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Electric Griddle vs. Stove Top

Electric griddle vs stove top

If you are a home cook or a professional chef, the quest for finding the best out of griddle vs stove top comparison never settles. This is a relatively common question and is indeed one to ponder over. Like most things, the griddle and the stove top have their own uses. They are both unique equipment which you can use for a variety of different purposes. Of course, in some case, one has some advantage over the other. In this article, we aim to provide you with the necessary information that you may need when buying your own cooktop.

Why Should I Use A Griddle?

A griddle can be described as a cooking equipment which sports a flat surface. The griddle utilizes a heat source underneath the surface that adds ample heat to the surface to cook. A griddle has many variations; some griddles are built directly into the cooking range. Others are manufactured using wrought or cast iron. The major advantage that the griddle offers is that the food is cooked directly on the griddle. The flat top surface of the griddle provides ample space to place food and cook it on the top. This allows the user to add an extra crispy texture to the food they cook.

Why Should I Use A Stove Top?

A stove top is a conventionally modern way of cooking food. It consists of a heat source tapped directly into the burners of the stove. Kitchen stoves use the application of heat directly for cooking purposes. Even in the stove top, there exist several varieties of the product which range from a simple burner to several burners on a single stove top. The major advantage of using a stove top is that it does not take a lot of time to heat up and is, therefore, the faster alternative of the two. This is because of the fact that the heat source is tapped directly into the burners so any pans or pots placed on it will heat up instantly and will not require a lot of time to heat up.

Electric griddle vs stove top

What if You Portability is Your Prime Concern?

The answer is quite clear for this one. The electric griddle is much more portable when it comes to cookware. The stove top is bulky, heavy and usually very difficult to carry. The electric griddle is compact and offers a reliable way to cook your food anywhere and everywhere. The downside to this can be that you need electricity wherever it is that you are going to. However, overall, we feel the griddle is the best choice is in this case. Modern kitchen stoves are bulky and are packed with over three burners. The number of burners determines the size and weight of the entire stove top and usually, this is a high value which is not suited to portability. Modern stove tops frequently require a gas supply to operate and provide heat; this can be inconvenient because setting up a supply everywhere is a somewhat tiresome task.

Find the More Energy Efficient Option

Generally speaking, a lot of the people have a different outlook when it comes to the question, “which of these is more energy efficient”. However, these are not based on solid experimentation or proof. Mostly just self-made opinions. On average, the stove top is much more energy efficient than the griddle for a number of various reasons. The griddle requires a lot of time to heat up and therefore uses a lot of energy. The electric griddle somewhat reduces this shortcoming, however, it still takes some time to heat up. Newer and more modern stove tops use electrical energy efficiently and claim up to a 30 percent decrease in energy use.

Electric griddle vs stove top

Is The Electric Griddle Easier to Clean or the Stove Top?

This is a sort of subjective answer. But we will try to give you as much of our warranted opinion as possible. The electric griddle is a flat top surface with a heating element underneath the surface to cook the food. The stove top consists of separate burners and usually incorporates a gas supply for the flame to cook food on it. So it can be easily said that the electric griddle is easier to clean because of the kind of surface it has. The surface is flat and sometimes smooth making it easier to clean. The stove, however, has small spaces in between the burners and the insides of the burners also have to be cleaned. While cleaning a stove top, one has to be careful to clean the delicate and hard-to-reach places as well.

The griddle may be easier to clean, but, it must frequently be cleaned. Experts suggest that they should be cleaned before and after every cook. So they might not be effective in that sense. Whereas, a stove top can be left untouched for weeks and you will still be able to cook food on it which is risk-free. But, of course, we recommend cleaning it in order to ensure cleanliness in your kitchen or wherever it is you cook.

Which One of These Offers an Overall Better Solution?

We feel that given everything that has been discussed previously, the electric griddle is ultimately the better option for cooking solutions. It is easier to clean and cook on the griddle than it is on the stove top. While the stove may have its own advantages and it may have the upper hand in some other aspects, the griddle is definitely much more efficient, environment-friendly and easy on the pocket. The electric griddle is also portable and easy to carry. This makes it much more compatible with family picnics and parties.

Electric griddle vs stove top


The electric griddle is definitely the better out of the two in a lot of different aspects. It supports reliability, convenience, and efficiency. The stove top has its own features, however, we feel that it is a thing of the past and does not cater to several needs as the griddle does all together.

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