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Health Benefits of Charbroiling

Is charbroiled healthy

If you love grilling barbecue, then you will also love charbroiling. A charbroiler is different from a barbecue grill because it is heavy duty. If you ever noticed that restaurants serve you with meat that has clear char lines embedded into it then they’re actually cooking with a charbroiler.

Cooking with a charbroiler could produce a different rich taste that cannot be achieved with other ways of cooking.

Charbroiled burgers

If you’re not a fan of fast food burgers, then a charbroiled burger is for you. It is a different kind of burger that has been cooked on a grill with the heat source underneath it. What is important to know about this grill is that it must be open because it would certainly grease the drip onto the heat source. You’d like to avoid vaporization. This process is the one responsible for the specific flavor or charbroiled burgers.

Is charbroiled healthy

Are charbroiled burgers healthy?

Yes, charbroiled burgers are healthy because of the way it has been processed. Because of its cooking process, it is easier for the fat to escape. The fat content is actually a significant factor when you’re eating your burgers. Charbroiled dishes contain a way less fat, than regular grilled meals.

Charbroiled vs seared cooking technique

Cooking meat at very high temperature on a metal grate with a direct heat source beneath it is the cooking process of charbroiling. This process is a fast one that allows those distinct patches branding unto the meat. In other countries, charbroiling is called chargrilling but no matter what the name is, if your food has the distinct streaks on it then it has been charbroiled.

Charbroiling has been a recommended cooking process. This is because of its high temperature that will quickly cook the food. In this regard, you could have a finished product after a few minutes.

On the other hand, searing is another cooking technique. The technique is used in a variety of other meal preparation techniques such as grilling and baking. With this technique, the surface of the food is cooked at a high temperature until a brown crust is developed. Other techniques are also used to sear all the sides of the food before placing it inside the oven. A way to obtain the desired browning of the crust, you surface must exceed 150 °C (300 °F). In this regard, the meat’s surface must not hold water.

Searing is said to lock in the moisture or sealing in the juices. But accordingly, experts said that searing could result in a greater net loss of moisture. This is compared to cooking in similar internal temperature without searing. Searing is important because the browning could produce ideal flavors, the appearance would create a well-browned crust, and the contrast of taste and texture will enhance its flavor upon taste.

Searing might be likened to caramelization, but it is different because the process only involves sugar or carbohydrates. Searing involves the Maillard reaction, it takes a reaction between amino acid and sugar to produce the same result.

Cooking a charbroiled steak

The good thing about charbroiling is that you could vary it especially when it comes to charbroiled steaks. They could be charred over high temperature and then moved to a lower-heat portion to complete the cooking process. Charbroiling isn’t only recommended for cooking red meat but for also cooking vegetables. There are some reminders when you’re planning to prepare a charbroiled steak. If you’re taking your steak out from the fridge then you have to set it aside first before placing it on top of the grill because it will not be evenly cooked.

Seasoning the steak is also important. You simply have to apply salt and black pepper then a little bit of olive oil for the seasoning process. But please do not overdo the seasoning because it might taste different.

Is charbroiled healthy

When you’re preparing the grill, do not forget to coat the cooking grate with vegetable oil because it is responsible for the grilled marks on the meat. It will take about 10 minutes to cook for a medium consistency. Trust the grill when it comes to the process. Place the steak on the cooking grate when the grill is already heated. After, please refrain yourself from poking and flipping because you might disrupt the cooking process. Flip the burgers to the other side when its side is already been cooked.

After the steak is done, please refrain from touching it yet. This is because it is crucial for the internal juices to keep on cooking within it. Let the steak rest for about 5 to 7 minutes to allow the meat to distribute juices evenly. If you’ve mastered the art of cooking steak, then you must try cooking charbroiled beef.

If you’ve already wanted to try the process, you should get yourself a home charbroiler. There are different styles of a charbroiler such as the countertop, free standing, floor model charbroiler, and other outdoor broilers.

The countertop charbroiler is usually placed on an equipment stand. There are different models such as gas and electric models. Usually these types of charbroiler have short legs. Another type of charbroiler is the free standing one. It has its own legs and a cabinet-style base where it could hold plates. The last type of charbroiler is the outdoor charbroiler. This type of charbroiler is heavy-duty and usually placed at the backyard. This charbroiler could be used at many events such as the country club or at the resort. You could purchase accessories together with the charbroiler such as dome lids and side burners.

Get your charbroiled burger fix now

Burgers are one of the most favorite foods in the world. But if you don’t want to rely on fast food burgers anymore, then you should try cooking your own charbroiled burger. With the benefits mentioned above you’d surely want to give it a try. If you want to prepare other meals, then you can prepare charbroiled steaks too.

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