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How to clean Weber gas grill burner tubes?

How to clean weber gas grill burner tubes

Without a doubt, Weber grills are one of the top products in the grilling industry. One of the reasons why Weber has become a common household name is its durability and long-lasting performance. These grills are resilient, and they keep on delivering.

But that doesn’t mean they spare you from cleaning and maintaining them properly. A gas grill by Weber will last for a lifetime, but you need to take care of it. Most people tend to primarily focus on cleaning the grill grates, grease tray, and firebox to keep the grilling process clean and debris free.

How to clean weber gas grill burner tubes

But they do forget about cleaning those burners.

In this post, we are going to show you how to clean Weber gas grill burner tubes, so they keep heating the food as new.

Cleaning Weber burner tubes

Burners are the heart and soul of any gas grill, let alone the Weber. If they face any problem, you won’t be able to make that great tasting food on your grill. Weber grills are very durable, but if you don’t show them some love, they will deteriorate in terms of performance. Burners are equally important to clean and maintain because they power your grill.

So what a burner exactly is? To narrow it down, these burners are hollow tubes made of metal in your Weber grill. They have holes in them from which the flame comes out. Of course, there is a lot more to the entire process, but for the cleaning purposes, that amount of information is just enough.

With all those recipes that you have tried on your grill, the resulting grease, juices, marinades, and sauces fall on the Flavorizer bars and then into your grill’s cookbox. The burner tubes are pretty well protected, and they are not there out in the open. But with time, they do start developing some surface corrosion.

For some while, everything will be good, but if you leave them unattended, the holes in the tubes will begin to clog. It will result in uneven flaming patterns, which will cause uneven heat across the grill. Most of you grillers will have a grill brush at your disposal, but it is important to have a couple of them.

You will use one of them on the cooking surface while the other one will be for the burner tubes. It will prevent you from transferring any grease from the cooking surface to the burners. It is a good practice to brush your burner tubes once at least a month if you do frequent BBQs.

Common defects in the flame patterns

There are various flame patterns that you need to see before you get to the cleaning process of your burner tubes. Here is a brief list of different defected flaming patterns.

  • If there is an uneven and large yellow flame, then there is a crack in your burner tube.
  • With uneven blue-colored flames and with some areas with no flames, then the holes on the burner tubes are clogged.
  • If there is no flame, then the flow regulator of the burner or its orifice is clogged.

The cleaning process

Tools you require

For an effective deep clean, you need to have the right tools at hand. The entire process of cleaning is a bit messy, so you need to have a decent pair of gloves that go all the way up to your elbows. A good quality grill brush is necessary, as well.

You will also need an eyeglass screwdriver, or if you can’t get a hold on one, then go for toothpicks. Apart from that, you will also need a putty knife and some washing rags. You can also use kitchen towels for this purpose.

How to clean weber gas grill burner tubes

Prepare the burners

Begin by turning everything off: the gas supplies and the burners. Disconnecting the gas line would be better. Now remove the grates and use some of your degreaser spray here and spray a good coat of it on your grill.

Allow it to sit there for a short while and then grab your brush and start scrubbing. Scrub in the direction of the grim, or you might damage the surface. Also, see if there is a cover on the gas burners under the grates.

These grills use various things like ceramic briquettes or lava rock grates. Remove these things delicately. Rub them with the help of your brush but carefully. You might also find some metal pieces that have a tent’s form. These are called flame tamers, and they cover the burners. Brush them off properly as well.

Burner tube cleaning

Check to see if there is any clog in the holes of your burner tube. You can use a drill bit to get rid of any obvious clogging. It will allow you to reopen the holes. Instead of drill bits, you can also use toothpicks or paperclips. Now just shake the tube to get any debris off.

The holes will be clean. You can check to see if gas goes through them properly, if not, then you need to repeat the process to clean the holes. You can also consult your instructions manual that comes with your grill for any special instructions.

Tips for cleaning your Weber burner tubes

  • Make sure to clean the burner tubes across their surface and don’t use the brush lengthwise.
  • Identify whether your burners need a good cleaning, or you need to replace them altogether.
  • If your burner tubes are starting to crack and are splitting apart, you are not able to unclog them by any means, and then it’s time to replace them for good.

Cleaning Weber Q burner tubes

If you are confused about removing those burner tubes on your Weber Q, then make sure to get some help from your instructions manual. Don’t rush through the process, or you might end up damaging your grill.

The best practice is to clean your Weber burner tubes after 5 or 6 times of use. Take your Weber grill out and clean its burner tubes with a dry grill brush. You can use a paperclip, a toothpick, or an eyeglass screwdriver to unclog the tubes. Safety pins are another good option for you to use.

How to clean weber gas grill burner tubes

For more cleaning assistance on your Weber Q burner, you can also use the Maintenance Kit. The kit has all the necessary tools and chemicals to get your grill cleaned up. The kit includes a grate grill cleaner, a scrubber that features three different scrubbing pads, a grill brush, a cookbox scraper, and a stain remover.


If you don’t take care of these burner tubes, you will see a sudden heat loss and will notice that your burners are not giving you the temperatures they once used to.

But now you know how to handle those clogged Weber grill burner tubes. Whether your Weber grill gas line has clogged or you need to clean BBQ burner jets! Whether your gas grill won’t light or it is not heating the food properly! You have all the information on how to clean Weber burner tubes.

Keep your grill in proper shape before you hit the BBQ season. Your food will come out properly cooked from all sides, and it will also provide you with the taste that you crave for. To avoid all the hassle and save some cost, you need to properly identify when your Weber burner needs a cleaning job and when it needs a replacement.

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