Gourmet Portable Folding Trolley CartYes35.4x16.1x25.6 inN/A Check Price

Portable Grill Cart #1:

  • Bradley Smoker’s cart is suitable for outdoor events like an impromptu cookout, camping or other casual events. It isn’t just a grill cart; it can even be used as a preparation table and as a portable cart for your smoker or fryer. The cart comes with a wooden butcher top that easily doubles as a cutting board.
  • It is built with a sturdy steel frame that allows it to hold heavy weights without any damage. Its strong construction also means that it can survive for a long period of time with minimal maintenance. The BTKITCART Cart even has 2 shelves. This makes it easier to store anything that you might need for your regular cookouts. These shelves help to reduce the clutter.
  • You’ll also find it easy to store as it can be folded up and then opened back up in seconds. Two of its four wheels are designed to lock for maximal stability. This is especially important when you are planning to cook outdoors on uneven ground because you don’t want your grill to just wheel away.

Portable Grill Cart #2:

  • The E&B Serving Cart is an ideal choice and has features that make it one of our picks for the best portable grill carts. It is perfect for use in any setting: casual, formal or semi-casual. You can use it anywhere from the dining room to any outdoor settings.
  • That’s not all… It comes with a set of wheels that makes it perfect to wheel out. It has multiple shelves that are strong and sturdy. This strength of the shelves makes it so that each shelf can hold around 50 pounds in weight.
  • The cart is made of strong and durable metal that has a classic bronze coloring that gives it a certain elegance. It is a multi-beneficial purchase since its use is not limited to the home. It is a great choice if you want to use any office or home setting.
  • Why does the 4 wheels matter? This provides it with great mobility and stability. The wheels are equally suited for both indoor and outdoor use. It is very easy to store as well. And you can open it up instantly.

Portable Grill Cart #3:

  • This portable grill cart is an accessory that was created for the Bayou Fryer. But that doesn’t limit the potential of this great cart. What makes it a great addition to our list of the best portable grill carts is that it is made of stainless steel. This gives the entire cart a sturdy feel. It makes it highly durable so that you don’t have to worry about damage for the foreseeable future.
  • The cart can be used with any grill that you may want to make portable. It comes with rubber wheels and casters that are essential. These allow the cart to turn easily. It also allows for the cart to be easily used in outdoor and indoor settings.
  • The cart comes with a side shelf that can be used to store anything that you may need while cooking. Moreover, it is easy to assemble.

Portable Grill Cart #4:

  • The Weber 6557 Q Portable Cart has been designed to make grilling as easy as possible. It allows you to grill on the go. Just attach your grill on to this cart and you can take it just about anywhere. Simply throw the foldable cart into the back of your car along with the grill and you are ready to get a grilling on the go.
  • The grill attaches to the cart and this provides greater stability to the structure of the grill. You won’t have to worry about it sliding off the cart especially if you have set up your grill on uneven ground. You can even fold it down with the grill attached. This allows you to conserve space especially when taking it somewhere for a nice outdoor grilling session. It saves you the hassle of setting up both the grill and its cart separately.
  • The cart is made with high quality and durable materials that make it a great choice for long term and frequent grillers because this grill can last you a lifetime easily. It has a storage capacity of about 25 cubic feet. It even has a built-in wire transport handle. The cart comes with a hook and a loop strap to keep the grill locked safely onto the cart while they are being transported.

Portable Grill Cart #5:

  • The Royal Gourmet PGC01 grill cart is also popular as one of the best portable grill carts because it features highly durable materials that provide it with strength and allow it to serve you for long periods of time without any trouble.
  • It is a very strong powder coated cart. You can assemble and set up or taken down this cart within seconds that makes it easy to get grilling without any of the hassles.
  • The cart sets up to a height that is comfortable for grilling for most individuals. It even has foldable legs. This foldable property of the cart makes it a dream to store. You can take it down and store it anywhere you like because of the small amount of space that it takes. It has a design that allows it to be equally suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings like for the backyard, tailgating or the beach.


So now that we have discussed with you some of our best picks for the best portable grill carts, it is now up to you to decide which one suits you best. While the qualities of each of these carts definitely outweigh their cons, it is important for you to evaluate what you require out of a portable grill cart and then decide accordingly.

And what will be the best portable grill cart in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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