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Best Way to Clean a Weber Grill

Best way to clean weber grill

If your Weber grill is not ready to cook when you are, you don’t have to worry at all. With a little care, you can make your grill function as good as new. You just have to follow a few simple steps to make it look as good as ever.

Keeping your grill clean will also ensure that you can cook healthy food without any remains from the previous BBQ party. Doing so will also ensure the best-tasting food wherever you turn your grill on.

You might think cleaning your Weber grill can be very messy. But the reality is quiet on the contrary. No matter what Weber model you have; they are all very simple to clean and maintain and you can get the best out of it for as long as you want. Weber grills are known for their longevity. So if you show them a bit of love, they will continue to perform for generations.

Why is cleaning your Weber grill important?

Your clean grill can perform and function well. A buildup of grease can result in flare-ups and that bits of burned food from your previous cooking sessions can alter the taste of your food. If you are using a gas grill, you have to clean the way of the gas flow thoroughly to prevent any accidents. So keeping your Weber grill clean will make sure cooking food over the grill is safe and the food that comes out of it tastes great too.

Hence, you need to make sure that you keep your grill clean whenever you start cooking on it to assure the perfect balance. It is better to end your cooking session with a thorough cleaning to make sure you don’t have to deal with any grease or food that doesn’t come off when you turn it on the next time.

The best way to clean your Weber grill

Cleaning your Weber grill is not that difficult. There are a few things that you will need before you begin with the process.

  • Water
  • Mild dish soap
  • Putty knife
  • Steel wool
Best way to clean weber grill
  • Nylon cloth
  • Sponge
  • Cleaner for steel or porcelain
  • Grill brush with brass bristles
  • Cleaning gloves
  • Microfiber towels

Cleaning the exterior of your grill

The primary part of a Weber grill is its lid and most users don’t even try to clean it properly. You don’t have to go through much to clean your grill lid. Just begin with a cool grill lid and wipe its exterior using your clean microfiber towel. After that, you just need to buff it to shine.

Cleaning grease dripping (exterior surface)

Most Weber grills need mild soap water as their cleaning solution. Use your soapy water and your microfiber towel to get rid of any soapy residue. After that, you only have to dry the surface to get the shine. For steel lids, you need to use a steel cleaner with a microfiber towel and don’t use a paper towel.

For porcelain lids use porcelain cleaners with paper towels instead of microfiber towels. Soapy water with nylon cloth can also work in this regard. Make sure you don’t go for a lemon-based product as a cleaner because these cleaners are abrasive and can damage the lid.

Cleaning the lid’s inside

Inside the grill, there might be some flakes due to grease and smoke buildups. If you use your grill frequently then you need to use a grill brush to get rid of this residue. You can use the soapy water afterward and rinse it slowly but thoroughly. Scrub using nylon cloth or a sponge.

Best way to clean weber grill

Cleaning the side tables

You can follow the process that we have elaborated above for cleaning the side tables as well. Just make sure you use a steel cleaner and microfiber towel on steel tables. For plastic thermoset tables, you can use a cloth with soapy water. Allow the cleaner to rest on the tables for up to 10 minutes to make sure that it gets the job done.

Cleaning the grill grates

The grill grates are made of cast iron and they need special care. Don’t use a tough steel brush to clean these grates. Before cleaning, allow your grates to cool down slightly. When they are slightly warmer you can use a grill brush to get rid of any residue from the grease or ashed food.

For preventing rusting or corrosion, grease on both sides of the grates with the help of vegetable oil. For cleaning, you need to use a soft brush or sponge. Get the grates out of the grill and wash them with soapy water and then rinse them. Allow them to air dry before you place them back in the grill.

For cleaning porcelain grates go for a round brush because such a brush can conveniently get into grooves and crevices. Run this brush through the grates with an angle to get rid of any burnt food or grease. To get rid of any stubborn stains you can dip your brush in warm water. Weber recommends using brass bristles to clean porcelain grates.

Cleaning cook box

Make sure you allow your grill to fully cool down before you turn your attention to clean the cook box. It’s time to get the grates and the Flavorizer Bars out of your grill. Get rid of all the grease and debris from the cook box’s inside with the help of a grill brush.

You can collect all the debris into the tray below. Some of this trash will be easy to dispose of while the rest of it can be removed using a putty knife. Now take out the tray and get rid of the debris. Wash it with soapy water and allow it to dry and place it back in.

Cleaning burners and their tubes

If your Weber grill features burners, you have to clean its tubes to prevent any hindrance in the gas flow. For cleaning the tubes, you have to brush them using a wire brush in an up and down motion.

Make sure not to brush them lengthwise and don’t use the same steel brush to clean the grates. If you use the same brush to clean both these components, food residue will stick in those portholes.

For annual or semi-annual clean, you can take the burners out and get rid of any residue from the portholes using a paperclip or needle and clean them using a cloth.

Best way to clean weber grill

You need to replace your burners if these portholes are damaged. If you think removing the tubes or burners is a bit too much of a job then you can clean the burner tubes with a water-moist sponge.

Cleaning warming rack

You can also remove smoke or debris stains from your grill’s warming rack using soapy water along with steel wool. But make sure you don’t scrub abruptly; you might end up scratching. You must rinse thoroughly and then insert it back.

Cleaning the Flavorizer Bars

Several Weber models come with Flavorizer Bars and these bars prevent any flare-ups from happening. But these bars also tend to get gunky with time. You have to pull out the bars and start scraping them using a putty knife.

You can also use a grill brush for this purpose. For more thorough cleaning, you can dip them in soapy water and clean them using a sponge. After that rinse them thoroughly, then wipe them with a rag and put them back in their place inside the grill.

Cleaning your Weber grill for the first time

Before you start cooking on your Weber grill you have to make sure it is clean. You can’t just toss all your food onto the grates assuming that the grill is clean and safe. You must wipe down the interior and exterior of the grill using a damp cloth.

Now use Weber’s exterior polish or grill cleaner to form a layer that will make it a lot easier to clean later. Wash your grates along with the Flavorizer Bars as well as burners. And to make your next clean easier, burn the grate off at high temperature for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Final words

Make sure you clean your Weber grill after each use as well. Just turn the burners on for about 15 minutes and then turn them off. Now clean the exterior with the help of soapy water-dipped cloth and buff to shine using a clean dry cloth.

Cleaning your Weber grill properly makes sure you get the best taste and your food doesn’t contain any ashed food from the previous cookout. Your grill will perform more efficiently as well when it is cleaned. If you clean it after each use, a thorough clean will become a lot easier. Make sure you thoroughly clean your Weber grill after 4 or 5 uses.

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