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How to use a Blackstone griddle? 2

How to use blackstone griddle

Blackstone is one of the leading companies that offer the most versatile and reliable grills and griddles on the market. The Blackstone griddle is the main product of Blackstone that can provide maximum convenience and excellent grilling experience.

One of the most frequently asked questions is how to use the Blackstone griddle effectively and efficiently. However, this is a delicate machine and needs to be treated with sensitive care and vigilance to make it last longer and still have the optimum results.

How to use blackstone griddle

What should I do before using it?

The first action that is to be done is to season your Blackstone griddle properly. The seasoning is what will determine the future aspects such as taste and longevity. Seasoning means to adequately prepare your griddle for use by coating it with specific materials to create a naturally permanent non-stick surface that is best for grilling.

Because grilling is not easy and not for everyone, it is important to note that it is equally as difficult to clean your equipment. So it is better to season the griddle well before using it. We will provide a guide on how to do this efficiently. It is imperative to understand that seasoning is an ongoing process and does not guarantee results straight away. Instead, it must be done repeatedly and gradually to produce the best results.

Here are the steps to properly season your griddle.

  • Clean your griddle amply with a copper brush and soap.
  • Apply cooking oil or any other kind of oil such as olive oil on the cooking surface. It must be done using a brush or a clean washcloth.
  • Allow the surface to cool down in a dry area.

How should the griddle be cleaned?

It is equally important to clean the Blackstone griddle once you use it correctly and after you have bought it. Since a lot of the Blackstone griddles are pre-seasoned, it is imperative that you should clean your griddle with satisfaction.

How to use blackstone griddle

For this, you will need a copper brush and some soap. All you have to do is mix soap with hot water and then gradually run the water over the griddle as you scrape off the entire dirt and oil residue from the griddle.

Be careful only to use the brush in a gentle manner. The reason why it must be slow in action is that you do not want to scrape off all the seasoning that has been applied to the griddle. All we need to do is scraping off the entire oil residue that is toxic and dangerous if it ever gets mixed with the food you cook.

As an added benefit, you can season the griddle after it has been cleaned. Because seasoning is a gradual process, you need to keep doing this after you wash it to maintain the level of seasoning and non-stick properties of the cooktop.

How often should I season and clean the griddle?

It is recommended that you should always clean the griddle before and after every use. Since griddles are very delicate contraptions, they must be treated with utmost leniency and sensitive care. So, it is essential that you should clean the griddle before cooking, especially if you are using it after a long time because grease tends to accumulate on the cooktop.

To prevent grease from accumulating, later on, it is essential to clean the griddle after you use it. All in all, it is recommended that the griddle should be cleaned after every three weeks. It will prevent grease and dust accumulation on it.

As for the seasoning of the griddle, we recommend you do it every time you cook on it. As you will probably not be using the griddle after use, it is better to perform some seasoning. It will retain the naturally shiny smooth surface that is also permanently non-stick. There is no specified time when you should stop seasoning the griddle.

What should I cook on the griddle?

We would recommend you to cook the patties of your hamburgers and steaks on the griddle. If you do not wish to take out a charcoal grill, heat it up and then use it, then it will prove to be very useful. Since the griddle is non-stick and can be used indoors, it is best to use it as a substitute for a charcoal grill. The griddle provides the same taste and flavor to all the protein. These proteins include beef, lamb, chicken and even seafood.

The griddles are a popular choice for cookware among restaurant owners, especially local deli owners. The griddle’s flat surface provides ample space. It also offers convenience to cook the food for breakfast such as pancakes, hash browns, bacon, and even French toast.

How to use blackstone griddle

It is the perfect cookware to prepare sausages as well. We would highly recommend you to try out the flat surface for cooking or preparing sausages for breakfast.

One other way to utilize the griddle is to heat up the food on the griddle. The flat surface is non-stick and will get the food amply warm for you. Since this is not a microwave oven, it will provide a better fresh touch to the food instead of the run-down texture. The runny texture comes in a microwave oven.

If you like hamburgers and frequently make them, you can place some flatbread or buttered buns on the flat surface. They will get toasted soon.

Wrap up:

The Blackstone griddle is one of the most reliable and robust griddles out there on the market. Not only that, but the griddle also comes with several surfaces for you to use such as the rugged and flat surface. Each of these is used to prepare different kinds of foods. However, it is essential to note that the Blackstone griddle is an extremely delicate device. It must be treated as such to make it last longer and to receive the desired results.

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