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Best Grill Prep Tables in 2022

Best grill prep table

Who doesn’t want to take out their grill on a Sunday afternoon and grill away while enjoying cool sundaes out in the porch or veranda? The heat is a little too much at this time of the year and pretty much the only way to beat it is to get some fresh air out on your balcony while cooking yourself a wonderful meal. We all know how hard it is to lug your grill around and how long it takes to set up each time. And none of us want to do all the lifting when we’re already sweating. Well, we are just as lazy as you are, so we have decided to review the top 5 best grill prep tables.

How does the easy cleaning help?

Again, let’s lead with the laziness that is behind every genius invention. It can be used as both a cooking table and a serving station. You can even use it as a serving cart for guests even when you aren’t grilling. They are incredibly easy to clean. They are generally of stainless steel and can be cleaning in one wipe with a clean cloth.

You no longer have to worry about the splashes getting stuck to the table that you’ll have to scrape off afterward. The fact that it is so easy to clean makes it easier for you to take it out at the slightest excuse. You have some guests over, use it as a food cart, or you can use it at home to store materials for grilling.

The Top 5 Grill Prep Table in 2022

Grill Prep Table NameMaterial typeWeightDimensionsPrice
Outdoor BBQ Prep Table Stainless Steel TopResin and stainless steel32.5 lbs.29.4x35.5x22.8 in Check Price
Member's Mark Bamboo Prep TableIndustrial grade steel and s. steel85.5 lbs.36x30x20 in Check Price
Suncast Outdoor Grilling Prep StationPlastic29.1 lbs.20x22x34 in Check Price
Giantex Wooden Work Station TableChinese Fir Wood and Metal Sheet14.6 lbs.30x14.5x35 in Check Price
NSF Stainless Steel Prep & Work TableStainless steel46 lbs.35.6x28.7x4.1 in Check Price

Grill Prep Table #1:

  • This is the prep table for you if you are an avid entertainer and have people over for meals all the time. This will definitely make your life so much easier. So what makes this BBQ prep table worth our nomination for one of thebest grill prep tables? The fact that it is a freestanding and rolling cart makes it so much easier to operate. While it has wheels, you won’t have to worry about it rolling away if you part it on a slight elevation.
  • You can set it up once with all the materials you may need during your cookout and you won’t have to rush inside for every tiny little thing. You can even use it as a refreshment cart. It is incredibly multipurpose. You can use it as a cart to deliver refreshments to all your guests. This saves you the manual labor of having to carry so many drinks back and forth between the kitchen and your guests.
  • It comes with a good amount of enclosed space. You can use this space to store items that you need on a fairly regular basis for your cookouts so that everything you need is in the same place. The cart even includes adjustable legs and includes 2 bars for paper towels, a spice rack so that you can spice up your food on the go and also contains a bottle opener.

Grill Prep Table #2:

  • The Member’s Mark Bamboo PrepTable is one of our picks for the best grill prep tables. This is due to the fact that it supplements your kitchen. The fact that it holds a 2-inch thick end-grain butcher block too makes it a welcome addition to any kitchen or cooking space. This makes grilling much more easily and hassle-free. Grilling goes hand in hand with cutting and this makes that so much easier when you have a butcher block for all your knife needs.
  • The cutting board is a great addition; this is because about half of grill prep involves cutting vegetables and meats into pieces that are just the right size. You can usually cut your veggies and meats on any prep table but the fact that it has a cutting board protects your prep table from knife marks that are the first to ruin the beauty of your prep table.
  • Not only this, but it also features small grooves that line the outside of the cutting board, this helps to collect the juices that runoff from your tomatoes or your meats, these grooves drain into a small removable bowl that can be emptied when full. This makes sure that none of the juices run off and ruin the texture or taste of your food and helps to make sure that once you are done, all you have to do is clean the bowl and wipe off the prep table.
  • Suncast’sprep table is known for its feasibility and its mobility. It features 2 locking and 2 non-locking casters. This makes it easier to move the cart around and even ground it in place when you need it to be immobile. Moreover, it features 2 cabinets; the upper cabinet has space for items like vegetables that you may need frequently and repeatedly like sauces, spices, and other vegetables. The lower cabinet is generally best for storing items that you may not need as often. This is what makes it convenient because it allows you to store pretty much all your grilling supplies within that one prep table.
  • It even features a 40” countertop that can be used to hold your grill and other materials that are required while you are grilling. The table even has extensions that allow you to use it as a serving table. It is constructed of durable plastic; this prep table requires less maintenance than its counterparts. Nevertheless, it is quite easy to assemble and can be ready within minutes. Its assemblingdoesn’t require any tools either. The table is made up of highly durable plastic which makes sure that your prep table withstands the test of time and weather.
  • The fact that it is a garden work station is a testament to its strength. This is a highly durable workbench that can double for you like a grill prep table. It allows you to set up your supplies on the various shelves of the work station for storage and then you can get to thegrilling workby setting up your grill on the worktop. It has a height that makes sure that you can grill easily without having to bend down or reach up. This perfect height allows for greater comfort. Its worktop is very spacious which allows you to perform multiple functions at the same time.
  • The Giantex Work Station is made of highly durable materials. This makes it a great choice and is bound to last you for years without causing any problems. It even four galvanizedfeet, this protects them from rotting. The table also has 3 shelves which make it easier to store all materials that you may need while grilling. This station even has fiveiron hooks on the side that you can use to hang your gloves, oiling brushes and other accessories.
  • The Gridmann NSF is a remarkable piece of kitchenware. It can be set up almost anywhere from the kitchen to the patio to a restaurant. The multipurpose table can be used as a workspace or as a serving station. It consists of an ultra-heavy duty top. This makes sure that your kitchen supplies are always safe.
  • It even features a shelf whose height can be adjusted according to requirements. It even has galvanized legs. This helps to protect them from rotting. The edges of the worktop are rounded to protect you and make it a safe and comfortable working space. The worktop is fairly large. This allows you to perform many jobs in the same space very easily.
  • Furthermore, it features 4 wheels; this makes the work table portable and increases its range of use. Its wheels are heavy duty.


No game is fun as long as there isn’t a winner. Now that we have discussed with you our picks for the five best grill prep tables, it is time to declare a winner. We believe that the winner for this category would be the Member’s Mark Bamboo Prep Table. Why is this? While the features of all the nominees were great, it was obvious that this table takes the cake. This is because of the fact that it features a table top that has a cutting board and a removable drainage bowl built into it. This is what makes it stand out above all the rest.

And what will be the best grill prep table in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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