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Best Folding Grill Tables in 2022

Best folding grill table

Grills are becoming very common in most households these days. Their versatile and unique structure makes them very likable by any family who wishes to grill the perfect dishes. However, not just the grills are important for a great dinner meal – so are the accessories that come with it.
Folding grill tables are perhaps the most useful accessories to have with you if you are grilling. These tables provide you a convenient place to put all your spatulas, aprons and cooking mittens. Folding tables are very helpful in outdoor settings when people normally don’t have many places to put their things on.
Suppose you are out on your backyard and your friends or family have gathered for a nice day out barbecuing and grilling. You place your grill firmly and you notice that you have no place to keep all your essentials like oil, spatulas, your keys and maybe your phone as well. A folding grill table would be helpful in these situations. If you plan a trip, it provides a lot of space in your trunk to keep other things in your luggage and it saves you time as well.
When venturing out to buy the best folding grill tables, you might be confused with all the different options available to you. For this purpose, we have reviewed the best folding grill tables.

The Top 5 Folding Grill Tables in 2022

Grill Table NameWeightMaterialPortablePrice
Camco Deluxe Folding Grill Table6 lbs.Aluminum and stainless steelYes Check Price
Cedar Portable Folding Grill/Craft Table22 lbs.Western Red CedarPartially Check Price
Giantex Aluminum Folding Grill Table17 lbs.Aluminum and steelYes Check Price
Giantex Folding Grill Table21 lbs.Aluminum and steelYes Check Price
Lifetime 280312 Folding Tailgate Camp Table25 lbs.SteelYes Check Price

Folding Grill Table #1:

  • The Camco Deluxe Folding Grill Table is an excellent accessory to keep with you when you are out barbecuing or tailgating. The foldable mechanism and sturdy design of the product make it one of the best folding grill tables available.
  • It consists of a large table top with two spacious shelves and a lower shelf. Not only that, but the table also features a paper towel holder and several hooks to facilitate you. The top and lower shelves can be used to hold pots and pans and even some cleaning equipment. The shelves on either side are mostly used to hold phones, wallets, keys, spatulas and oil dispensers.
  • This folding table is manufactured using stainless steel which is also very durable. When we tested this product, we found that even on impact, the table was able to withstand a lot of pressure and weight. The stainless steel prevents the product from rusting so you can rest assured when you are out grilling in places that have a lot of moisture.
  • The table is also made to be foldable and portable. This folding table can be folded to about 6 inches in height. This means you can easily take it with you when you’re going on an RV trip, camping or even tailgating.
  • The folding and disassembly process is easy and straightforward. The table top and wire rack can easily be detached and then stacked on top for quick and easy storage. It even comes with a lightweight and durable carrying case which can be used to put the folded table in.

Folding Grill Table #2:

  • The sturdy nature of Cedar and the durability of the materials used in manufacturing make it one of the best folding grill tables present on the market. The Timber Jacks Woodshop Cedar Portable Folding Table has Western Red Cedar wood construction. This wood is sturdy and is hand-picked by the professionals hired by the company.
  • The careful selection of wood makes sure that no sub-standard wood comes into the manufacturing process. Then the manufacturer has hand cut and sanded each piece. The fact that all of this is done manually adds to the reliability of this product as there are lesser chances of errors. The legs of the folding grill table also feature Cedar wood construction. These legs are retractable to provide portability and ease of transport.
  • For ease of transport and handling, this product also features a Chrome/Zinc handle present on the folding of the table top. Other than that, there are several hooks present on the table and you can use them to hang the barbecuing utensils such as spatulas and forks. The convenience, durability, and portability of this product truly make it one of the best folding grill tables.

Folding Grill Table #3:

  • If you’re looking for a multi-function folding grill table that can serve you more purposes than one, then this Giantex table is the perfect match for you. It’s a versatile, durable and reliable product. The brand is unmatchable in terms of availability of features and durability.
  • Giantex uses heat resistant aluminum as the manufacturing material for the table. The sturdy steel provides the folding table some good structure while the heat resistant aluminum provides the user with comfort. The water-resistant MDF used in the tabletop prevents the metallic folding table from rusting at all costs.
  • The table consists of a large table top, folding shelves, and a bottom storage space. The storage space provided with this product is top-notch and ample. Space is enough for all the condiments, spatulas, pots and even the meat, which you will dish out eventually. Giantex also provides you with a large storage bag for easy transportation when traveling.
  • The Giantex Aluminum Folding Grill Table prides itself on being very light in weight. It only weighs about 17 pounds making it one of the lightest on our list of top picks. The light weight makes it easier to transport and carry around. The retractable legs and detachable shelves and tabletop also aid in making a compact form of the table for added portability.

Folding Grill Table #4:

  • The Giantex Cook Station is definitely one of the more innovative products on this list as it features a unique windscreen, which allows you to protect your dish and your equipment from the oncoming wind and dust as well.
  • Giantex Cook Station has industrial grade steel construction. The company has used heat resistant aluminum for the construction of its top. The unique feature of this product is the windscreen which is also of stainless steel. This windscreen acts as a barrier and protects the food and utensils from the weather and wind as well.
  • It has a useful design so it retracts easily and you can detach the shelves easily as well. This allows you to break it down to a compact form and store it. The portable nature of this cooking station adds to the ease of use as well.
  • This product consists of a large and spacious table top which is moisture and heat resistant. Other than that, this table also features two folding shelves and a zipper bag underneath one side table. You can keep your cooked meals in the zipper bag to protect it from animals as well as bugs and dust. The space provided by the product is ample and also very large.
  • You can use it to store all kinds of pots, pans, and even utensils.
    Giantex also boasts a compact storage bag in which you can store the product when it is in a compact form. This bag is sturdy and serves its purpose well. It allows you to easily transport this product from one place to another given that the overall weight of the Giantex is only 21 lbs.

Folding Grill Table #5:

  • The Lifetime 280312 Camp Table is one of the best folding grill tables present on the market right now. Their durability and versatility are what has kept them on the top of their game for a while now. Lifetime is a great choice for all your grilling and barbecuing needs.
  • Lifetime 280312 is specially engineered to be light in weight. The high-density polyethylene also helps to keep the folding grill table durable and long-lasting. Not only is that, but the surface of the folding table also made to be UV resistant. The resistance to UV rays helps to fight off weathering.
  • The high-density polyethylene is engineered to withstand all kinds of heavy impacts. Upon testing, it was found that even after experiencing a heavy blow; the folding table did not dent. This just goes to show that you can use this particular folding grill table anywhere, whether it is an RV trip or even if it’s just an outdoor picnic.
  • The metal braces are also manufactured to be durable and resistant to all kinds of high pressure. The braces are made to withstand the impact of 200 percent more material. This is done in a very unique way as the polyethylene is concentrated on the pressure points of the surface. This makes it much more durable and resistant to high pressure.
  • What makes this the best folding grill table is its attention to detail. The surface is coated with a powdered coating to prevent any kind of rust on the surface. Not only that, but the braces are capped at the bottom in order to prevent scratches on the floor.


Keeping in mind all the features of products listed on our list of top picks, we have decided on a clear winner. The Lifetime Folding Table trumps all when it comes to features and portability. This product is durable and all the while, it does not compromise on storage capacity or portability. The sturdy materials and resistance features make it top notch and the best folding grill table.

And what will be the best folding grill table in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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