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A comprehensive guide to grilling in cold weather

Grilling in cold weather

Grilling has recently caught a lot of attention from the public due to the high rise in fast food joints. People prefer to grill at almost every occasion. The reason is that grilling the meat is one of the healthiest ways to consume meat. It is also a large occasion and considered a fun time for others to be grilling with family or friends.

One of the best experiences of grilling is grilling in the cold weather or during the holiday season. Not only does the heat warm your body, but the delicious meals make it even better. There are several concerns about grilling in the cold weather; this article aims to answer those concerns exactly.

How do I store the grill in the cold weather?

Storing the grill in the most appropriate way during the cold weather is important. Especially, if you do not want to fire up your grill to some unwanted surprises. It is of vital importance that you should remember to never keep the gas grill inside the house. Even if you want to store it in your garage, it is not a good idea.

Grilling in cold weather

This is a huge risk as even the smallest of leaks can cause a huge explosion. You do not want that happening inside your house at any cost. It is not just enough to keep the grill covered at all times. There are also other important factors and measures you can take to keep your grilling experience free from problems.

First and foremost, what you should do is to keep your valve closed off from the main grill. This really helps in the long run, it prevents any accidents from happening in the future. If you intend to keep the grill outside, make sure to keep it properly covered. You should use a soft clean cloth and a wooden lid. Also, you must make sure that the gas tank is connected but the valve is shut off; this is crucial for safety.

When is it too cold to grill outside?

In simplest words: never. It is never too cold to grill outside. Whether it is mild temperature outside or cold to the point where your teeth start to chatter, it is never too cold to grill. However, we should warn you that if it is too cold outside, you should probably take some precautions. Here are some of the safety tips we have compiled for you:

  • Firstly, make sure that you are wearing proper heat resistant gloves and not the regular mitts you have lying around.
  • Make sure that your grill is covered with an ample cover if it is snowing heavily.
  • Remember to be patient at all times. Remember that it is very cold outside and it may take some time for your grill to reach the kind of temperatures you want.
  • Clear a path to your grill by clearing up all the snow. This makes it easier for the grill to get all fired up as the snow will not be present to turn the grill cold.

How do I grill with charcoal in the cold?

It is no surprise that charcoal is a very popular heat source used in grills. Charcoal is popular because of the fact that it is readily available and is not very affected by the cold. Make sure that you store charcoal in a cool dry place away from any kind of snow or water. If the charcoal gets wet, then it may become almost impossible to start the flames to get grilling.

Grilling in cold weather

The charcoal needs to be constantly dry otherwise your meal may turn out raw or undercooked and we definitely do not want that to happen. We would highly recommend you to purchase a charcoal grill for the winter season or if you live in a cold place. The reason is that the charcoal will never really run out in the market and you won’t face problems like you would with the propane gas tanks.

Gases contract and become compact on cooling; this is seventh-grade science. So during the winter season, it becomes very problematic to grill with the gas tank as the flame from the gas becomes weaker; making it difficult to get the right kind of heat that is necessary for your meal.

How should I grill using a propane tank during the cold season?

Propane is perhaps the cheaper and popular way to grill meals in several places. While we do not especially recommend propane gas tanks as heat sources, we cannot deny their incredible advantage.

With the propane gas tanks, you have much more control over the flame and heat, which makes it easier to grill difficult dishes and proteins. This is not the case with charcoal-fueled grills as their flame is almost never in control.

The major problem with these kinds of grills is the fact that you will have to be very tolerant of the cold. Cold temperatures usually make the gas very compact making it difficult to get ample flame from the tank.

This can be agitating and it can cause the protein to either not cook evenly or properly. While grilling with propane, make sure to have some extra filling of propane available with you, because you would not want the gas to run out while you are grilling.

Propane tanks should be covered at all times and should be kept in a place where there is no chance of the tank coming in contact with an electrical wire or any other source which can potentially cause the tank to blow up.

How can I use an electric smoker in the cold weather?

Electric smokers are some of the most distinguished cooking or culinary units in the industry. They provide an exquisite taste to the protein which you will be grilling. These appliances work in a particularly easy way by raising the temperature of the interior and then adding that wonderful smoky taste to it.

The problem with the cold weather is reaching and maintaining that particular temperature at which it operates. Because mostly these appliances are engineered from metals, they tend to get cold easily. However, weather is not your only adversary here. Sleet, snow, rain and even the wind will not let your smoker reach the temperature properly.

But do not worry; we are here to help you with some workarounds to this dilemma. The general rule for this kind of situation is that you should accumulate 20 minutes per pound of meat for every 7 degrees below 50 degrees.

Can propane gas tanks be left outside in the winter?

Grilling in cold weather

Propane gas tanks are extremely important for grilling as they are the main source of heat in the grills. During the winter season, if you want to use the grill very often, it is advisable to keep the propane gas tank covered and connected to the main grill.

Make sure that the connection is made but is not active. You can do this by connecting the pipe of the grill with the gas tank but remember to turn off the valve of the tank. Doing this allows the gas to remain inside the tank and not leak. However, ultimately, we would advise you to keep this gas tank at far proximity from the house.


Grilling is an excellent way to gather the family and friends and enjoy your time with them. It has become an exceedingly large part of modern culture due to its appeal for easy cooking time and methods and also the experience.

Grilling in the cold weather can itself be such a surreal and serene experience for most people because the warmth and joy of getting to grill in such a cold atmosphere can be rather relaxing.

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