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Best Primo Grill Cart in 2022

Best Primo grill cart

A grill cart is a must have for every grill owner. So, if you haven’t bought a grill cart then you might consider getting one. Primo has one of the best grill carts in the market nowadays. The cart is known for its durability and strength. These specific grill carts are made for only the Primo Oval grills. With grill carts, you can place your grill on it to enjoy your BBQ moment, and you can also cart away kitchen things that are often lightweight on it.

Before buying any grill cart, it is very important to put different factors into consideration like; its strength, weight and capacity. The best Primo grill carts are simple to use and are all unique in their various purposes. So here are the few kinds of best Primo grill cart put together for you.

The Top 5 Primo Grill Cart in 2022

  • This kind of cart is also one of the best grill carts because of its side tables that can help support you while grilling because, you can drop your spatula on, or you can even leave some few light things on them.
  • Another unique feature is that the cart has casters which are suitable for extra-large oval grill so if you have one and you are worried about where to stand your grill, they can help to stand properly.
  • It has a strongly built leg which helps to balance the cart evenly without any hassle.
  • This grill and cart are one of the best in the grill market. It is made in the U.S. from durable materials. It has a unique design that makes grilling life easier. It offers an amazing ample workspace for grilling. The grill smoker has the capacity to accommodate any kind of food as a result of its roundness. So, there’s enough room for BBQ.
  • Another wonderful thing about this grill and grill cart is the four revolving lockable casters which aids easy movement.
  • This portable grill base has a foldable format. That is, it can be folded into the back seat of your car ready for road trips and long distant travels, on tail gates or even on a picnic table. If you add the Primo GO Base with the Oval JR 200 grill, then you are ready to go.
  • It is clearly portable to carry around. It also holds a two-piece cradle and a base that offers a portable use which can also be easily detached. The grill cart is also uniquely built with its strong base stand that helps carry the weight that is put on the cart.
  • This countertop table is considered exquisite because of its modern wooden countertop table is beautiful to complement a modern terrace or garden. The countertop table has a portable stand with superb rolling tires with which you can easily carry the cart to your desired spot.
  • Another important thing to note is that the countertop table is only for oval BBQ. The table features a built-in shelf where you can store your other accessories.
  • Its shape, feature and unique design, are enough to stand out and blend in an event or even BBQ gathering.
  • This primo cradle can be used on a picnic table, on a truck tailgate or even on a ground level, but it would be too low at ground level. It is a two-piece cradle that offers comfortability and portability.
  • It has well fixed wheels that are extremely strong and durable. They are quite capable of handling a fair amount of weight placed on the grill cart.

Why is Primo good?

When buying a Primo grill cart, you need to check and be fully sure that it is a really good cart and you like all the features embedded in it. So, you need to ask, questions like why do you need to buy a good primo.

Why should you prefer the Primo cart?

The Primo grill carts are great as they have the ability to last long despite the number of times you have to use it. The grill cart is known for its durability. The carts are extremely strong because they are built from durable materials as well. The Primo carts can be easily detached from the grill and can be easily fixed back into place.

Are the Primo Carts easy to clean?

Yes, the grill carts are quite easy to clean. You can decide to use foam and water or a wet rag to clean the countertops and cradles perfectly and leave them clean and glittering.

Can they be detached?

No. They are not detachable except if the manufacturer says so in his user manual. So, just before using your grill cart, ensure to read the manufacture’s manual to be sure if the cart is to be arranged before use or has been arranged already and all you have to do is to put it in use. You need to check this so you wouldn’t spoil you cart by detaching it when not supposed to.


It is amazing and totally fun when you have a grill cart because with the grill carts, it is way easier to carry your grill whenever and wherever you like. With grill carts, things can now be done easily. Things that often requires stress in and outside the kitchen. But with the advent of grill carts, it’s really made grilling or rather kitchen life easier. At least something to tightly hold your grill in place. This means that each time you need to use your grill, you can easily place it in a grill cart, countertop or a grill cradle to stand tightly. Some of these grill countertops have side tables where you can easily place your spatula and other things.

Other countertops also have built in shelves where you can put your BBQ accessories, charcoal or other grilling things safely even while grilling. So, it’s high time to put an end to the days when you cooked or grilled inconveniently. The Primo grill carts are simply good fit for BBQ/grilling night.

And what will be the best Primo grill cart in 2023? If you are interested in this subject subscribe us and share your opinion in a comment. Thank you!

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