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How to Clean a Weber Electric Grill

How to clean weber electric grill

Cleaning the Weber barbecue electric is much more convenient. Sometimes, all you have to do is taking the tools out and getting ready to go down in cleaning it manually.
The best way to clean weber electric grill is by merely preheating it to high temperature until the residue will burn off. You can easily scrape off the residue from the cooking grate while it is still hot by using the specific brushes.
Which preparation should be used will depend on your cleaning style but most people prepare the necessary tools then begin by changing the grease trays first. This is important because it will allow you to avoid running the risk off creating fire from the development of grease.

How to clean weber electric grill

Next thing to do is to burn off the grates at high heat and brush down by using a Weber grate cleaner. You should be careful with using various brushes.
Only clean enamel and outer barbecue parts. Another significant thing to consider is to avoid putting the cleaner into the dishwasher. The elements of the dishwashing liquid might be too harsh for the electric. Another thing to remember is that the threat of water infiltrating the system is high and might result in malfunction.
It is made for hand-cleaning. Hand cleaning is the sole method allowed for cleaning this equipment. You should even be careful in placing it outside to dry under the sun because the ultraviolet rays might be harmful to it. One way to dry it is through hand-wiping by using the microfiber on its exterior.

Which tools are easy to clean with?

There are tools that will allow you to clean conveniently. These basic tools include brushes, microfiber, and gloves, but you can also make use of a drip tray, so it will be easier to remove the grease.
The first things are grill brushes. They are one of the most significant tools in cleaning the grill because these types of brushes have steel bristles that come in various sizes. Another tool is a pair gloves. This is highly recommended to be used while cleaning because grills can get greasy that might get into your hands.
Brushes are highly recommended for cleaning the grill regularly. After pre-heating the barbecue for ten minutes, while it is still hot, you should brush along the grill bars to scrape off the remaining residue. It is guaranteed to be safe to clean the grill while you’re still cooking.
It is okay for you not to wash the grill with water after each use, but you should wash it with hot water and detergent after every five cooks, so that you could eradicate excess grease.

How to clean weber electric grill

It is also recommended for you to re-oil the grills regularly. You may simply remove the barbecue and put some oil on. When you place them back, you may simply heat up the BBQ on low for five to ten minutes to re-seal the grills.
You must keep the grill protected from small elements especially if you live at the coastline because the salt from the ocean and chlorine from the air can contribute to the deterioration of the material.
The third tool to obtain is the scraping tool. It is made up of plastic that could be used for loosening residual grease from inside your burner. The fourth tool to use is a two-sided sponge with a non-scratch scourer as an additional feature for locating tough stains.
You could also use cleaning sprays that are available for different purposes such as for barbecue grates and stainless steel. Other tools like a microfiber cloth are highly recommended because they have properties that could be used in gently wiping and polishing the exterior.

How to clean weber electric grill

You could also use drip pans that could be a tool for preventive measure in collecting grease that could be disposed more conveniently but sometimes it would annoy you to add another washable stuff in the sink area.
There’s also a non-caustic cleaning product to clean the interior and exterior of the Weber Q lid. For Weber, they developed a Weber Q Cleaner that would work well to keep the lid and bowl Q clean. It is the best to keep your lid and bowl clean from time to time, so that it wouldn’t accumulate large amounts of grease and fat.
Keeping the bowl of your Weber Q clean is important because if you allow fat to develop inside the barbecue below the cooking grill, it might be dangerous as it can produce fire.
While cleaning the bowl, you should use a spatula or a stiff piece of cardboard, so that you can scrape the solid grease and food residue into the drip tray. You should regularly clean your drip tray too because it needs to get replaced from time to time.
You should also take care of the burner tube by taking the grill out and brushing across the burner tube with a clean dry grill brush every five to six times you use the barbecue. You can use a pin through each hole each time you need to remove tiny debris stuck in it.
Interior cleaning is also important. It is recommended to clean the inside of your lid, so that it will always look new. This is possible by removing any loose debris using a cook-box scraper and giving it a wipe using your microfiber cloth.

Before and after use

Before and after use, it is worth cleaning the equipment, so that it would last longer in your hands. Most grills would last long if you checked it from time to time especially because the most common deteriorating factor among appliances is grease built up.
The mentioned tools would surely be useful in cleaning the interior and exterior of your grill. If you feel like you might get a little tired from time to time of cleaning your appliances, do not hesitate to request your family members to take turns in helping you clean it after and educate them too with the right tools to use.
Barbecue parties and smoked meat are great, but the aftercare should also be managed properly. Do not procrastinate in cleaning your appliances especially that the threat of grease and fat in its interior is always building up. Purchase a grill like Weber that is known to last for a long time. Have fun and have memories from your parties, but also be responsible when it comes to checking your equipment regularly if you would like to use it again for more outdoor activities in the future.

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