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Everything You Need to Know About Charbroiling

What does charbroiled mean

The charbroiler and its origin

The term charbroiler usually sprang from industrial kitchen cooking. But what does charbroil really means? This cooking process has been inspired by grilling that is known to be light in duty. Charbroiling is a cooking process that could be confused with other types such as broiling, grilling, and char-grilling. Despite the similarities, they could be different in terms of cooking technique and equipment that is being used.

Grilling is a type of cooking process that is made on a grated surface to infiltrate the flavors and embed charring which will provide a light charcoal smoke flavor while charbroiling on the other hand is made with a popular cooking device that uses multiple grates that could be heated in multiple ways. Charbroil equipment could be used at home or in restaurants where it could produce more food.

The charbroil’s heat source is always situated underneath the cooking surface. There are other charbroils that feature gas-fired applications and are known as under-fired broiler.

The charbroiler is a line of long and evenly spaced metal ribs that are placed over large combustion chamber that is filled with burners that usually includes a deflector, briquettes or radiant between the burner and the surface.

What is charbroiled meat like?

Charbroiling is a cooking process that prepares meat at very high temperatures on a metal grate over a heat source. Charbroiling involves a quick method of cooking process that will produce food with patches of classic dark branding due to its ridges or bars of grate. Charbroiling is usually a term mostly used in the US.

Cooked food that is often broiled is cooked by exposing it to radiant heat from a heat source. The charbroiler uses radiant heat from the burger as well as from conduction heat from the metal grate or grill. Charbroiler cooks food at high temperatures that usually uses between 550 F and 700 F and even larger charbroilers could reach higher temperatures.

What does charbroiled mean

What is a charbroiled burger like?

It will be the best to taste charbroiled burgers if you haven’t tasted one. It is different from most fast food burgers that sometimes serve their meat already dried, or it isn’t as meaty as you wish it could be. When charbroiling, the meat is cooked over metal bars, so classic char lines are embedded into it. Oftentimes, the taste of charbroiled burgers is different from the other burgers that are cooked on a grill.

There is a special way a charbroiled burger is cooked with a heat source beneath it. The charbroiled grill must be open to allow the grease to drip into the heat source, creating that distinctive, familiar, and delicious scent.

Specialty of charbroilers

Charbroilers support cooking purposes at a consistent temperature. Whether you’re cooking meat, fish, or seafood, expect that charbroilers will cook them in even temperatures.

What does charbroiled mean

Aside from it cooking evenly, the food presentation will delight you first. The food that has been cooked by charbroilers will seem to be cooked from an outside grill. It also tastes the same way.

Charbroilers are also recommended when it comes to commercial purposes because they allow high production in a shorter time. And especially if you are cooking for a party of many people, charbroiling would definitely be the answer for producing many burgers.

You could make sure that the cooking control is accurate with charbroiling because most models feature a variable front-to-rear control of heat source. Most gas models have BTU ranging from 17,000 up to 217,500 that will depend on its size. Most economy models are built-in with stainless steel radiant, while heavier duty ones feature cast-iron radiant. If you want to cook food evenly, it would be best to use heavier duty charbroilers. It is recommended to set the temperature to 700°F.

One thing that you must know about charbroilers is that is has a fixed distance between their heat sources and grates. You could use a variety of fuel ranging from natural gas, electricity, propane gas, charcoal or wood. The heat is usually transferred through the top grate and the heat is usually converted as it is being circulated in the air through the cook box and then to the food.

Conducted heat is transmitted through the top grate and converted heat is carried by circulated air through the cook box and to the food.

Types of charbroilers

There are a variety of charbroiler types such as wood-burning or charcoal ones. Others are gas units that include adjustable grates that will allow you to select the necessary setting that is most accurate for the type of food that you’re planning to cook.

You could be using a charbroiler for different kinds of cooking whether you’re preparing burgers embedded with classic grilled marks, delicious and mouthwatering steaks, or finger-lickin’ good chicken breasts, you’ll need different broilers for different kinds of food.

Electric charbroilers

Electric charbroilers are available, but it is difficult to find them. This type of broiler uses liquid propane or natural gas. They are known to be popular countertop models that include a conversion kit that will allow you to transfer to the appropriate equipment once you have it already. Its sizes start at 12″ or 15″.

Floor model charbroiler

The floor model charbroiler is independent because it can stand on its own with its four legs. Most of the manufactured models include a cabinet-style base that would allow you to hold plats and platters. It works just like an electric countertop charbroiler.

Outdoor charbroilers

The Outdoor charbroilers are the types that you could place in your backyard because they are heavy-duty. Aside from it, it is popularly used in catering many people at resorts, restaurants, and other locations. It includes many types of accessories from rotisseries, to dome lids and even side burners for preparing side dishes.

Radiant charbroilers

These radiant charbroilers will have the burner placed under an angled piece of metal that is named radiant. The radiant is responsible for directly heating the grates and the food. With this design, it could help channel the grease and dripping from the flame into the drip pan. Most of the time, the models will flare up, but you could control it during the process. Compared to other models, the radiant charbroilers are much smaller in size and could be easily cleaned.

Lava rock charbroiler

The lava rock charbroiler includes a bed of ceramic “lava” stones that are placed above the burners. These rocks will heat up and direct the heat upward to the food you’re grilling. The rocks are very absorbent that would allow the flavor to sustain. Sustaining the flavor will enhance the taste of the meat. The added level of flame and smoke will enhance the look and taste of the food. This type of cooking is a favorite among the chefs.

Charbroilers are here for long

If you or your loved ones are barbecue lovers, then you couldn’t go away without a charbroiler. In this regard, you must properly take care of your charbroiler no matter what type it is. If you’re taking care of your cooking equipment properly then rest assured that it will also deliver good cooking results. Many would recommend that you must season your grates, so that food and food debris would not stick to it. When food debris sticks, it would become a fire hazard and will likely damage the layer of the grates.

What does charbroiled mean

Seasoning the grates is not a new practice anymore because most cooking ware requires seasoning of grates before being used to enhance its durability. If it becomes unnecessary to clean the charbroiler after every time you use it, you can clean it up after three to four times of using.

Most of the time, charbroilers come with a protective coating on the grates that you will need to burn off before using. Taking care of your cooking equipment should be practiced regularly, so that this equipment will last long and will still look good event in the long run. When choosing a broiler, make sure that you check its features before buying. These features must correspond with your needs such as the size, the temperature control, and its type. All of this will contribute to your cooking experience.

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