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How to Season a Weber Grill?

How to season a weber grill

Seasoning your Weber grill has nothing to do with how you season your eggplant or steak for grilling purposes. In the latter seasoning, you are adding flavor to the raw food but when you need to season your grill you are not adding any flavor to it. This process is all about coating the cast iron grates with oil. After that, you have to heat them for rustproof rendering and creating an almost nonstick surface.

Doing this is inevitable because it will prevent the food from sticking to the grates and you won’t have to deal with that burnt flavor either. Based on the type of grill that you own, you might only need to season it before the first time of use and occasionally later on. If you own Weber then you might not need to season the grill at all.

Seasoning your new Weber grill

If you have bought a new grill from Weber you should know the seasoning is not mandatory for any of their cast iron grills. This is what Weber also suggests. The reason behind that is Weber uses a coating of porcelain enamel on their cast iron grates and this coating serves the purpose of seasoning. Weber also suggests that you need to turn on the heat for approximately 15 minutes and brush the grates clean afterward using a brush with stainless steel bristles.

Seasoning Your Old Weber Grill

If you have been using your Weber grill for a while now or any other branded grill that doesn’t feature that coating of porcelain enamel then you will have to season it before you use it for the first time. You also need to reseason it right after you store it for a season. For instance, if it is a gas grill then you might have to reseason it as we have just mentioned unless otherwise advised in the user manual. Similar is the case with charcoal grills too.

How to season Weber cast iron grill grates?

Of course, if there is the porcelain coating then you don’t need to season your cast iron grates at all. If there is no coating of porcelain enamel then you need to season it with the help of plain water and dry it comprehensively. Next, you need to apply fat to it using any type of shortening or vegetable oil. Make sure that you coat all the cast iron with this oil. Now place this grate on your cold grill and start increasing the temperature to 400°F for at least 40 minutes.

How to season a weber grill

After that just turn off the stove and allow it to cool down. This is a simple way to season your Weber grill or any grill for that matter. Reseasoning the grates on occasion is not a bad idea at all. Some people even reseason after every cookout but you don’t need to do so that frequently. You can consider reseasoning after about 4 to 5 BBQs or after prolonged storage. Just add more oil for reseasoning and let it bake for 40 minutes.

Before first use

Weber has provided its customers with an added convenience of not to season or reseason the grates. They have used a coating that keeps the grates in the right condition for all your cookouts every time. You don’t have to take time out when you are tired of your cookout and spend hours coating the grates with oil. Weber urges that all the grates now come with a porcelain enamel coating and you just have to let the grates bake for about forty minutes on 400 degrees. After that just brush it off and you are good to go. This is an added advantage that you don’t have to spend a lot of time maintaining your Weber grill.

Even if you are using it for your third season you have to repeat what you have done before first use. It is just that simple. This is one of the primary reasons why Weber grills have been so popular among the masses. The fact that you don’t have too much to maintain the grates of your grill is just a peace of mind that every backyard cook craves for.

Maintenance kit for Weber’s porcelain enameled grill

As we all know that Weber is a top notch brand and it has been ruling our backyard for decades now. Their grills can stand the test of time and can deliver exceptional performance. It is so little you have to do when it comes to maintaining your grills but there is still something that you need to do to keep your Weber grills shining like new.

Weber provides you with the maintenance kit that will allow you to keep it looking the same way as it was on the first day when you bought it. It is also good to use with those porcelain coated grates. This kit includes a cleaner for your grill grate, scrubber with five different pads for scrubbing, a brush with spider screen, a brush with stainless steel bristles, grill cleaner for exterior and a cook box scraper.

Best grill brush for Weber grills

Your Weber grill grates don’t need much of maintenance due to the coating it has all over it. But you still need to heat it for about forty minutes and then clean it using a brush with bristles made of stainless steel. The bristles don’t need to be too soft or too hard and they also need to be at least 12 inches in length. It will allow them to thoroughly clean the grates without any issue.

How to season a weber grill

Any shorter bristles will cause problems in the cleaning process and it can affect the overall performance of your grill grates. You can also buy a good quality brush for your porcelain coated grill from Weber. They also have a long list of accessories and tools or your grills that you might not find on those barbeque shops.


One of the best features of any grill from Weber is that they offer long lasting service and continue to perform on a number of your backyard BBQs for many seasons to come. Weber also has invested in a special coating on the grates that prevent you from having to clean and season your grates after every cookout. It is not much you have to do when we talk about maintaining your Weber grill. The cast iron grates of this grill have porcelain coating that doesn’t require any seasoning at all. Just turn on the burner for some time and brush the grill off. That’s all!

Of course, however, you will need to maintain the grill itself occasionally to keep it looking new for a long time. For that Weber provides you with a maintenance kit that also works with your porcelain coated Weber grills. If you are the one who hosts guests for a backyard BBQ on a frequent basis then you should definitely look to invest in a Weber grill. It will not only continue to perform for a long time but will also save you from the hassle of maintaining the grates when you are done partying.

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