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Best Outdoor Grill Tables in 2022

Best outdoor grill table

We can all agree that art takes time and patience. The same way we can agree that well-prepared food is nothing short of art. We also know that you need your space while working and want enough space to keep everything close. Sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be enough counter space to help you work and hold all your utensils.

And in such cases, a renovation is not always an option. If extra working space is what you’re looking for then keep reading. We’re about to go through a list of the best outdoor grill tables that you can easily use indoors when needed.

At this point you might be wondering:

How can an outdoor grill table be useful to me?

Well as we said sometimes space can be a real issue. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have extra counter space that also held all your cooking implements?

Outdoor grill tables are useful because you can use them to prep food that you’re about to cook. If you don’t have a grill that comes with a work station then having a grill table could prove to be very convenient. Not to mention the best grill tables come with plenty of storage space that helps you hold things you need.

If nothing else you could use grill tables to hold plates and condiments. Grill tables can also prove to be very useful outdoors when you’re always struggling for a safe storage place.

The Top 6 Outdoor Grill Table in 2022

Grill Table NameDimensionsWeightHook HangersPrice
Keter Unity Indoor Outdoor BBQ Table29.6”x35.4”x22.7”32.2 lbsYes Check Price
Royal Gourmet Movable Dining Cart Table39.4”x23.2”x31.9”27.1 lbsYes Check Price
GCI Outdoor Portable Folding Cook Station52”x21”x32”18.9 lbsYes Check Price
GRIDMANN Commercial Work Table37.5”x26”x3”50.2 lbsN/A Check Price
Coleman Pack-Away Portable Kitchen31.5”x11”x4”13.4 lbsYes Check Price
Camco Deluxe Foldable Outdoor Grilling Table20.4”x37.7”x6”20 lbsYes Check Price

Outdoor Grill Table #1:

  • This product is a must have for anyone that loves BBQ and multi-tasking. The BBQ Prep Station has earned its place among the best outdoor grill tables and here’s how. This BBQ table is made from polypropylene plastic construction. Now before you turn away at the word plastic let us throw some facts at you.
  • Firstly, the plastic used for this BBQ table is weather-resistant against all kinds of weather. And secondly, the strong polypropylene has a beautiful wood texture that is attractive to look at. Not only that but the plastic is the easiest to clean in case of any spills.
  • Speaking of easy to clean this BBQ table also comes with a 430 stainless steel top. And you can use this stainless steel top for any number of reasons. You can keep the easily maneuverable cart inside and use it as a prep table. Or you can roll out in the garden to use as a serving table. You can even use this prep table to hold and carry your gardening supplies when you’re not using it for a BBQ.
  • Besides the solid construction, there are a number of features that make this BBQ table one of the best outdoor grill tables. This BBQ table also has plenty of storage both open and sealed. You can use the storage space directly beneath the stainless steel top to keep plates and cutlery. While you can use the sealed storage (with a capacity of 40 gallons) to hold bottles, towels, or anything you need. You could even use this space to permanently hold your BBQ equipment as it can be locked.

Outdoor Grill Table #2:

  • This next BBQ table is simple, elegant and absolutely easy to use. This flattop worktable comes with a sleek finish that is appealing to look at and functional as well. As you can see this BBQ table consists of four heavy-duty legs with three solid horizontal tube supporters. This sturdy frame is stable on any terrain or surface.
  • The product has a large stainless steel top that you can use as a prep table. In case of any spills, you can easily wipe it off with a clean, wet cloth. And once you’re done with the prep you can even use the worktable as a serving table.
  • The frame on this BBQ grill table is just as easy to clean. You just need to give it a wipe down with a clean cloth. This BBQ prep table has a solid frame that is protected against rust and damage. This and many other features make this BBQ table one of the best outdoor grill tables.
  • With this BBQ table, you have three multifunctional tool hooks that you can use. When cooking you can hang the cooking utensils you need in a hurry. Or you can always use these hooks to hang implements to dry in a convenient spot.
  • The side handle helps you roll this worktable around. You can use it to transport dishes outside or you can use it to easily move the table indoors or outdoors. When not in use you can always use the side handle to hand a paper towel. Lastly, this outdoor grill table has a double-shelf construction that gives you plenty of space.

Outdoor Grill Table #3:

  • This cook station has a strong frame that makes it perfect for using as a work station. The frame on this cook station is one-piece powder-coated steel that folds easily. You can fold up the GCI Cook Station or fold it out in a matter of seconds.
  • The lightweight frame is easy to carry and store. The top of this outdoor grill table is made from durable, heat-resistant aluminum. The aluminum on this countertop also makes cleanup effortless. The best feature on this BBQ table is the four plastic, fold-out tables. This cook station is incredibly easy to clean and maintain.
  • The fold out tables makes this perhaps the perfect outdoor cooking companion. You can use the multiple tables to hold all of your cooking implements as you prep. Or you can turn the worktable into a serving station by placing all the food on each platform. You can keep food, condiments, and drinks all within reach so that your guests can help themselves at any time.
  • You can always take the GCI Cook Station camping with you! It can easily fit into the back of your trunk. And you can unpack it just as easily. Besides once you’re done with cleaning the dishes you can always use the bottom rack for drying dishes.
  • If that wasn’t enough then there’s one more feature you will really appreciate. This cook station has hooks that you can use for holding cooking utensils and garbage bags. This work table makes it for you to have everything you need right within reach.

Outdoor Grill Table #4:

  • If you’re looking for something simple and effective then look no further. This work station is reliable and convenient. The construction on this sturdy work station is stainless steel. The top and the entire frame is all durable stainless steel. This table makes cleanup really easy as well.
  • Stainless steel does not stain very easily so it is easy to maintain. Even if you get it dirty through oil spills you can easily wipe the table down and clean it. The top of the work station is an extra-heavy-duty as compared to others. You can use it to hold heavy equipment and move it across the kitchen if you need it. You can also use this work station to move things outside for a BBQ. The top can be used as an extra workspace in your kitchen or a prep station outside.
  • This work station comes with reliable, good quality wheels that help you cart things around with ease. The wheels on this workstation move easily across terrains without making an unpleasant racket. If needed you can always get this stainless steel work station and keep in your kitchen for extra storage space. The worktop has rounded front and back station edges that prevent any injuries in case you accidentally knock into it.
  • Not only that but the height on this work station is adjustable. You can fix the height on it to meet your needs on different occasions. This adjustable feature also makes the work station easier to store away. The quality of this work station is assured by its NSF certification. Clearly, this work station deserves its place among the best outdoor grill tables.
  • The Coleman Pack-Away Portable Kitchen is exactly what the name says. The strong, sturdy frame can easily be folded away when you don’t need it. In the same way, you can quickly fold it out and use it whenever you need it. This portable work station is easily packed away in a compact case for easy storage.
  • This portable work station provides you with plenty of cooking space in the outdoors. You can even keep it in a small apartment for a convenient work station that you can always put away. This work station provides you with a stable working surface and also plenty of storage to keep your cooking ingredients at hand.
  • The 31.5×21.3-inch food prep table is great for chopping ingredients or prepping food.  It is one of the reasons this work station is counted among the best outdoor grill tables. This work station also has hooks to hang your utensils and help you keep them close at hand. Not only that but you have a strong mesh shelf that is good for storage.
  • The product has a 27.8 x 20.5-inch side table that can accommodate almost all the Coleman stoves and coolers. This work station saves you on space and time spent cleaning. Because the handy frame on this work station is all sturdy aluminum which can be cleaned with a wipe down.
  • The Coleman Pack-Away Portable Kitchen is good for entertaining in your backyard and for taking camping. The easy folding frame and storage case make it easy to carry.

Outdoor Grill Table #6:

  • This product from Camco is as reliable as it is convenient. Its many handy features are the reason this product is on the list of the best outdoor grill tables. The Camco Deluxe Grilling Table with Side Tables is a must have for people who don’t have much available storage space. Its sturdy frame can easily be folded up and packed away.
  • You can carry this table wherever you need with the durable carry case that is included. This table is good for small kitchens where you can bring it out for more workspace. It is just as good for BBQ or for a trip outdoors. The lightweight frame means you can carry it where you need it. The frame on this Camco grill table is high strength steel which ensures a long work life for this product.
  • The side tables on this work station give you plenty of room to store everything you need while you work. The side tables are also weather resistant and have integrated cup holders. You can keep your drink within reach while you prep food for a big dinner.
  • This work station comes with a storage rack that you can use to hold plates and towels. Or you can always use it to hold newly washed dishes as they dry. This table is easily set-up and helps you keep everything you need all in one place. The steel frame also makes it easy to clean and maintain.


We have covered a variety of outdoor grill tables. You can find tables that can help you cart food around and work stations that provide plenty of counter space. We have tried to cover as many options as possible to give you a good range. Each of the options on this list is one of the best outdoor grill tables out there. They each come with their own special features and are worth their value.

And what will be the best outdoor grill table in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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