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Remarkable Comparison: Blackstone Griddle vs. Blue Rhino Griddles 6

Blackstone Griddle vs Blue Rhino

Griddles are an amazing invention in cooking hardware. They have a flat and wider space for cooking various items at the same time. Cooking food on a griddle works well for toasts, pancakes, bacon, patties. Many of them come with shelves for your convenience. You have lots of options when you go to the market to buy one. We are going to compare the two best griddles along with their features, specs and pros & cons to give an unbiased opinion of both products.

A comparison of Blackstone Griddle vs. Blue Rhino is here:

ModelBlackstone 36 in GriddleBlue Rhino GGC1643B Razor Griddle
Stainless Steel Burners44
Grill ConstructionBlack powder coated steel, frame along with the cooking surface of the cold rolled steel.Black powder coated steel, frame along with the cooking surface of the cold rolled steel.
Squares720 sq. inches730 sq. inches
Price Check Price Check Price

Blackstone Industry History

Blackstone is in the market of cooking hardware for a long time. They’re first ever the invention of griddle of 36’’ took place in 2005. Soon, it gained the trust of its customers by selling quality products.

All of their products are designed and engineered in the USA. They are bringing families and friends together since ever then. If you want to have a good quality griddle, Blackstone is never going to disappoint you.

Blackstone 36 Inches Outdoor Flat Gas Griddle Features

Blackstone is an amazing gas griddle to meet all your fast cooking needs. It comes with controllable heat zones and has 4 burners. They are independent stainless steel burners of each with 15,000 BTU. This makes it enough for versatile cooking. The tank of this griddle is of 20 lb. You can fill propane in it and keep on the bottom left shelf of the griddle.

Adding to its simplicity, this griddle is easy to start with a single push-button ignition. In seconds, it gets ready to cook anything for you. What’s more, you can take it outdoors and enjoy your trip. The cooking surface is about 720 square inches that make a meal for your whole family in one go. Blackstone griddle is so convenient to keep your cooking essentials near you. It has a bottom shelf and two side shelves for food storage.

Blackstone 36’’ griddle is portable to take on your trips. This is possible because of four industrial-strength caster wheels. Moreover, you can remove the griddle top and place it conveniently at the back of your car. When we talk about the durability, Blackstone is not lagging behind any brand. It lasts for years as it has a powder coated black steel frame. This keeps it rust-free and new for a long time. The cooking top is thick rolled steel which is super easy to clean.

This is an awesome choice for those wanting to replace their standard BBQ grills. An easy to assemble option makes this griddle a product worth buying. It has eliminated any hassle of kerosene or charcoal. With a single ignition button, your griddle is ready to use. Cook meat, eggs, and vegetables for your entire family and get praises. With an ample space, you won’t worry about cooking ever again.


  • The legs of this Blackstone griddle are foldable. This is really helpful when you have to keep it compactly in a small space.
  • There is no hassle. The ignition button makes this griddle ready in just seconds. This is nice especially when you have to prepare breakfast in a hurry.
  • This griddle has smooth wheels. This makes it a portable choice for a BBQ party.
  • It is very easy to clean it after cooking.
  • There is a wide space for cooking.


  • The drain is not as per our expectation. The grease goes downside of the griddle.
  • There is no warranty except for 90 days replacement in case of defects.

The Most Important Blackstone Gas Griddle Accessories

Blue Rhino Industry History

Blue Rhino Company was originally incorporated in 1994. It is a company based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Its goal was to build a national brand of propane tank exchange. But with the passage of time, retail partnerships were established. This lead to the manufacturing of other items like grills, griddles, and gasoline. This accelerated griddles manufacturing especially after World War II. Since then, you can find their products on the market. Blue Rhino has successfully manufactured their Razor Griddle. It holds the capacity of cooking many food items.

Blue Rhino GGC1643B Razor Griddle Features

If you have been searching for a good griddle, Blue Rhino Razor Griddle may be an option for you. It has four controllable burners. Together, they give the heat of 62,000 BTUs. If you need something for a versatile cooking, this one is for you. Not only this, it has an integrated sear zone as well. So, you show off your BBQ skills on that.

Blue Rhino Razor Griddle has a cooking area of 730 square inches. You can prepare meals and breakfast for your entire family. It has a capacity of making up to 57 burgers, all in one go. What else can you wish for? The stainless steel material keeps the griddle rust-free.

For your convenience, it has folding shelves on the side. You can fold them up to place it compactly. Or keep your cooking essentials near you on them. Other great additions are towel bars. This seems pretty cool, right? The portability of this Razor Griddle makes it a great choice for tailgating and outdoor BBQ. This is possible because of four strong and smooth wheels.

This griddle by a Blue Rhino is so easy to use. It has a single push ignition button which makes it ready for cooking in minutes. It is light, smooth and easy to use. What’s more, grease removal is a quick task. With its concealed grease cup, you keep your cooking area clean. There are also lid locks so that makes its transfer much easier. So, this is a great griddle for anyone looking for a heightened griddle.


  • This griddle is very easy to assemble. You can easily set it up in your home.
  • Blue Rhino has just the perfect height. Its height prevents splashes and you cook easily.
  • The side tables are very sturdy. They keep many items.
  • The propane tank holder works great.
  • This is a pretty large griddle for big dinners.


  • It is heavier.
  • The burners have no heat shields. They are made of stainless steel and gets hot as you cook.

The Most Important Blue Rhino Gas Griddle Accessories

Blackstone and Blue Rhino Comparison

When it comes to comparing the two griddles, both of them have their advantages. Blackstone is of 720 sq. inches while Blue Rhino is 10 sq. inches more. So, is spacious than Blackstone griddle. Regarding durability, both of these griddles use stainless steel material. This is robust and remains rust-free when kept clean and dry. They have an easy assembly and instruction manuals. Both of them give powerful heat. There are 60,000 BTU and 62,000 BTU for Blackstone and Blue Rhino respectively. But, Blue Rhino has more height than Blackstone griddle. Check the prices of the Blue Rhino and the Blackstone griddles and compare them yourself with a single click.


A lot of options are available for buying a griddle. But, we mentioned the top two. A comparison of Blackstone Griddle vs. Blue Rhino shows that both of them are good. One has a wider space for cooking if you need that. So, we would not recommend any product more than the other. It’s a photo finish. The choice depends on the buyer’s needs and budget.

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