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Saber Grill vs. Weber Gas Grill 1

Saber grills vs Weber

Grills and smokers are the cooking equipment that never gets stored away in a BBQ lover’s home. Avid BBQ fans always find a way to have some quality family BBQ in their backyard or somewhere else. If you are also among such people then this post is for you. In this comparison of Saber grills vs. Weber, we’ll compare two of the best products from both these brands and see how they go neck to neck. Both these brands have high-quality products and they have been around for many years to establish their worth.

So let’s find out what they got for you!

Industry history

First thing up in our Saber grill vs. Weber comparison is a brief industry history of both these brands. Saber and Weber both have a considerable amount of fan base and they have their own strengths and weaknesses. But a brief history will tell you how the business came into being and how it evolved with time. This will provide you with enough details on what to expect from the company that you are considering.


Saber is a brand owned by the W. C. Bradley Co. that came into being back in 1885. Under its umbrella come some of the best leisure and lifestyle brands including the likes of Char-Broil. Rich with heritage and culture, Saber has been around for more than four decades. It is considered to be among the premium grill companies. The reason behind that is Saber integrates affordability with performance and innovation, which is a very hard combination to find.


Weber is by no mean a minor in any aspect as well. Born in 1952 the business started when George Stephen came up with a kettle grill while working on a buoy. It kick-started a revolution that made many people to become diehard fans of BBQ. Weber has a long list of grills in its portfolio and specializes in this field by selling various BBQ accessories as well. This company is all about barbeque and nothing else.


Both these brands have their own strong and weak points. But they both are very tough competitors and it is hard to find which one is better than the other.


Saber is all about quality. It only has a limited amount of grills in its portfolio but they are made of top quality stainless steel and will continue to perform for a long time to come. Saber has quality deeply rooted in its culture but it is not a real specialist of BBQ.


Weber, on the other hand, is a true BBQ specialist. Every item its sells is directly or indirectly related to smoking or grilling. The products that this brand sells are extraordinary and they stand the test of time. For this reason, these products come with long warranties.

Comparison: Saber Grill vs. Weber Gas Grill

ModelWeber Summit 7121001 E-420 Liquid-Propane Gas GrillSaber Grills R50SC0017 3-Burner Grill
No. of BurnersFourThree
Main Burner-BTU48,80024,000
Side Burner-BTU12,00018,000
Squares650 sq. inches675 sq. inches
Dimension38.6 x 30.5 x 52 inches56.5 x 25 x 48.4 inches
Gross Weight238 pounds218 pounds
Price Check Price Check Price

Weber Summit 7121001 E-420 Gas Grill

Are you looking for a premium quality grill with high performance? If yes, then purchasing this Saber grill should be your first priority. The company uses stainless steel material to construct this three burners grill for you. Moreover, these burners provide even heat and don’t allow any flare-ups to the cooking surface area. The burners offer a dual control 18000 BTU side burner and halogen lights which have installed internally. This is a more versatile, durable, and lightweight option for you.

Additionally, it consumes 30 percent less propane. The cooking system of this Saber grill uses infrared technology that directly keeps the airflow away from the surface as well as locking the natural moisture of food. Furthermore, the company configured the quick ignition system that every time lights up the burners reliably. The construction material makes it easy to clean and assemble.

Notable features:

  • This convertible grill allows you to convert fuel type according to your requirements such as propane gas to natural gas.
  • You can easily assemble and disassemble this durable, versatile, and lightweight grill.
  • The design of this Saber grill is to cook faster, hotter along with less fuel consumption and fewer BTUs.
  • It comes with a versatile warming rack to cook food directly, and after grilling you can turn the rack into the position of storage.
  • The company uses premium quality stainless steel to construct that enhances the durability of this Saber grill.

The Most Important Weber Summit Grill Accessories

Saber Grills R50SC0017 3-Burner Gas Grill

If you want to grill your food especially at winters night for enjoying your holidays then you need to buy this Weber grill. This is the best way to cook healthy and keep you active. The Weber Summit E-420 Grill offers a 650 square inches cooking surface with four burner options. Additionally, a control panel has placed on the front side of the grill and configured with ignition system individually. The best thing is it has a built-in light that increases the visibility at night.

The main burners have a total of 48,800 BTUs of gas and the side burner has 12,000 BTUs. This Weber grill needs a 20 pounds LP-tank to work and please note that this tank does not come with your purchase. You have to buy it separately. On the hand, the company provides you a limited 5-year warranty. It works effectively and efficiently with liquid propane gas.

Notable features:

  • It has two working areas and the size of the total cooking surface is about 650 square inches.
  • The company provides you a limited 5-year warranty and offers great customer services.
  • It is comprised of four stainless steel burners and its control panel is mounted on the front side of the grill.
  • Every burner has configured with an ignition system that presents effective and efficient grilling to keep you healthy and active.

The Most Important Saber Gas Grill Accessories

Which product is recommended for whom?

If you are looking for BTUs and more burners then you definitely need to go for the grill from Weber. However, Saber’s grill provides you with a slightly larger cooking surface. In addition to that Weber’s grill comes with a better warranty as compared to Saber’s. If you are an avid BBQ fan then Weber should be your choice. However, if you do outdoor cooking fortnightly or even less then Saber should be your choice.


We’ll say that in terms of power and output the Summit E-420 comes out as a winner. It has a pretty decent cooking area and provides you with four burners. The grill comes with a strong warranty too. Saber’s grill is a better option if you need a pretty fair cooking area. Both these products facilitate the consumer in their own ways. It all depends on your own preference that what features do you want to consider and what you want to give up.

Have you tried any of these two grills? Which one of the two do you think is good? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment in the section below.

Happy grilling!

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One thought on “Saber Grill vs. Weber Gas Grill

  • Reagan Stevens

    I have had a Saber grill for several years and I would NOT buy another.
    The igniter worked fewer than a dozen times, the local company came out and replaced it. It worked a short time (under 2 months with limited use) and quit again and has never worked since.
    The side burner is difficult to light and never gets hot enough to fry or blacken something outside ( to keep smells out of the house)
    The burners randomly go out ( on Natural Gas ) and gas continues to escape. I light the grill with all burners on high to preheat and come back in 5 minutes or so and the smell of gas is strong and the flames are out.
    This poses a serious danger and obviously needed attention.
    I contacted the local company which referred me to an area rep. that arranged for some new parts to be shipped. I received the parts and tried to find someone to install/replace them. I spoke to the local person once, he said he would call back when he could schedule an appointment – this was to be at my expense. I never heard back from him and he never responded to further texts, calls, or messages.
    I also experienced some internal parts near the grates on each end that were heavily degraded due to rust and crumbling.
    I have contacted the company several times and other than this one time they sent parts, I have had lots of conversations and concerns, but as of today, over 2 years later, the parts are still in a box, the 3rd igniter still doesn’t work, the grill still goes out at times and must be watched continually, and from the beginning, the thermometers are all wrong and show different temperatures.
    On a positive note, I have had some good steaks and other foods come off the grill and while it’s partially covered, I don’t use a grill cover for it and it still looks pretty good when cleaned up. I do like the stainless steel grates and it seems to get plenty hot and it heats up quickly.
    All in all, I simply would NOT buy another one because of the lack of response to a very dangerous situation, the multiple problems that started from the beginning, and the many other options on the market for the sub – $2000.. price range.