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The Latest Kamado Grill Stands in 2022

Best kamado grill stand

A camping experience is a memorable one if you have a Kamado grill stand. What is a Kamado anyway? The kamado or ceramic grill/smoker/oven is a fast growing category with more and more choices every year.
These charcoal-fueled devices are modern versions of the Japanese kamado, an earthenware cooking urn whose original design is probably at least 3,000 years old. You could obtain Kamado from the factory or you choose the latest selection of Kamado grills in the selection.

The Top 5 Kamado Grill Stand in 2022

Grill Stand NameMaterial typeWeightDimensionsPrice
JJGeorge Big Green Egg TableWood108 lbs.55x22x32 in Check Price
Dracarys Rolling Cart Big Green Egg AccessoriesPowder-Coated Steel26.5 lbs.26.2x7.7x4 in Check Price
Titan Ceramic Grill Table for KamadoAluminum72 lbs.56x34x34.5 in Check Price
Grill Dome DM-1000 Dome MobilePowder-Coated Steel30 lbs.30x24x4 in Check Price
BBQ Grill Table Nest Stand Big Green Egg StandPowder-Coated Steel4.03 lbs.16.9x3.7x3.5 in Check Price
  • A grill master takes pride of their masterpieces especially if it’s the JJGeorge Big Green Egg Table. What made it stand out from the rest is that its hand built out of solid eastern red cedar lumber. It is finished with clean spar-urethane coat to ensure that it could last long for outdoor use.
  • Weighing 108 pounds, it is easier to move it around because JJGeorge tables have installed 4 industrial strength locking swivel casters for portability features. You might spend a lot of time for preparing but never with the JJ George Big Green Egg Table because it only requires inserting 8 bolts, so within minutes, you can surely assemble it.
  • To guarantee product longevity, the JJGeorge table come with a table cover. The table is handmade by professional wood-crafting artisans who have experiences with woodwork for many years.
  • JJGeorge Long Big Green Egg Table has dimensions measuring 55 x 25 x 32 inches that would be enough to put your materials on it with enough space for you to work on it. You can store your grilling accessories on the large lower shelf.
  • It is built to last for a long time because it is coated with Eastern Red Cedar that could withstand the weather. It is guaranteed that it won’t rot or warp.
  • What good about JJGeorge is that they are customer-oriented, meaning they are considering your own satisfaction. If you aren’t satisfied with their services, they are obliged to refund you.
  • This large Rolling Cart would raise your kamado grill for a comfortable cooking height. Aside from raising its height, it also allows you to move it around easily.
  • Weighing 26.5 pounds with dimensions measuring 26.2 x 7.7 x 4 inches, it could replace the large big green egg as a gift. It is made to last long as it is made of durable powder-coated steel.
  • It has four 3-inch big casters, two of them with locking casters that are big enough for a smooth ride. It is padded with resting brackets and 4 heavy-duty polyurethane wheels including two locking casters, keeping the eggs still even if it is moving. While you are moving it around, make sure that you lock your wheels even on flat surface because it could move!
  • The wheels are made of urethane very smoothly that could be easily locked and unlocked from the front.
  • It is easy to assemble it with added installation instructions for the big green egg stand. The manufacturer would request you to contact them if you received the product without an instruction manual.
  • The manufacturer would also want to request you to check the official size of the product through its descriptions because they wouldn’t want be held accountable if you are buying from other sellers. Choose Dracarys as it can be a perfect gift for all occasions!
  • It is time for you to avail of the most upgraded grill set-up with a ceramic grill available from Titan Great Outdoors. Weighing 72 pounds, it is designed to fit extra-large big green egg and kamado Joe Ceramic grills.
  • It is durably constructed because it is made of electroplated aluminum table with four locking caster wheels for portability features. The equipment also provides a lot of space for storing and cooking.
  • The table tops dimensions are 56 x 34 inches while the table tops height is 34.5 inches.

Kamado Grill Stand #4:

  • Move around easily with the Grill Dome Mobile. Weighing 30 pounds with dimensions of 30 x 24 x 4 inches, it is made to last longer for your use.
  • Constructed durably with the stand made of thick solid steel strip, it is powder coated in black. Additional features include four casters that are designed to elevate the cooker to a comfortable height to be able to cook conveniently.
  • You can now experience using the Metal Table Nest that allows air flow beneath the Kamado. You can perfectly use the metal Table Nest outdoors as a custom table. According to the manufacturer, you must use it in conjunction with a table. It should not be used as a free-standing support for the grill, and you shouldn’t place it directly on wood or combustible surface.
  • Weighing 4.03 pounds with dimensions of 16.9 x 3.7 x 3.5 inches, it is made of heavy steel in black power coated made durably and stronger.

Maintaining a Kamado Grill

You get to choose from the list of what Kamado grill stand do you prefer from a grill stand that allows air flow beneath the egg or you can also consider the grill set-up with wheels that you can lock up, so that the eggs would not be shaken when you’re moving it.
You could keep your Kamado longer with regular proper maintenance. One of which is ash removable that should be done often because it is good to clean the kamado of its debris after each cooking. But if you prefer, you can always clean it instead after cooking.
Cleaning after the ash is important because the ash clogs air vents, so it limits air access. Air going through the vents is important for the charcoal to burn properly. You might wonder if it’s easy to clean up after the kamado, and indeed, it is.
If you haven’t cooked for a long time with a Kamado grill, it might develop molds on different parts of the Kamado grill such as on the interior walls. If this happens, please do not use any chemical agents.
The way to clean a Kamado grill without using chemical agents is as easy as it could be.
First is to get the charcoal burning then putting on the grates and the panels of the heat deflector. The next thing is to open all the air vents and close the lid then we leave the grill like that for a while until it reaches high temperature of about 600 degrees F.
After reaching the desired temperature, we shall maintain it for 15-20 minutes then we close the top air vent. You’ll let the grill cool down and then you may grab a brush and clean the grates after. These simple steps guarantees that the remains inside the grill will burn away. This natural method would surely eliminate the foreign objects that might affect the Kamado grills performance.

And what will be the best Kamando grill stand in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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